Top 10 Reasons Why Extreme Metal Isn't for Everyone

Different genres of extreme metal (thrash metal, death metal, black metal, etc.) are not for everyone. I don't hate extreme metal or anything, but it really isn't for people. Please let me explain why with these 10 reasons.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Extreme Metal Isn't for Everyone

1 Most people can't handle different extreme metal vocal styles

They get turned off easily by death growls and black metal shrieks which I can understand why. People prefer more clean singing.

That's why think twice before trying to shove your favorite metal songs in your birthday stereo-speakers - Neonco31

2 The lyrics are usually really violent and explicit

Cannibal Corpse is a very good example of this.

3 Too heavy

The heaviest extreme metal sounds too much for the average listener.

4 No melodies

There isn't really a lot of melody in extreme metal (although genres like melodic death, black, and thrash metal do exist).

5 Explicit album covers

Not all of them are explicit, but some are (again, Cannibal Corpse is a good example).

6 Too complex

Most people can't handle complexity in extreme metal just like how they can't handle complexity in progressive rock.

7 Satanic bands

Most bands in black metal (and even death metal) are legitimately satanic (though not all of them are). And they've done some pretty terrible things that were enough to get them thrown in jail.

8 No one can understand extreme vocals

Like growling and shrieking are very difficult to understand. People prefer songs where they can actually understand what the singer is saying.

9 Most extreme vocal styles are difficult to sing

Not a lot of people have the ability to sing like most extreme singers.

10 Could easily scare children

I'm not talking about how heavy these genres are, but how the vocals, lyrics, and even album covers could easily scare younger kids.

Some people falsely claim on the internet that they're very young but still listen to extreme metal - Neonco31

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