Top 10 Reasons Why Facebook Sucks

This is the most overrated social media site of all time.
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1 Too much gossiping & drama
2 Facebook suspends users on false complaints without even checking

I have had this happen to me, so idiot would come on spouting all kinds of nonsense, and when he gets called out on it, he reports you and you go to facebook jail for a few days. I cannot even show facebook the whole thing because they take whatever the person said, its almost like going to jail without presenting the facts

3 Facebook is not secure
4 People can hack your Facebook profile just by you adding them into your friends list

Now days people send friend requests to people they don't even know on Facebook.

This proves that Facebook's security system is terrible.

Since that's the case why add them as a friend?

5 It suggests friends to you that you don't know

There is no point of suggesting people you don't know on Facebook.

Half of the friends suggested to me on FB I really don't know at all.

Most of the people it suggested I didn't know except when it suggested my crush

6 The site won't let you use a fake identity

I wanted to do a secondary account for NSFW stuff and to hid it to my intrusive parents but they disabled my account 10 minutes after.
"They cares about privacy" my ass

I understand it may sound kind of creepy, but so is forcing us to give out real information about ourselves.

I stopped entering because I got stalked and couldn't just have an account to lpay

What about letting Russia rig the election!

7 Horrible tag a friend memes

Every single single post is about asking you to tag a friend
come on, facebook was once full of good memes but now every next meme is just saying tag a friend.. I don't wanna tag a friend!

8 The games they recommend to you are trash

I was always getting invites from friends to play some dumb game on that site and never responded to them and when I would ask the friend who supposedly wanted me to join them in a game of whatever, they always said "i don't know what your talking about.. I didn't invite you to play any game"

For example I like something like Gun Blood then I get a terrible doctoring game suggested to me or the same damn game with just a different background!

They always recomend games like Candy Crush which are horrible

I remember I had dragon city recommended to me and I wasn't interested to the game

9 The site's changes add nothing new to the site or anything interesting

Yep not only do the additions add nothing they actually take away from the experience. What I don't like is they don't go hey here is a new feature, click here to try it out. No it's your going to get it whether you like it or not.

For changes they are pretty pointless.

That is true since there was never nothing new when I had an account

10 Some random person you don't know sends you a poke

That would be the worst if someone you didn't know poked you, it never happened to me when I had an account

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11 The site is riddled with spyware to stalk everything you do online

They have been locking me out of my account now over and over and over again, demanding personal IDs over and over and over again, constantly attacking the account, they even locked the account after giving them credit card information, locked me out of the account. They have a pre recorded voice mail system set up for everyone to call that does nothing but play a pre recorded voice mail. There is no one to call when they lock you out of the account.

I do mean everything...

12 Half of the games they advertise aren't worth playing

Most of them are just plain garbage.

13 You get terrible music suggestions, movie suggestions, book suggestions and etc.

Example: I like Linkin Park so then FB suggests garbage like The Weeknd. Those two aren't remotely similar.

14 The groups are just downright terrible

Doesn't matter if it's a music group or even a video game group there's already going to be terrible stuff in those groups.

15 Most of the games are terrible mobile games

From Candy Crush to Farm Heroes Saga the list goes on and on...

Candy Crush Is boring and overrated - VideoGamefan5

16 You get boring notifications like "So and so liked your comment, so and so replied to your comment, so and so commented on your post, so and so also commented on the same post, so and so loved your post."

I posted one comment on a friend's post. For about two days, my inbox was flooded with stupid notifications. - Flamer310

It really gets old.

I agree with the “(insert person) also commented on (insert another person)’s post”, but at least the rest better than that, “(Insert person) posted to (insert group)”, “(insert page) made an event”, “(insert person) updated their status” etc. Why do they even notify us about that stuff? - 3DG20

17 Idiotic memes

Facebook is the home of the normiest memes of all time. every time is see a minion meme, I want to kill myself - papa_hvs

18 Facebook needs to do away with the reporting system and force people to act like adults
19 Facebook is simply not honest and upfront about what it’s business model actually is
20 The Site Has Lots of People Who Just Post First World Problem Complaints

Yes, I get that lots of people (including myself) have had First World complaints, but do they really need to post them on Facebook or any other Social Media website. It's just unnecessary and obnoxious.

21 It is full of chain-letters and fake news

I know that fake news and chain-letters are everywhere, but that doesn't mean Facebook can't ban them. It would be good if Facebook would remove all of the chain-letters and hoaxes. - Flamer310

22 Trash content and like baits

2 words: Facebook Disease - MChkflaguard_Yt

23 Facebook is hypocritical. They throw their "standards" in your face when you call out the demons in our society, yet show pictures of beheadings by terrorist. Their "standards" are trash.

Facebook is a terrible web site, blocked for 30 days, for nothing..

24 It shows that you commented on a post
25 The video copyright system is broken

So you can get a Facebook video removed by having a clipit from another song in it, yet someone uploaded the entire Jungle Book (2016) movie in decent quality, which had over 1 million views, thousands of shares, and nothing was done (I don't know whether or not it's removed now).

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