Top 10 Reasons Why Fairy Odd Parents Has Overstayed Its Welcome

This show has gone downhill so much it's not even funny.

The Top Ten

1 Episode plots are recycled over and over again

People claim SpongeBob recycled episode plots, but dear god this... show does that but it's 10x worse.

2 New characters are forced into the show just to expand how longer the show airs

Half of the new characters are just their so the show can be aired longer on Nickelodeon.

The biggest offense would have to be Chloe Carmichael. At least for me. I find it boggling how Kari Wahlgren voices both her and Saber from the English dub of Fate/Zero. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

3 Half of the characters are either bland or uninspired

Mainly the new characters are.

4 It rips off other shows

I mean way too many shows it rips off to count.

5 Timmy is an unlikeable protagonist

All he does is whine and cry half the time or he just treats the fairies that grant him wishes like trash.

*Season 10 theme song plays* Timmy is still an average ki- Uh-uh! No, he isn't! He used to be, though. Here's a more accurate rendition: Timmy used to be an average kid, but then turned into a psychopath! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

6 It's too predictable

Honestly you can what will happen as soon as it happens.

7 Most of the characters are either stereotypes or perfected characters

Neither case is good to be honest.

8 It tries too hard to be hip and relevant

That scene where Poof imitated Donald Trump... Somehow, I find it funny yet disturbing at the same time. Guilty pleasure of mine, much? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I think this one requires no explanation just watch any modern episode and you'll see why.

9 The rules are constantly changed and contradict themselves

Honestly the rules in this series are inconsistent.

10 It always tries to be as good as it was once when it isn't

Which isn't good at all.

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