Top Ten Reasons Why Family Guy Is Better Than Caillou

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1 None of the Griffin kids whine

Chris does but it's a Actually funny! - JazzyJulie

I hate both shows

Not true Meg does - YOSHIA2121

2 Rosie is dumb

Can you guys actually take note in the fact that Rosie doesn't even go to school yet?

So are at least half the characters on Family Guy.

Rosie isn't, Caillou is because he whines for EVERYTHING.

So are a lot of characters on Family Guy. - BeatlesFan1964

3 Family Guy is funnier

Family Guy is a waste! If only Family Guy was cancelled...

Family guy is ok South Park is better - IceCreamKing

I hate them bolth

4 Family Guy is better for kids

Kids watch Family Guy.

Actually, Family Guy is for adults, not kids.

Wow. The user who made this list is a real idiot.

Seriously and you call the Simpsons offensive?

5 Seth McFarlane is more talented than anyone on Caillou


Seth MacFarlane is a 💩.
Cancel Family Guy!

6 Caillou is offensive

Yup it offends parents - JazzyJulie

Why do call anything you don't like offensive. You say you hate the Simpsons because it is offensive, but Family Guy is awesome. I just don't get it. - RalphBob

I think this guy got the names mixed up. - DapperPickle

I don't get it! You now call Caillou offensive which I agree with you,but why do you call the Simpsons offensive? The Simpsons is the best show ever made. I like Family guy, but the Simpsons is way better than Family guy. The Simpsons are not offensive. I can't believe that you call the Simpsons offensive. Well at least you didn't call South park offensive.

7 Caillou is not funny

Little bitch Caillou

8 Stewie is 100 times cooler than either baby

Agree - JazzyJulie

Stewie is the best family guy character

9 Caillou can't fart in a funny way

Toilet jokes are stupid...oh wait Americans love them.

-_- society these days, it all depends on the toilet jokes... - DapperPickle

Oh my god nobody cares about you right now dapper pickle,you only pick everything wrong,jeez I hate that guy

Don't listen to dapper pickle.he's old,and Peter farts hilariously,camouflage barely ever farts

10 Caillou is bald

Stewie is bald too, but for Stewie it makes sense because he is a baby, and babies should not have a lot of hair. Caillou is four years old and still has no hair? What the heck?

Wow. Explain this one to cancer patients.

Stewie is bald but he's only 1 year old he's just a baby but caillou is bald but he's four

Stewed is too,but Stevie is funny

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11 Caillou is a baby show

So why are you comparing it to an adult show?

Ah…the old “mature shows are better than baby shows” bet.

12 Peter Griffin could beat Calliou in a fight


13 People die on Family Guy

They always come back alive

Hm, this is both good and bad.
Bad message to kids
It might be your favorite character.
Sad as hell. - DapperPickle

14 Family Guy Is Controlling Pop Culture
15 Caillou's Parents are Stupid

And Peter and Lois aren't?

Boris and Doris are great parents, but sometimes gives too much to Caillou. As for Peter, he's very dumb, but funny. Lois is a terrible mother, she cheated several times on Peter, controlled him 24/7 and did lots of crimes.

16 Stewie Isn't A Spoiled Brat

He threw a tantrum similar to Caillou's tantrum in one episode, but it wasn't too annoying and I felt bad for him. As for Caillou, it's the opposite for him.

17 Stewie is Awesome
18 Seahorse Seashell Party Is Better Than Any Caillou Episode
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