Reasons Why Family Guy Is Better Than The Simpsons

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1 Family Guy Takes Risks

Too many. In fact, I'm surprised Seth MacFarlane hasn't been sewed yet.

No! Family Guy sucks and Set MacFarlane is a gigantic ass prick!

Yeah but South Park does it better.

Risks that aren't worth taking.

2 Family Guy Has Better Characters

Here's what I think.

The original Peter is funnier and more caring than Homer, he may make fun of Meg, but he has a soft spot for her and doesn't attempt to strangle her to death like a certain ass.

Lois is less annoying and has a better voice than Marge, though to be fair Marge is more caring for her children.

Lisa and Meg are both underrated and I feel for the two, Lisa has to deal with bullying while Meg has harsh treatment from her family.

Bart is funnier than Chris, though I don't hate the latter. I also feel sorry for Bart nowadays, as he's ridiculed too.

Stewie is better than Maggie, he's more productive, funny, and he is more well-known.

The Simpsons and Family Guy are both tied, neither are as better as each other. Both need to die nowadays.

Homer vs. Peter: Peter. Homer has been shown to be homophobic, racist, sexist, and abusive. Peter is hilarious, plus you can actually see why Peter and Lois are together.

Marge vs. Lois: Lois. Marge has cheated on Homer. Marge isn't actually very funny.

Bart vs. Chris: Neither. Both are annoying and have serious issues.

Lisa vs. Meg: Meg. Lisa is so preachy and up herself, she tries to force her beliefs on other people and is really annoying when she does.

Maggie vs. Stewie: Stewie. Maggie is occasionally funny, but most of the time she does nothing. Stewie is one of Family Guy's strongest characters.

Santa's Little Helper vs. Brian: Brian. Santa's Little Helper does nothing, he is just a normal dog. Brian is hilarious, he and Stewie are a great duo.

Lets see
Homer or Peter-I like both but Homer is funnier
Marge or Lois-I absolutely hate Lois while I love Marge so its Marge
Lisa or Meg-Both are so underrated, they are so misunderstood but I like Lisa better
Bart or Chris-Bart is funny while Chris is boring but has his moments now and then
Maggie or Stewie-I have to say both, I love Stewie because he is evil and smart and I love Maggie because she is smart and cute.

Seriously? Brian stewie peter quagmire and joe aren't the only funny characters. you obviously don't watch family guy. It's way better than the Simpsons and the other hilarious characters are mayor west, Herbert, Cleveland, consuela, mort, Carl, dr. Hartman, greased up deaf guy, Ollie Williams, I mean, seriously?

3 Stewie

Family Guy is a ripoff of the Simpsons same character numbers don't count Brian he is a dog see watch homer peter marge Lois Maggie who is better than stewie cross Bart Lisa and meg meg is just like Lisa and Lisa was made first so let family guy be cancelled and Simpsons are doing better than family guy like always.

I love how The Simpsons and Family Guy fans are just as bad as each other.

I still prefer the Simpsons but stepwise and brain are legendary

I love how everyone overreacted about this list.

4 The Simpsons Are Trying to Be Like Family Guy Now

I hate The Simpsons nowdays, but it certainly doesn't rely on suicide jokes, mean-spirited humor, unfunny gags, etc. However, I will agree that The Simpsons is less grounded and is instead relying on random humor and pointless plots that don't get the episodes anywhere.

Family Guy and The Simpsons both need to die, we had a comedy gold cartoon about a family for seven seasons (The Simpsons) and another for about three or four (Family Guy).

I'm more of a family guy person (10), my brother is more of a Simpsons person (8), it is always playing because he is always watching it and I was listening and they copy a lot about family guy.

Actually, no their not. Lots of kids watch the Simpsons, so their making it cleaner.

Yeah I agree Family Guy is based on racism, being offensive to many MANY people, and they rely on poop, snot, and fart jokes. Family Guy is so stupid and offensive that there is even a pervert.

Exactly. The Simpsons has become more random less grounded.

5 The Simpsons Is Dated

Simpsons started on BBC 1996 moved to Channel 4 in 2004, started on Sky One in 1990. The Simpsons is still funny. Even stupid episodes like Skinner being an imposter was funny. "Skinner likes dog food" then Homer eating it. Skinners name and Bart laughing, "Up yours" Abe trying to pull his mother, "In your dreams" which Abe took as a compliment and went to sleep and then getting him back to Springfield.

The Simpsons was comedy gold for about seven seasons (or more, depending on your opinion), nowadays it just reeks of age and it makes irritated to see how much of a sellout it is nowadays.

6 Family Guy Makes Funny Jokes, The Simpsons Are Afraid To

The Simpsons have made dark comedy jokes. Usually episodes that people hate in later seasons.
Family Guy just wants to offend everything on the planet, if we ever find a real alien they will probably offend it.

Look, Family Guy and The Simpsons are some of my favourite T.V. shows but by the way it looks you only ever laugh at swearing or blood - Unnamed Google User Remade

Family Guy offends/insults, and there's a huge difference between offending and making a joke. The Simpsons on the other hand when they make jokes they don't offends tons of people. Unlike Family Guy.

No, Family Guy just offends others while the Simpsons actually try to make jokes.

7 It Has So Many Gags

Of your talking about cutaway gags, that's not a good thing.

8 Peter

Peter used to be a better father than Homer, but nowadays they're both tied.

Peter is so funny

Every Peter’s cutaway is making me laugh

9 It's funnier

I like simpsons better but I have to admit that Family Guy makes me laugh more.

Family Guy is rude

10 The Simpsons Should Have Been Cancelled at Season 16

No it shouldn't. As bad as it has become, I couldn't imagine a world without The Simpsons. But Family Guy actually got better as it went on, later seasons are better than early seasons. The Simpsons is still capable of good episodes ("You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee", "Brick Like Me", "I Won't Be Home for Christmas"), but Family Guy is still consistently good.

Think Simpsons should be cancelled? Then All Hail The Greatest Most Holy Tracey Ullman Shorts from 1987 to 1989 starting with Good Night and finishing with T.V. Simpsons. They have been used in DVD of Season 1 with Good Night, The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular and sometimes used in later episodes in the intro.

OK, the Simpsons have gotten lame, but Family Guy started as crap and just became a different kind of crap.

No no no the Simpsons needed to be cancelled at season 11. Season 10 was the last good season.

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11 Wrong, Simpsons is better than Family Guy

Homer is the best and doh will be remembered for 100 years. Peter however, the funniest thing he did was fight big chicken. That will be forgotten in 1 or 2 years

I can Barely Laugh At Simpsons don't know why? Family Guy Makes Me Laugh Until I run out of breath

I can't find a single reason in the above that can't be linked to family guy as well. Simpsons dated? True, but so is family guy, and FG is somehow more dates, after shorter runtime.

The Simpsons is no better than Family Guy, same can be said the other way around. Both shows need to simply die, nobody needs twenty times more merchandise and praise and we don't need more unfunny, mean-spirited humor.

Yeah! Let's gets this one to the top, so this whole list will be joke, like the life of who ever wrote it.

The Simpsons is only dated to people who are bored of it and need to just watch Family Guy.

12 Everyone Looks Like They Would In Real Life and Not Yellow

Oh whatever, do you remember a kids show called Doug that's realistic right?
Anyway Family Guy characters have chins that look like male private parts.

That what makes the Simpsons stand out. Groening made them like that because their yellow skin is surposed to catch your eye whem you flick through the channels on T.V..

That's what makes the Simpsons great. It's creative having characters with yellow skin.

The Simpsons has a distinct and original animation stle, Family Guys animations is just plain bland.

13 Family Guy Has Done Star Wars

So all out of shows do Star Wars so be suprised the they did

So Star Wars is boring

So has the Simpsons.

Everyone does Star Wars.

14 Half of The Simpsons Male Characters Are Played by Girls

Half of The Simpsons Male Characters Are Played by Girls? You mean Bart, Ralph, Nelson, the three bullies and millhouse. Yeah that's really half the cast of male characters (sarcasm).

The fact is that 99% of the male characters are played by men, and the simpsons is way better than fam guy.

Same with Futurama, so what? This isn't a real reason.

So what? That means that they have talent!

This person is a sexist whoever made this

15 The Simpsons Have Gone Too Far

Actually, it's the other way around. Family Guy goes too far by making fun of blacks, Jews, democrats and gays. The Simpsons have never made fun of blacks, Homer doesn't hate someone for their religion, just doesn't believe in one, they give both sides of the political party, but they have made fun of gays, just not as much.

And when they made fun of gays, at the end of the episode they apologize, in one episode homer even is gay

I think this means that its been on too long, which, I'm sorry to say, it has.

Umm no it's the other way around.

16 Bart Is So Unfunny

I like Bart because he doesn't want to physically hurt anyone, just pull pranks on others. He can also be wise. Bullies once picked on his new friend for being a Muslim, and he said that you shouldn't pick on someone because of their religion.

Someone is saying Bart is too fat what about chris

He is not funny and too fat

I still like Bart.

17 Seth MacFarlane Is Hosting the Oscars


18 The Simpsons relies on Celebrity Cameos

My favourite celebrity cameos in Family Guy is Michael Jackson. But I like other celebs too.

19 Meg

What's so great about Meg? All they do with her, is tortur her.

Meg, Brian and Stewie make Family Guy!

20 Too Many Episodes About Lisa

The episodes about Homer are worse to be honest.

Lisa is such a whiny bitch!

21 Lisa's Jokes Are So Forced It Hurts
22 Moe always has a chance at a main storyline in Simpsons episodes
23 Marge Constantly Criticizes Homer

Marge is nicer of a mother than Lois.

Peter is nicer of a father than Homer. (in the first three-four seasons anyway)

Lois criticizes peter more.

24 Meg's abuse is funnier than Bart's strangles.

Yeah! Take that Meg fanboys!

25 The Simpsons Has Marge

She sours the whole show lois is 20x better

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