Top Ten Reasons Why Family Guy Is a Good Show

I await your comments telling me I should die along with Brian Griffin. Enjoy!

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1 It's Really Funny

Family Guy sucks! Cancel Family Guy and the world would be cured!

Family Guy is horrendous and Seth MacFarlane is wiener!

Family Guy is a legendary show that should never get canceled. - EpicJake

This list and family guy sucks

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2 Has Several Plotlines In Almost Every Episode

You never get bored. - IronSabbathPriest

You see, there's a problem. You have to switch a plot every minute with a stupid cutaway. The show can't focus: - Puga

About Peter being a horrible personl - 445956

3 Some of the Characters Are Loveable

Family Guy is lame! Unlovable! And an horrendous ripoff!

Lol, who's been disliking my comments? - IronSabbathPriest

Some? You mean none. Peter is the worst cartoon character ever, no competition. - 445956

It's Just Herpes Deal With It. Actually, Sid Gave Stewie Herpes.

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4 Chicken Fights

Peter and the chicken end up causing billions in damage to wherever they are fighting yet all they do is fight each other in those scenes. - NuMetalManiak

And most recently, Homer Simpson vs Peter Griffin. - IronSabbathPriest

You son of a bitch. (Chicken closeup)

No, chicken abuse, which is horrible. - 445956

5 It Has Not Gotten Worse Over Time, Unlike Spongebob

Modern Family Guy is MILES worse than Modern Spongebob!

Yes, it has gotten worse over time. Family Guy needs to be cancelled!

Family Guy should be cancelled. This show is a sickness.

If you think this that's fine. I would have to disagree though. I feel it's been going down hill ever since season 5. With episodes like
Seahorse seashell party
Not all dogs go to heaven
Peter problems (and that disgusting whale scene)
Chink Cancer
Brian the Closer
2000 year old virgin
And so many more - Sneslper

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6 Road to the North Pole Is Funny

I could not stop laughing! - IronSabbathPriest


-Stewie Griffin. - HeavyDonkeyKong

7 Giggidy Goo!

It's Called Giggety Goo - RockStarr

8 It Has Guest Voices

Yes, I know the Simpsons does as well. I just thought I would throw this in there. (I also like the Simpsons). - IronSabbathPriest

Well so does Teen Titans Go - 445956

9 It's Educational In a Humorous Way

Also in a sex ed way. But still, better than nothing, right? - IronSabbathPriest

Educational in what? Teaching you to be an abusive father? - 445956

10 When the Characters Abuse People, It's Funny


How is abuse funny? It's not funny in SpongeBob, so it's not funny in Family Guy! - Puga

Yeah, but squidward just wants to be left alone. Meg's just in the way. - IronSabbathPriest

Meg abuse never gets old. Shut up Meg! - IronSabbathPriest

IronSabbath, I love you but this list is a little muffled up.

Listen, don't feel bad. Because not everyone agrees, that doesn't make it bad. - gemcloben

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11 Stewie Griffin as a character

I like Stewie!

12 They Made Fun of Justin Bieber

Thank god the top tens wasn't around during Aaron Carter days or that Family Guy ever made fun of him probably because of the internet not being as big as nowadays. Hating someone you don't even know in real life thinking its cool to hate.

Hate Family Guy.

I love that epiisode! And Justin Bieber sucks!

That's the only good part of the show.

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1. It's Really Funny
2. Some of the Characters Are Loveable
3. Has Several Plotlines In Almost Every Episode
1. It Has Not Gotten Worse Over Time, Unlike Spongebob
2. It Has Guest Voices
3. When the Characters Abuse People, It's Funny
1. It's Really Funny
2. Has Several Plotlines In Almost Every Episode
3. Some of the Characters Are Loveable


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