Top 10 Reasons Why the Fanbase of Video Games is Seriously Declining

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1 People are forgetting the difference between overrated games and actually bad ones
2 The only thing most of the non-Nintendo fans really seem to care about is graphical resolution and frames per second; actual art styles mean nothing to them

I hate how some gamers care a whole to much about graphics, and all of that. Like, it's the art that forms the game.

Not true - RobertWisdom

Ah, PC Elitists always rubbing it in our face about their rig being better then anyone elses, that wants more frames then 60fps and bashing people with Consoles and older PCs that have frames below that number saying theirs sucks and calling you a peasent for not having 4K, ruining your experience, who cares if you've better frames and resolution then me, I just want to have fun and play in peace. - DreadDucky

3 Douchebag company fanboys who simply refuse to play mostly anything that isn't on their consoles of choice, most especially the Nintendo and Sony ones
4 People are actually starting to take Gligar13vids' reviews seriously
5 First-person-shooter fanboys

AKA those 8-year-old Call of Duty fans who screech at the top of their lungs when you beat them. - Cyri

6 Games are often getting ridiculously generous reviews simply for having popular and successful brand names attached to them, like Breath Of The Wild, Uncharted and Super Mario Galaxy for example

They're actually liked because of their gameplay and other factors excluding what you said. - Skullkid755

7 Rule 34 is becoming progressively more disgusting and sexualized, not even mentioning the giantess fanfictions involving Parappa and Asriel having sex with Lammy's and Toriel's brains
8 The memes, memes, MEMES
9 People automatically hating certain games simply because they revolve around anthropomorphic animal characters
10 Youtube has started this weird new culture where people would rather watch someone else play video games

Sometimes their reactions/comments on the games can be funny. - Skullkid755

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11 People who hate on actually good games and then aggressively defend bland and generic crud like Call of Duty and destiny

This is perception and opinion - RobertWisdom

Don't forget Grand Theft Auto

12 Rule 34 artists will sexualize the crud out of literally ANYTHING they can get their hands on

(cough, UmJammer Lammy, cough) - xandermartin98

13 Pokémon GO is a thing
14 Everything is apparently a ripoff of something else now
15 Trolls and squeakers on voice chat
16 People unfairly judging games based on their fanbases is becoming progressively more common and annoying
17 Indie games are treated as a joke now because of Five Nights At Freddy's and Minecraft

I like Minecraft. FNAF, depends on the game (4 and SL were good.) - Cyri

18 Pedophilic attraction to child characters is becoming increasingly commonplace
19 People hating certain games just because the companies that made them are stupid
20 People thinking that a game being on a technically more powerful system than another game automatically makes it better

Not true - RobertWisdom

21 There are kids out there who are spoiled enough to actually take the likes of Skylanders and Amiibo seriously
22 Chris Chan exists
23 Female characters are quickly becoming reduced into bland, cookie-cutter sex objects, albeit mostly by their fans
24 People just don't want to be challenged anymore, making them almost completely unbothered when games like Uncharted blatantly use cheap deaths as a substitute for actual difficulty
25 God Of War is seen as the all-time greatest combat system in video game history
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