Top 10 Reasons Why the Fans of Serena from Pokemon are Horrible

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1 Their main reasons for loving Serena is because she's pretty and has a crush on Ash

Ha! I can come up with 5 times more reasons as to why Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online is a great character than how those stupid Amourshippers can only come up with 2 futile reasons for thinking Serena is shipping material! By the way, I love Asuna Yuuki since I can come up with reasons as to why I ship her with Kirito AND why I think she's a great character, unlike Serena! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Her character actually kind of got better again in the Mother's Rosario arc, so if you haven't watched that arc yet, I suggest watching that since Mother's Rosario really redeemed her as a character. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Serena is useless...

Serena is a bland Barbie stereotype with barely any character development all she does is stalk Ash. Every time left I watch a video about Serena and why the person likes Serena they can barely get past she is pretty and has a crush on Ash. SERIOSLY PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES! can't YOU SEE THAT SHE IS AS BLAND AS WHITE RICE WITH NO TOPPINGS OR FLAVORING?!

"There's more to a great Pokegirl than just having a good story."
Said some moron on Serebii forums.
Like, that's literally the reverse of saying there's more to a girl than just her looks. - eventer51314

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2 They will chew up and harass anyone who says negative things about Serena

Serena fans bashes all the other female leads, and yet when fans of misty/may/dawn/iris etc states one bad thing about Serena they start a riot. A lot of them (not all) are hypocrites.

So immature. - eventer51314

I'm an amourshipper and don't do that to be honest we all know she will never confess and ash want find out cause he is so dense and oblivious,even ask Bonnie

Then they will chew up and harass every toptenner in existence!

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3 They think that Serena cutting her hair is character development

Cutting her hair isn't really character development if she's still practically the same person as she was before. That was a poor attempt at developing her character. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Really it just made her even worse - CrossFIRE121

It was around the time she actually DID get better though. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Every time I ask a boreshipper to describe her development besides the haircutting I get no answer ( gee I wonder why? )

4 They are desperate to have Serena travel to Alola solely because of Amourshipping to the point they made a petition

If Amourshipping never existed, Serena wouldn't even be this popular. - yungstirjoey666

It's creepy that they would go this far for a fictional character

Mos tpointless petition ever. the day serena becomes a main character again is the day theyr elease half life 3. - HeavyDonkeyKong

What make me so angry is that everyone wants serena to go to aloha. I sick of it even the stupid fan art everyone's posting. I don't want to see serena I want to see other characters instead of her like moon. I would like to see moon the new female protagonist in the sun and moon games and see what her character is like. But serena is a bitch because she just fell in love with ash for saving her from a cute pokemon that's not even going to hurt her. I just hate serena's fans she isn't even a good character.

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5 They fail to realize that Serena is an obsessed fan girl, not a love interest

If Serena was Ash's love interest, then it would imply that he has some feelings for her that can potentially get them together. But no! He's so oblivious and don't understand romance at all and she fantasizes about him, constantly. He can't even relate to Serena because she's nothing like him.

They have little in common, and in most of their "Shipping Moments" are just one sided fangirl scenes, or perverted ones that involve Serena in a stupid outfit

What's funny is that Serena's fans/slaves call the other girls stalker when Serena is the definition of a stalker.
* she started her journey because of Ash
* Watches his every move (She copied him perfectly in the one episode he was sick)
* he is her ultimate goal
* she seeks his approval and attention every time she tries a new thing
* gets mad if he ignores her
* doesn't mind talking to other guys but gets mad if Ash get close with other girls
* starts instantly loving him after a meeting him for 5 min (how stupid)
* tracks him down and follows him until Ash asked if she wanted to come along
* Cares about being pretty to catch his attention
* gets pissed off if he isn't "acting like the Ash she knows", like showing humans feelings like being depressed, sad, angry etc

6 They draw gross fan art with Ash and Serena making out

Even worse, they draw them in bed together. I wanna puke! This crap needs to burn! I won't be checking the Pokemon XY Facebook page anymore. They used to have informative updates and cool fanart. But now? I'm so ticked off by what I just saw. I will never understand how anybody could like Serena at this point. She, along with her perverted fans, disgust me. - eventer51314

By the way, I remembered a Serena fanboy who said that he wanted to see her in a bikini. Gross - MLPFan

I would scream out looking at that kind of crap, it is so annoying. I swear, I've seen worse than them "MAKING OUT", there was an image uploaded on Instagram that completely OFFENDED ME (Rule 34 styled, AAARGGGHHH! ). There's no further going into more details, you (might) know the rest. - ClassicGaminer

They need to get a life. - TwilightKitsune

It's the same with every female companion, so that's not a good point in my opinion

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7 They send death threats to people who criticize Serena or Amourshipping

They sent death threats, to a 7 YEAR OLD. Like I'm thankful that the kid can handle this kind of backlash but YIKES. - Rue

Dude what do you mean of amourshipping?

Looking at you LunaDude1996 - Neonco31

Amourshipper: If you're not with us? Then you are against us, and those who are against us DESERVE TO DIE!
Me (along with us): And what are you going to do? Pull out a gun? Kill us all? THAT... IS THE ONLY THING YOU ARE MISSING! - ClassicGaminer

8 They see all the other female companions inferior to Serena because of her crush on Ash

Ha! You've got to be kidding me. They are so blind. - eventer51314

Please don't hate me for this LunaDude1996 but I need to get it off my chest. I just don't like Serena - Enderninja327

Hey Ruee, I made a list about you. Search your name in the list searcher bar. - TwilightKitsune

'BUT SERENA KISSED ASH SO SHE'S THE BEST! 111' That's what they sound like. Not all are like this, but most amourshippers I've met use this silly statement on why Serena is the 'best' character compared to the rest

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9 They claim they won't watch the Pokemon anime anymore because Serena isn't going to Alola

Lol! Good riddance! They only watch the anime for shipping so they have no reason to keep watching anyway.
Man, such babies! It's their loss. - eventer51314

Good luck amourshippers, I hope you like watching Saturday Night Television if you refuse to watch the new anime! - ClassicGaminer

Better yet, I hope they like watching Boku no Pico if they refuse to watch the new anime! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It's true people liked xyz because of Serena, Kalos League, and Ash Greninja and Sun and moon most likely gets rid of all unless its good as xyz somehow

I liked it because of the battles, slightly more mature themes, and also because of how competent that ash was. - HeavyDonkeyKong

10 They cannot accept that Serena is not Ash's companion anymore

Dear God, how can they even insult the other characters, and they even make their favorite (used-to-be) characters look obsolete by claiming that they are no longer their favorite and Serena is. Serena's crusty ass will no longer be with Ash (no "pun" intended), she is gone just like the others. Game over, Serena's crusty ass is gone, Amourshipping is over, and XYZ is over. Get a life! - ClassicGaminer

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11 They don't shut up about Serena going to Alola

It doesn't make sense. Other female trainers have traveled with ash to other regions but no femae companion has ever stuck around with him when a particular series ended. what makes people think serena will be the first? She was good, and now she's gone. Amourshippers should just deal with it. I knew from the very begginning that she wasn't going to be going to Alola. - HeavyDonkeyKong

The only female companion after the sun and moon ends is lillie, and that's simply following the game logic.

(Rant/"Triggered" ALERT)
You were excited for Serena.
Now you like Serena.
Next you spam the entire Pokémon community with AMOURSHIPPING!

12 They think Serena's crush on Ash and small interactions with him are signs that Amourshipping is canon

Even though Serena has a crush on Ash, Ash probably doesn't even think of Serena in that way. So it's one-sided. Why haven't any of the Serena fans realized this already? - ToukaKirishima

And they call all of the other shippers desperate. - CrossFIRE121

Oh come on is it a joke every one agree that in Indigo leaque and in orange leaque almost everyone has said that Misty and ash are made for each other Serena has a crush on Ash but how many person have saided that they are maded for each others Serena's fans are stupids!...

The DATCOD outro, the group all looking at the stars (as well as Diancie in the next scene):
*Amourshipper 1 pauses the video*
Amourshipper 1: Ash looks into Serena, Amourshipping confirmed!
Me: More like Half Life 3 confirmed
Amourshipper 2: Yeah, they interact so much.
Me: Proof?
*I unpause the video and pause in the next scene for a reaction image. Then unpause and the outro continues.*

Not this extreme, but you get my point. - SoaPuffball

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13 They are perverted

Ugh! You know that time when Ash was really sick? And he stumbled into Serena's arms? After coming across these man-children's stupid comments on YouTube and Facebook, I was cringing SO hard knowing what kind of disgusting and stupid things they would say about that moment. Screw these xy writers. You just know they created that whole episode for shipping purposes. Whose idea was it to have all these fan-service scenes? It hasn't been this bad...i don't think ever. - eventer51314

Oh, there were the many bikini scenes with both Misty and May. For Misty there was also the magician's assistant outfit and the mermaid outfit. So really Dawn had the least fan service with just that one maid outfit... - eventer51314

Here's a quote from "Plumbers Don't Wear Ties" but in my way:
"Oh, now you've done it! You really done it! How could you make Serena into such a perverted young thing?! She was an 'innocent' girl before you started screwing around with this story! Is this what you want?! I've guided a lot of people through this story... but I've never seen such a disgusting series of plot choices in my life! Now that I know who I'm dealing with... I'm gonna give you one last chance to redeem yourself... And get this story back on track... I hope you enjoy Saturday night television! " - ClassicGaminer

YES, there are the "Internet Rules" (I prefer to call them 4chan Rules more) 34/35, but they only are a meme, and they mostly follow only in 4chan and stuff. But that doesn't mean you have to mass-produce them. - SoaPuffball

Oh my God! That one day that Eventer51314 and I had a conversation, there was a DISGUSTING and DISTURBING thumbnail imageon YouTube where Ash was "kising" Serena's neck as he was "pleasing" her. Keep in mind that it was the episode where Serena and Ash were dressed and ready to dance.

What was the title, you may ask?
Oh, I don't know, maybe the one where it had Shia LeBouf screaming out his motivational quote, "DO IT! ".

What was I trying to search on YouTube?
I was wanting to watch a video where someone animated Sun to do exactly what Shia LeBouf has done with his "DO IT! " quote and movements. It is called "[MMD] Still trying to decide whether to buy Pokémon Sun and Moon or not]"

It's like Ash is trying to seduce her! UGH! Amourshipping PERVERTS! - ClassicGaminer

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14 Amourshippers are basically pokeshippers 2.0 when it comes to being a rabid fan base and having bad attitudes towards people who do not like their ship

Yes! I so agree with this. But Amourshippers seem worse because Serena and Ash's relationship is almost nonexistent. Unlike Misty and him. - eventer51314

Oh my gohs... I am a partial pokeshipper but pokeshippers were so darn cancerous. but the amourshippers are the wors tones (at least the 255 that actually act like this.) - HeavyDonkeyKong

15 They think that manipulative behavior Serena has towards Ash is progression that Amourshipping will be canon

No, it's further proof their relationship is crap. - eventer51314

True but don't you have to be 11 in alola cause if so ash actually aged after 20 years

Look, Amourshippers. Even if your damn shipping would be "canon", then it still wouldn't work, even if you wanted to. So stop shipping these two characters and shut up! Your shipping doesn't WORK, BECAUSE ROMANCE WAS NOT MADE FOR POKÉMON! - ClassicGaminer

16 They will dismiss and bash people who ship Ash with someone else because they see Serena's crush on Ash will make Amourshipping canon

There (STILL) goes Mallow, Lillie or Lana... *Sigh* -_- - ClassicGaminer

Um... not me. I like Serena and I actually prefer Pokeshipping, Advanceshipping, and Pearlshipping. Especially Pearlshipping. This list is focusing on only one side of the serena fanbase. but there are two sides to every coin.


17 They fail to realize that 10 year old kids do not understand the concept of romance and wanting it canon is creepy

Original writers have stated that ash is 14. nevertheless, that's still pretty young. - HeavyDonkeyKong

18 They believe that Serena should stay in the show because of Amourshipping

Oh my god. NO. Just NO. That is the most bull and lamest excuse for the worse female companion ever to stay because of that atrocious shipping and worst that I've ever heard. NO! - KonekoAngel

Oh, don't get me wrong, there was a Latino who claimed that he likes Serena for Amourshipping. THAT IS A DISGRACE! I'm Hispanic, but a Latino myself. Keep in mind that THAT comment was on that petition. Keep looking at the people who signed it and the proof is in the pudding. - ClassicGaminer

Take Amourshipping away, and how much do you like Serena? - yungstirjoey666

Of course, I bet without Amourshipping, Serena will get the same treatment as Iris. - KonekoAngel

19 They actually think Serena kissed Ash on the lips and state it like it's a fact.

Nope. The animators animated that scene ambiguous for the sole purpose of more ship bait. It was implied she kissed him but since the animators didn't show their faces, it will never be concrete whether she kissed him on the lips or on the cheek. Screw you, trolling animators. - eventer51314

Well, it is likely she kissed him on the lips, but that doesn't make Amour any more canon. It's still one-sided. - yungstirjoey666

Does it really matter? It's STILL a one sided kiss if it was on the lips or not.

They also think that Ash liked it by smiling after that hoe left the Airport and went home. An Amourshipper on Instagram called "Amourshipping_101" gave me a private message saying that Ash smiled after that bitch went home. And I'll tell you this, the image that I made claiming that he did NOT, which you can see on my profile on Instagram (ClassicGaminer2016), I rarely got "attacked", GOOD. I only got "attacked" by only one damn Amourshipper, that is stupid. Wanna know what else that same Amourshipper said? He/She said, "I would agree with you if the movies were 'canon'" are you serious?! - ClassicGaminer

Maybe you should upload a picture of his reaction to Melody kissing him, lol. - eventer51314

20 They call Serena Ash's "wife"

It was the same with jimmy (the CotD with the pikachu). Jimmy just blushed at Serena & In a review of that episode amourshippers where like "nope jimmy Serena belongs to ash hands off! " NO HE doesn't! Ash hasn't even shown the slightest interest in Serena! What, scared jimmy had more chemistry with Serena than Serena ever did with ash, so u have to feel threatened by a CotD, amourshippers?

It's also the same the other way around too! If a girl shows any interest in ash, then they r instantly hated by amourshippers. I don't even like shaunna that much, but the one amourshipping fan fic I heard about involving her makes me want to punch the writer & all those who liked it!

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1. They will chew up and harass anyone who says negative things about Serena
2. They draw gross fan art with Ash and Serena making out
3. They send death threats to people who criticize Serena or Amourshipping
1. Amourshippers are basically pokeshippers 2.0 when it comes to being a rabid fan base and having bad attitudes towards people who do not like their ship
2. They cannot accept that Serena is not Ash's companion anymore
3. They don't shut up about Serena going to Alola
1. They think that Serena cutting her hair is character development
2. They are desperate to have Serena travel to Alola solely because of Amourshipping to the point they made a petition
3. They are perverted



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