Top 10 Reasons Why the Fans of Serena from Pokemon are Horrible

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1 Their main reasons for loving Serena is because she's pretty and has a crush on Ash

Ha! I can come up with 5 times more reasons as to why Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online is a great character than how those stupid Amourshippers can only come up with 2 futile reasons for thinking Serena is shipping material! By the way, I love Asuna Yuuki since I can come up with reasons as to why I ship her with Kirito AND why I think she's a great character, unlike Serena! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Her character actually kind of got better again in the Mother's Rosario arc, so if you haven't watched that arc yet, I suggest watching that since Mother's Rosario really redeemed her as a character. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Serena is a bland Barbie stereotype with barely any character development all she does is stalk Ash. Every time left I watch a video about Serena and why the person likes Serena they can barely get past she is pretty and has a crush on Ash. SERIOSLY PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES! can't YOU SEE THAT SHE IS AS BLAND AS WHITE RICE WITH NO TOPPINGS OR FLAVORING?!

Sure I'm a fan of Serena, but god shes overrated. I prefer Pearlshipping since Platinum was my first game and before that I watched the Diamond Pearl anime and loved Dawn.

Serena is useless...

2 They think that Serena cutting her hair is character development

Cutting her hair isn't really character development if she's still practically the same person as she was before. That was a poor attempt at developing her character. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Uh, I'm sorry but I am a Serena fan, and I never told myself "Hey, she cut her hair so therefore character development! ". It's more complicated than that. - Eclipsmon

It's the reason why she cut her hair. She overdone everything and cutting her hair represented that less is more

I have literally no idea why the writers thought "Hey, I got a FABULOUS idea! How about we have that new girl, Serena, lose one contest (which she doesn't really care about, let's be real) and have a total mental breakdown! She could cut her hair and everything, she totally won't look like a total idiot! " You know? I have a girl at my school like this, constantly wanting attention. So much so, that she cut off all her long hair and dyed it black! Somehow Serena pisses me off more, and she isn't even real!

Her hair was supposed to be long because it was long in the games.

3 They don't shut up about Serena going to Alola

It doesn't make sense. Other female trainers have traveled with ash to other regions but no femae companion has ever stuck around with him when a particular series ended. what makes people think serena will be the first? She was good, and now she's gone. Amourshippers should just deal with it. I knew from the very begginning that she wasn't going to be going to Alola.

Me too I had the feelings that Serena wouldn't be staying with Ash. I would have love if it happened, but it didn't, and that's fine.

The only female companion after the sun and moon ends is lillie, and that's simply following the game logic.

Ha! gen 8 is just around a corner and no Serena!

(Rant/"Triggered" ALERT)
You were excited for Serena.
Now you like Serena.
Next you spam the entire Pokémon community with AMOURSHIPPING!

4 They are desperate to have Serena travel to Alola solely because of Amourshipping to the point they made a petition

One other thing, from what I heard from one of the Top Tenners was that the writers just go on their ways on writing the anime without their fans telling them what to do. The petition won't work, if it were to be like "stop airing this show because it is badly received and it lacks viewership" or something like that as a petition, then yeah, do that, but a petition to tell the company to make a fictional character to continue to appear, is not going to work, and here's why...

1: The writers (for sure) are aware that Serena was the worst character, and they know that the people who liked Serena, just shipped Ash with her and only like her because of amourshipping.

2: The writers won't comply with the demand of their fans wanting for Serena to go with Ash to Alola and the writers know the tradition of Ash's journey, "Ash goes to a new region, makes friends, when the time has come for his journey to come to an end because he has made it from where he began, he says goodbye ...more

Wait, I am a serena fan, and I didn't even heard about that petition. I don't even think I would have sign it. - Eclipsmon

Now there talking about her possibly returning in the sword and shield region! When will this end!?


It's creepy that they would go this far for a fictional character

5 They are perverted

Ugh! You know that time when Ash was really sick? And he stumbled into Serena's arms? After coming across these man-children's stupid comments on YouTube and Facebook, I was cringing SO hard knowing what kind of disgusting and stupid things they would say about that moment. Screw these xy writers. You just know they created that whole episode for shipping purposes. Whose idea was it to have all these fan-service scenes? It hasn't been this bad...i don't think ever.

Oh, there were the many bikini scenes with both Misty and May. For Misty there was also the magician's assistant outfit and the mermaid outfit. So really Dawn had the least fan service with just that one maid outfit...

The images are the worst.. Don't get me started on the suggestions and fanart..

No joke. if you search on Google "pokemon serena" and go to images, one of the suggestion is "thicc".

Here's a quote from "Plumbers Don't Wear Ties" but in my way:
"Oh, now you've done it! You really done it! How could you make Serena into such a perverted young thing?! She was an 'innocent' girl before you started screwing around with this story! Is this what you want?! I've guided a lot of people through this story... but I've never seen such a disgusting series of plot choices in my life! Now that I know who I'm dealing with... I'm gonna give you one last chance to redeem yourself... And get this story back on track... I hope you enjoy Saturday night television! "

6 Amourshippers are basically pokeshippers 2.0 when it comes to being a rabid fan base and having bad attitudes towards people who do not like their ship

Both shippers should just hush and GET ALONG for once. This is a kid's shows and neither ships will probably ever sail. Ash has a larger chance of getting in a romantic relationship with PIKACHU then a girl. Just stop arguing for once.

Yes! I so agree with this. But Amourshippers seem worse because Serena and Ash's relationship is almost nonexistent. Unlike Misty and him.

Well, I am a pokeshipper, and I never do that. I actually enjoy the anime more than the shipping. Yes. We exist as well.

Amourshippers are the worst. They hate on all the other girls/shippings but when someone dares to speak against their dear waifu Serena they whine and attack them. Why are these people watching pokemon? they should go watch romance anime if they are so desperate for Ash and Serena (who are both 10) to get together.

I don't hate on all the other girls. I just find Serena to be the best of the bunch.

7 They cannot accept that Serena is not Ash's companion anymore

Dear God, how can they even insult the other characters, and they even make their favorite (used-to-be) characters look obsolete by claiming that they are no longer their favorite and Serena is. Serena's crusty ass will no longer be with Ash (no "pun" intended), she is gone just like the others. Game over, Serena's crusty ass is gone, Amourshipping is over, and XYZ is over. Get a life!

8 They will chew up and harass anyone who says negative things about Serena

Serena fans bashes all the other female leads, and yet when fans of misty/may/dawn/iris etc states one bad thing about Serena they start a riot. A lot of them (not all) are hypocrites.

Like @NaruhinaBlaze1
He bashes Misty all the time (honestly that's okay)
But the worst thing he did was bashing people who loved Misty all the time.
He is such an annoying amourshipper.

He told others to shut up if they said something negative about Serena
but he is the one who should shut his mouth because he couldn't respect other's opinion.

So immature.

Even if I don't support any ship and I wish to express that, the amourshipping fans will throw me under the bus and I am not even biased. I honestly think that the only way Ash will ever get a girlfriend is if the girl is just as dense as him

9 They see all the other female companions inferior to Serena because of her crush on Ash

Ha! You've got to be kidding me. They are so blind.

Well her other behaviors are better than this

This might be the worst

'BUT SERENA KISSED ASH SO SHE'S THE BEST! 111' That's what they sound like. Not all are like this, but most amourshippers I've met use this silly statement on why Serena is the 'best' character compared to the rest

Hey Ruee, I made a list about you. Search your name in the list searcher bar. - TwilightKitsune

10 They think Serena's crush on Ash and small interactions with him are signs that Amourshipping is canon

Even though Serena has a crush on Ash, Ash probably doesn't even think of Serena in that way. So it's one-sided. Why haven't any of the Serena fans realized this already? - ToukaKirishima

And they call all of the other shippers desperate. - CrossFIRE121

Oh come on is it a joke every one agree that in Indigo leaque and in orange leaque almost everyone has said that Misty and ash are made for each other Serena has a crush on Ash but how many person have saided that they are maded for each others Serena's fans are stupids!...

so true

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? They Hate Misty Because She Had a Crush on Ash


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11 They claim they won't watch the Pokemon anime anymore because Serena isn't going to Alola

Lol! Good riddance! They only watch the anime for shipping so they have no reason to keep watching anyway.
Man, such babies! It's their loss.

Good luck amourshippers, I hope you like watching Saturday Night Television if you refuse to watch the new anime!

Better yet, I hope they like watching Boku no Pico if they refuse to watch the new anime!

Alola succ, but I still agree with this

Aloha Snackbar

12 They will dismiss and bash people who ship Ash with someone else because they see Serena's crush on Ash will make Amourshipping canon

There (STILL) goes Mallow, Lillie or Lana... *Sigh* -_-

I'm on for Mao and Lillie but Suiren? not gonna happen. - AmourShipperElijah

Um... not me. I like Serena and I actually prefer Pokeshipping, Advanceshipping, and Pearlshipping. Especially Pearlshipping. This list is focusing on only one side of the serena fanbase. but there are two sides to every coin.


13 They fail to realize that Serena is an obsessed fan girl, not a love interest

If Serena was Ash's love interest, then it would imply that he has some feelings for her that can potentially get them together. But no! He's so oblivious and don't understand romance at all and she fantasizes about him, constantly. He can't even relate to Serena because she's nothing like him.

They have little in common, and in most of their "Shipping Moments" are just one sided fangirl scenes, or perverted ones that involve Serena in a stupid outfit

Love interest? More like creepy stalker! - Popsicles

The writers failed so hard at this. they should have stuck to the pokemon, battling and friendship

14 They think that manipulative behavior Serena has towards Ash is progression that Amourshipping will be canon

No, it's further proof their relationship is crap.

Look, Amourshippers. Even if your damn shipping would be "canon", then it still wouldn't work, even if you wanted to. So stop shipping these two characters and shut up! Your shipping doesn't WORK, BECAUSE ROMANCE WAS NOT MADE FOR POKÉMON!

True but don't you have to be 11 in alola cause if so ash actually aged after 20 years

15 They actually think Serena kissed Ash on the lips and state it like it's a fact.

Hell someone made an animation of that scene but uncensored - myusernameisthis

Nope. The animators animated that scene ambiguous for the sole purpose of more ship bait. It was implied she kissed him but since the animators didn't show their faces, it will never be concrete whether she kissed him on the lips or on the cheek. Screw you, trolling animators.

Does it really matter? It's STILL a one sided kiss if it was on the lips or not.

He didn't even blush when Serena kiss him,Which is good. - Matthiasiamfan

16 They believe that Serena should stay in the show because of Amourshipping

Oh my god. NO. Just NO. That is the most bull and lamest excuse for the worse female companion ever to stay because of that atrocious shipping and worst that I've ever heard. NO! - KonekoAngel

Oh, don't get me wrong, there was a Latino who claimed that he likes Serena for Amourshipping. THAT IS A DISGRACE! I'm Hispanic, but a Latino myself. Keep in mind that THAT comment was on that petition. Keep looking at the people who signed it and the proof is in the pudding.

When your friends joins rabid Amourshipping:And they don't stop coming.And they don't stop coming.And they don't stop coming - Matthiasiamfan

Oh my the petition is less than 500 sigs to get to its goal. Oh my. Also adding that most of the comments said that they wanted to get her back because of... well, Amourshipping.

I doubt that they will get her to return if the petition gets completed though. It will just most likely be a one time appearance. - SoaPuffball

17 They draw gross fan art with Ash and Serena making out

Even worse, they draw them in bed together. I wanna puke! This crap needs to burn! I won't be checking the Pokemon XY Facebook page anymore. They used to have informative updates and cool fanart. But now? I'm so ticked off by what I just saw. I will never understand how anybody could like Serena at this point. She, along with her perverted fans, disgust me.

By the way, I remembered a Serena fanboy who said that he wanted to see her in a bikini. Gross - MLPFan

I would scream out looking at that kind of crap, it is so annoying. I swear, I've seen worse than them "MAKING OUT", there was an image uploaded on Instagram that completely OFFENDED ME (Rule 34 styled, AAARGGGHHH! ). There's no further going into more details, you (might) know the rest.

oh god.. - myusernameisthis

They need to get a life. - TwilightKitsune

18 They send death threats to people who criticize Serena or Amourshipping

I want to live
I also want Legit Lenny to live
I want all the anti-amourshippers to live
But when I see this:
Never will I ever support amourshipping ever again

They sent death threats, to a 7 YEAR OLD. Like I'm thankful that the kid can handle this kind of backlash but YIKES. - Rue

Looking at you LunaDude1996 - Neonco31

Dude what do you mean of amourshipping?

19 They ignore Serena's flaws because they believe that she is Ash's "trophy wife"

Oh and if they fight, it's ALWAYS Ash's fault. Bull crap.

Yeah. And at least we can have the satisfaction of knowing Ash knows she doesn't understand his struggles. He made that clear.

Lol do people think we all think ash will marry come on it's a kid show many a kiss on the cheek or a hug but not getting married

20 They spam the Pokemon Sun and Moon tags all over the internet with their Amourshipping garbage

I keep falling for that crap, believe it or not. At the time the people from YouTube were talking about it, I got pissed off. I thought Amourshipping was "great", but no! I thought Serena was great, but no! I used to think that the XY (and Z) anime was "GREAT", BUT NO! I know when my predictions on ratings are good or not or when I'm right or wrong. I hope that the writers know what they're doing this time

I hate this, it makes me rage...

Oops I meant to push like, sorry. And I am completely pissed off too. I hate it as well when the shippers do that, it makes me fall for it too!

One time I was reading a Nutcracker fanfic featuring Sailor Moon characters in December, I come across this ad, it was for a Pokémon toy, it had Serena in it and worse, it was with stupid haircut. I guess it was due to that amourshipping. Why?

I was looking through the Lonashipping/Gladion x Moon google searches (Yeah, I have a few in game Pokemon ships, but I'm not too big on shipping) and to be expected, even though it's completely unrelated to my searches... I found Serena/Amourshipping content.

I guess it's due to people spamming Serena in Moon's outfit with the keyword "moon" because they thought Serena would actually go to Alola, but still. My point is Amourshipping is spammed in any Pokemon related tag possible. It's really annoying. - Rue

21 They think Serena kissing Ash at the end of XY makes Amour canon.

It doesn't. Serena was the one who did the kiss. When we saw ash's face after the kiss, he looked confused borderline annoyed. He didn't even blush. When focus was on his feet, it looked like he move one of his foot indicating uncomfortableness of it. Amourshipping = still one-sided =/= canon

Thank you! Someone else who paid attention to Ash's body language!

That like saying that if a total stranger kissed Ash that makes them a canon ship, totally ridiculous.

No, it does not. It doesn't make it any more canon than KissShipping or MareShipping/AltoShipping. Look your crap up, Amourshi**ers.

Well,I like Serena more than Misty but I prefer Pokeshipping than Amourshipping

22 They say that you must be a pokeshipper if you hate amourshipping

Lol, I hate both of these ships.

I saw someone say they would become a genwunner because of amourshipping on an anti amour video and a pokeshipper was like "Does that mean you want to become a Pokeshipper" and the person responded with "YES" - Rue

I think "genwunner" is the statement that they'd prefer calling us

I hate both too

23 They are massive hypocrites who want to say that Mallow is only liked for her'sex appeal', when it's actually Serena who was only liked for that reason.

This is stupid. - Silentwhisker

Okay! That is it! I'm sick and tired of Mallow always getting hated on because she's "too sexy" or she "got rid of Serena" but I'm honestly sick and tired of a character with actual potential, unlike Serena who just had zero potential since day one. And at least Mallows fan base isn't as annoying as Serena. That is all have to say. Good day.

As someone who hates serena, I'd have to disagree. Mallow's fanbase is just as bad, if not worse than Serena's. - InklingSethO

And that's after only 6 episodes of the new anime. That is so asinine! Serena is the one who is only liked because of her shipping and fan service garbage scenes! You can bet the people who say this crap about Mallow are the same perverts who jack off to Amourshipping. Oh, and can we just talk about the fact that these are 10 year olds they're describing? Ugh!

Oh, Mallow is there for 'sex appeal' hmm, then explain of what are those revealing outfits Serena wore in the XY&Z series then? And besides Mallow's outfit isn't even revealing to the slightest. - KonekoAngel

24 They can't admit that Serena was never Ash's childhood friend

Having a conversation for 5 minutes or something doesn't make you friends unless that was the best conversation you ever had. (He didn't even know her name)

Ash’s childhood friend is Gary Oak, not Serena Yvonne.

Yeah, I just realized that too! Seriously, all Ash did was just help her one time when they were young and that's it! It's not like they knew each other for a long time! At least with Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online, it took them a decent amount of time to get close with one another before they got together as a couple! Seriously, are those Pokemon writers on drugs or something? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Saying Ash is Serena childhood friend is worse than Undertale cringe compilation(For me) - Matthiasiamfan

25 They bash artists who draw Ash with Lillie or Mallow

"It IS canon... Ash and Serena kissed."

1. serena kissed ash, as in she came up to him and forced her mouth on... maybe his lips.

2. Ash didn't even like it as he wanted to get away (as he moved his foot showing discomfort) & gave her an annoyed look after she kissed him.

3. Even if #2 isn't arcuate, ash didn't blush or confess his undying love to her so it's still not canon

More like they would BASH people who "try" to ship Ash and Mallow or Ash and Lillie. Tch.

Before Ruee/Marshadow had disappeared from The Top Tens, she and I had a conversation that she wanted to include a fan art of Ash and Lillie kissing on my list of "Top 10 Things Amourshippers say that they need to shut up about the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime"...
She said this,
"i saw the image and laughed at the amourshipping comments on it so its surely something that will make them rage"

26 They think Sun&Moon is an alternate universe because they can't accept Serena isn't in it

Bruh they should just look at the new characters they have more character yo

27 They make Serena look even more stupid by drawing her in the Pokemon Sun and Moon heroine's outfit

I'm happy she'll not be in the next season... Serena is not interesting at all. - diana123

It really doesn't flatter her, guys
It just doesn't
Besides, she'd probably never be caught wearing non-Kalos fashion

28 They fail to realize that 10 year old kids do not understand the concept of romance and wanting it canon is creepy

Original writers have stated that ash is 14. nevertheless, that's still pretty young. - HeavyDonkeyKong

29 They call Serena Ash's "wife"

Yes, it is entirely possible that Serena had a crush on Ash. but Serena is not Ash's WIFE!

It was the same with jimmy (the CotD with the pikachu). Jimmy just blushed at Serena & In a review of that episode amourshippers where like "nope jimmy Serena belongs to ash hands off! " NO HE doesn't! Ash hasn't even shown the slightest interest in Serena! What, scared jimmy had more chemistry with Serena than Serena ever did with ash, so u have to feel threatened by a CotD, amourshippers?

It's also the same the other way around too! If a girl shows any interest in ash, then they r instantly hated by amourshippers. I don't even like shaunna that much, but the one amourshipping fan fic I heard about involving her makes me want to punch the writer & all those who liked it!

Haha, Ash's wife. Ash and Serena are still like, 13 ampnd 14 years old, only an exxagerating person would say that they are both couples. and as an amourshipper, I don't actually say that it isnwife - AmourShipperElijah

30 They keep giving other amourshippers false hope about Serena going to Alola when it's confirmed she isn't

There was an image where Serena was making a "video call" to Ash from Hoenn, as it turns out, the image was fake! LOL!

HA! I can bet you AmourShippers and those amourshipping youtubers two cents that she isn't going to reappear, I'm not sorry to say it, but if Iris can't reappear in XY anime then so can't Serena in the SM anime. But overall, just stop, it won't even happen, those youtubers are just giving you guys false hope and fooling you for the views. - KonekoAngel

I would fall for it, and I'm not an Amourshipper. I would get completely pissed off for that. Good thing she didn't end up appearing on the episode, otherwise, we'd get pissed. But as TwilightKitsune once said before, "Nobody likes repetitivity".

31 They think that Lillie's redesign in the games is a hint that Serena is coming back to the show

That does NOT make any sense, really!

What the heck

32 They think that the movies are not "canon" when the anime "IS"

LOL, that's bull crap.

I don't get this. - HeavyDonkeyKong

An Amourshipper said to me on an image on my Instagram that he/she would "agree" with me if the movies were "canon"

Who said that the film needs to be "canon"? The XY series doesn't need to be either.

33 They think Serena being pretty is a valid argument of why Serena shouldn't be hated

Nope, not at all. Just because she looks like a "nice flower", doesn't mean that it's pretty and should get picked. By that, I mean that even if she's pretty, there should be a better reason for why to like her, instead of saying, "I like you".

I've seen one of her fans think her backstory is sad the dumbass

From the words of Fanny from Battle for BFDI 1 (Getting Teardrop to Talk), “Because self-improvement only occurs when we acknowledge that our behaviors are far from perfect, and, dare I say, worthy of hate”. The Amourscreamers are surely not accepting that Serena doesn’t want to go to Alola. And they are very surely not accepting hate. - SoaPuffball

34 They keep saying "I don't ship this" every time they find a drawing of Ash with Lillie

It's SO RUDE. Like, people aren't going to have the same ship as you. I'm not even a shipper of any Pokemon ship and I find it stupid that Amourshippers keep saying "I don't ship this" on other artworks of different ships. Like shut up, the artist obviously doesn't care. Leave them alone.

It's rude.If you don't like it leave it alone and not hating on it - Matthiasiamfan

Oh sure, then there's a part where they say that "Ash 'BELONGS' to Serena". UGH!

35 They are perfectly fine with ganging up on a kid that is under 10 years old and tell him to go kill himself for reacting negatively to amourshipping

I've officially lost all faith in humanity at this point if they're doing this

If you are wondering who the kid is, he's Legit Lenny on youtube. He negatively reacts to amourshipping by reacting and commentating on amourshipping content. - Rue

We believe in NOTHING now. Ridiculous and horrible!

Dude Legit Lenny is my friend - CrossFIRE121

36 They try to defend her with irrelevant claims.

I think both sides are that way and people are just too repetitive in my opinion...

I watched a video and the comments were toxic

37 They say "you are not true fan if you don't like Serena"

Thanks I like Dawn and I hate Serena
If Ash marries a girly girl it would be Dawn and not Serena!

You are not true fan if you don't like Dawn LOL

38 They are making it seem like Ash and Serena have a relationship when they do not

It amazes me when I see people say Ash and Serena "have such a strong relationship" or even worse, "Serena has a stronger relationship with Ash than any of his other female friends". I'm like, you've got to be kidding me! That is absolute BS and couldn't be further from the truth.

I think it's best they don't make it a relationship, because can you really imagine Ash Ketchum, a character who was one of my childhood heroes who wanted to be the very best and become a Pokémon Master, GETTING ALL LOVEY-DOVEY WITH SERENA?! Those Amourshippers are worse than the Fairy Tail fan base! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

39 They hoped the ending of the XYZ anime would have Ash win the league and settle down with Serena and bring forth a new main character in the next season

I used to think that way. I was an idiot back then.

I actually told this to Eventer51314, this is what I had to say:
"Believe it or not, I only thought the XYZ was the only end to the Pokémon anime however I did not support Amourshipping for that."

That was TOTALLY obvious

40 They think that people hate Serena because she's not a part of their ship
41 Serena kissing Ash was supposed to give Amourshippers closure but they only got more hostile

What do you think, Amourshippers?! Like we all suck our thumbs or what?! Like Ash and Serena are "good friends", they only "missed a kiss" on the "mouth"!

Seriously, can you just be glad you got your kiss? Why do you have to bully people who aren't amourshippers and/or like the new Pokemon anime/characters? Serena was never going to Alola, screw off.


42 They think a child having a crush on someone automatically means they will be in a relationship with the person
43 Most of them are teenagers in their late teen years and adults who are desperate of wanting a ship between 10 year olds to be canon

*Scoffs* As if... I'm 16 years old and I know judgment (of media) when I see and think of it. I don't want any 10 year old friends (boy and girl, just like the situation we are all talking here.) date or be together, seriously, it's disgusting and it's just plain nasty.

They're only 10! Which is too young! - MLPFan

Can they at least ship something else instead of Ash and Serena like Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online? Those people need to learn that this show is supposed to be Pokémon, not Fairy Tail! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I know right? There are so many other shows they could watch to satisfy their desire for shippings. And those shows actually have characters that are shippable and of an appropriate age. Ugh.

Hey AmourShippers/DisgustShippers! Instead of Ash and Serena who are just one-sided and not canonical to the series, (Just face it, Amourshippers, it will NEVER be canon.) why not watch canonical pairings such as of what ModernSpongebobSucks said, Kirito and Asuna of Sword Art Online and my own personal canonical hetero favorite pairings: Shinra and Celty of Durara ra! a nd Adell and Rozalin of Disgaea 2. At least these pairings had way more chemistry and development with each other than your non-canonical, one-sided, ship. - KonekoAngel

44 They insist that Ash, a 10 year old, desperately needs a girlfriend

Ash is fine the way he is. He doesn't need a romantic partner. Friends is better for Ash.

More like Ash, a 10 year old that will NEVER AGE

Sure, at that age, he definitely needs a girlfriend. Absolutely. Uff, the stupidity these Amourshippers have.

Yeah and they act like him 'turning down' or 'friend-zoning' all his past female companions is a problem. Like that's even a thing for a 10 year old. I saw a comment once that described his group of female friends as a 'harem'. I seriously wanted to punch the screen...or something.

45 They get overly defensive when you show that you don't like amourshipping in any way shape or form

Their prime directives for Amourshipping (Robocop reference, sorry.)
Directive 1: Serve the fan shipping service - "The relationship with Ash and Serena is 'canon', so let's keep it that way because we support it."
Directive 2: Protect the shipping - "Any A-Hole who hates it or complains about it will be bashed! Let's face it, guys, they are Pokéshippers!"
Directive 3 (Same as Dir. 2? ): Threaten - "They deserve to die if they go against it! We will send them death threats! THERE'S NO WAY THAT THEY'LL TALK $#@+ ABOUT IT!"

As if they were robots...

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