Top 10 Reasons Why the Fans of Serena from Pokemon are Horrible

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21 They believe that Serena should stay in the show because of Amourshipping

Oh my god. NO. Just NO. That is the most bull and lamest excuse for the worse female companion ever to stay because of that atrocious shipping and worst that I've ever heard. NO! - KonekoAngel

Take Amourshipping away, and how much do you like Serena? - yungstirjoey666

Of course, I bet without Amourshipping, Serena will get the same treatment as Iris. - KonekoAngel

22 They think Serena kissing Ash at the end of XY makes Amour canon.

It doesn't. Serena was the one who did the kiss. When we saw ash's face after the kiss, he looked confused borderline annoyed. He didn't even blush. When focus was on his feet, it looked like he move one of his foot indicating uncomfortableness of it. Amourshipping = still one-sided =/= canon

Thank you! Someone else who paid attention to Ash's body language! - eventer51314

No, it does not. It doesn't make it any more canon than KissShipping or MareShipping/AltoShipping. Look your crap up, Amourshi**ers. - eventer51314

Ash didn't look annoyed. he looked shocked, but then he and the others smiled and said goodbye to her. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Amourshipping is "canon"

*Gives amourshipper the (fan art) image of them "kissing"*
Here's the evidence...

*Waits for 2 seconds*

Sike! IT WAS NEVER CANON! - ClassicGaminer

23 They cannot accept that Serena is not Ash's companion anymore

Dear God, how can they even insult the other characters, and they even make their favorite (used-to-be) characters look obsolete by claiming that they are no longer their favorite and Serena is. Serena's crusty ass will no longer be with Ash (no "pun" intended), she is gone just like the others. Game over, Serena's crusty ass is gone, Amourshipping is over, and XYZ is over. Get a life! - ClassicGaminer

24 They think that the movies are not "canon" when the anime "IS"

If movies aren't canon, then neither is that scene from the Japanese ending when Ash covers Serena with a blanket. - yungstirjoey666

An Amourshipper said to me on an image on my Instagram that he/she would "agree" with me if the movies were "canon" - ClassicGaminer

I don't get this. A lot of the movies contradic tthe anime's timeline. Like in Darkrai, they were going to alamos town for a contest, when they were supposed to be going to Hearthome City for Gyms and Contests. - HeavyDonkeyKong

But then that means that they wouldn't be heading to Alamos town in the first place. Dawn was already competing in heart home. It was already revealed that that was the next contest. Therefore having one before that makes no sense whatsoever. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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25 They keep giving other amourshippers false hope about Serena going to Alola when it's confirmed she isn't

There was an image where Serena was making a "video call" to Ash from Hoenn, as it turns out, the image was fake! LOL! - ClassicGaminer

HA! I can bet you AmourShippers and those amourshipping youtubers two cents that she isn't going to reappear, I'm not sorry to say it, but if Iris can't reappear in XY anime then so can't Serena in the SM anime. But overall, just stop, it won't even happen, those youtubers are just giving you guys false hope and fooling you for the views. - KonekoAngel

26 They think that Lillie's redesign in the games is a hint that Serena is coming back to the show V 1 Comment
27 They don't shut up about Serena going to Alola

It doesn't make sense. Other female trainers have traveled with ash to other regions but no femae companion has ever stuck around with him when a particular series ended. what makes people think serena will be the first? She was good, and now she's gone. Amourshippers should just deal with it. I knew from the very begginning that she wasn't going to be going to Alola. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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28 They are making it seem like Ash and Serena have a relationship when they do not

It amazes me when I see people say Ash and Serena "have such a strong relationship" or even worse, "Serena has a stronger relationship with Ash than any of his other female friends". I'm like, you've got to be kidding me! That is absolute BS and couldn't be further from the truth. - eventer51314

I think it's best they don't make it a relationship, because can you really imagine Ash Ketchum, a character who was one of my childhood heroes who wanted to be the very best and become a Pokémon Master, GETTING ALL LOVEY-DOVEY WITH SERENA?! Those Amourshippers are worse than the Fairy Tail fan base! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

29 They can't admit that Serena was never Ash's childhood friend

Yeah, I just realized that too! Seriously, all Ash did was just help her one time when they were young and that's it! It's not like they knew each other for a long time! At least with Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online, it took them a decent amount of time to get close with one another before they got together as a couple! Seriously, are those Pokemon writers on drugs or something? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

They say "oh wow they knew each other when they were 8(? ), that's two years from Misty, 3/4 from May, probably 5 from Dawn, so on. If they were childhood friends, wouldn't Ash at least remember her?

Until 12, boys are still kids, Misty and May (even Dawn may be) Ash childhood friends.

Ash is most likely grown by now (BW mentioning him being 10 years old was dub-only), but still, no interest in any girls but Giselle.

30 They actually think Serena kissed Ash on the lips and state it like it's a fact.

Nope. The animators animated that scene ambiguous for the sole purpose of more ship bait. It was implied she kissed him but since the animators didn't show their faces, it will never be concrete whether she kissed him on the lips or on the cheek. Screw you, trolling animators. - eventer51314

Well, it is likely she kissed him on the lips, but that doesn't make Amour any more canon. It's still one-sided. - yungstirjoey666

Does it really matter? It's STILL a one sided kiss if it was on the lips or not.

They also think that Ash liked it by smiling after that hoe left the Airport and went home. An Amourshipper on Instagram called "Amourshipping_101" gave me a private message saying that Ash smiled after that bitch went home. And I'll tell you this, the image that I made claiming that he did NOT, which you can see on my profile on Instagram (ClassicGaminer2016), I rarely got "attacked", GOOD. I only got "attacked" by only one damn Amourshipper, that is stupid. Wanna know what else that same Amourshipper said? He/She said, "I would agree with you if the movies were 'canon'" are you serious?! - ClassicGaminer

Maybe you should upload a picture of his reaction to Melody kissing him, lol. - eventer51314

31 Serena kissing Ash was supposed to give Amourshippers closure but they only got more hostile

What do you think, Amourshippers?! Like we all suck our thumbs or what?! Like Ash and Serena are "good friends", they only "missed a kiss" on the "mouth"! - ClassicGaminer

Seriously, can you just be glad you got your kiss? Why do you have to bully people who aren't amourshippers and/or like the new Pokemon anime/characters? Serena was never going to Alola, screw off.

Exactly. - eventer51314

32 Amourshippers are basically pokeshippers 2.0 when it comes to being a rabid fan base and having bad attitudes towards people who do not like their ship

Yes! I so agree with this. But Amourshippers seem worse because Serena and Ash's relationship is almost nonexistent. Unlike Misty and him. - eventer51314

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33 They make Serena look even more stupid by drawing her in the Pokemon Sun and Moon heroine's outfit

I'm happy she'll not be in the next season... Serena is not interesting at all. - diana123

34 They think a child having a crush on someone automatically means they will be in a relationship with the person

Seriously how many childhood crushes you had actually became a thing? be honest with me - Ruee

35 They get overly defensive when you show that you don't like amourshipping in any way shape or form V 1 Comment
36 They are massive hypocrites who want to say that Mallow is only liked for her'sex appeal', when it's actually Serena who was only liked for that reason.

And that's after only 6 episodes of the new anime. That is so asinine! Serena is the one who is only liked because of her shipping and fan service garbage scenes! You can bet the people who say this crap about Mallow are the same perverts who jack off to Amourshipping. Oh, and can we just talk about the fact that these are 10 year olds they're describing? Ugh! - eventer51314

Oh, Mallow is there for 'sex appeal' hmm, then explain of what are those revealing outfits Serena wore in the XY&Z series then? And besides Mallow's outfit isn't even revealing to the slightest. - KonekoAngel

37 They think Serena being pretty is a valid argument of why Serena shouldn't be hated

Have you noticed, that a lot of Serena fans defend her and often the only reason listed is that...she's pretty? Like come on you can try harder than that even if people wouldn't agree with it. Seriously.. - marshadow

38 They think that people hate Serena because she's not a part of their ship

Contrary of belief, it's actually Amourshippers who hate newer characters because of Amourshipping (Lillie and Mallow). Probably the only shippers that have done this at a large extent were Pokeshippers... which started to mellow out and not be as rabid anymore. But I guess Amourshippers just NEEDED to take their place for some reason. - marshadow

39 They keep saying "I don't ship this" every time they find a drawing of Ash with Lillie

It's SO RUDE. Like, people aren't going to have the same ship as you. I'm not even a shipper of any Pokemon ship and I find it stupid that Amourshippers keep saying "I don't ship this" on other artworks of different ships. Like shut up, the artist obviously doesn't care. Leave them alone.

Oh sure, then there's a part where they say that "Ash 'BELONGS' to Serena". UGH! - ClassicGaminer

40 Most of them are teenagers in their late teen years and adults who are desperate of wanting a ship between 10 year olds to be canon

*Scoffs* As if... I'm 16 years old and I know judgment (of media) when I see and think of it. I don't want any 10 year old friends (boy and girl, just like the situation we are all talking here.) date or be together, seriously, it's disgusting and it's just plain nasty. - ClassicGaminer

Can they at least ship something else instead of Ash and Serena like Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online? Those people need to learn that this show is supposed to be Pokémon, not Fairy Tail! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I know right? There are so many other shows they could watch to satisfy their desire for shippings. And those shows actually have characters that are shippable and of an appropriate age. Ugh. - eventer51314

Hey AmourShippers/DisgustShippers! Instead of Ash and Serena who are just one-sided and not canonical to the series, (Just face it, Amourshippers, it will NEVER be canon.) why not watch canonical pairings such as of what ModernSpongebobSucks said, Kirito and Asuna of Sword Art Online and my own personal canonical hetero favorite pairings: Shinra and Celty of Durara ra! a nd Adell and Rozalin of Disgaea 2. At least these pairings had way more chemistry and development with each other than your non-canonical, one-sided, ship. - KonekoAngel

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