Top 10 Reasons Why the Fans of Serena from Pokemon are Horrible

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41 They get overly defensive when you show that you don't like amourshipping in any way shape or form

Their prime directives for Amourshipping (Robocop reference, sorry.)
Directive 1: Serve the fan shipping service - "The relationship with Ash and Serena is 'canon', so let's keep it that way because we support it."
Directive 2: Protect the shipping - "Any A-Hole who hates it or complains about it will be bashed! Let's face it, guys, they are Pok├ęshippers!"
Directive 3 (Same as Dir. 2? ): Threaten - "They deserve to die if they go against it! We will send them death threats! THERE'S NO WAY THAT THEY'LL TALK $#@+ ABOUT IT!"

As if they were robots... - ClassicGaminer

42 They think that people hate Serena because she's not a part of their ship

Contrary of belief, it's actually Amourshippers who hate newer characters because of Amourshipping (Lillie and Mallow). Probably the only shippers that have done this at a large extent were Pokeshippers... which started to mellow out and not be as rabid anymore. But I guess Amourshippers just NEEDED to take their place for some reason. - marshadow

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1. They will chew up and harass anyone who says negative things about Serena
2. They draw gross fan art with Ash and Serena making out
3. They send death threats to people who criticize Serena or Amourshipping
1. Amourshippers are basically pokeshippers 2.0 when it comes to being a rabid fan base and having bad attitudes towards people who do not like their ship
2. They cannot accept that Serena is not Ash's companion anymore
3. They don't shut up about Serena going to Alola
1. They think that Serena cutting her hair is character development
2. They are desperate to have Serena travel to Alola solely because of Amourshipping to the point they made a petition
3. They are perverted



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