Top 10 Reasons Why Fantage Sucks

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1 Premium members get all the good stuff

I agree that! And non-members got all the old-fashioned items and needed to play for a long time to get them and you can never get some items if your non-members

You have to pay for premium membership but you can get it for free with a special hack

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2 Whun/Bae tryouts

So many obnoxious girls yelling, " Bae tryouts at my placcee! " - Popsicles

3 98% of the stuff is for premium members

Its true, don't PLAY IT!

4 The premium members can act like jerks
5 It's boring

So true I couldn't stand there for an hour!

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6 Crappy items on the lucky bot machine

If anythings even good on it, you have a 99% chance of getting it. \_(:/)_/ e coins?

7 You can't sell ecoin items if your not premium
8 Od'ers

When there is too many od'ers, Roblox loses more od'ers than this game but doesn't defend them

You're right. It has more ODs than Animal Jam and Club Penguin combined. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

9 The site is full of creeps and pedophiles
10 The minigames rip off mini games on other virtual worlds

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11 Girls dating boys
12 People screaming, "(insert something here) AT MY PLCCCCCC!"
13 The background music in Uptown and Downtown can be annoying
14 It takes too long to load

I only played it for a day but I don't anymore because it won't load. - Popsicles

I know right the same thing happened to me!

15 Stupid and pointless updates V 1 Comment
16 Fantage cares about money and not their fans

Yup they care about only the money.

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17 Non members only get access to 0.001% of the things

I only found 1 furniture for non members, leaves

18 It's rigged

When membership day you spend in game money but loses everything without money back

19 Most of the clothes are bad-looking V 1 Comment
20 It's sexist and transphobic because of boys club and girl's club
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