Top 10 Reasons Why the Fast and the Furious Franchise Needs to End

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There are too many movies
The series is no longer about racing

This is a big truth that needs to be heard. Even though the title is the same, the box still has a car, and the same damn cast is doing the movies, the fact that it never stayed true to the whole purpose of the first movie: Drive. Now we have these cliches that can be predicted after watching the first trailer. I enjoyed the movies up until Tokyo Drift, but now, this series needs to end.

No Paul Walker

This should be 1.Fast and Furious 8 is annoying without him.

Too many characters
The franchise was already resurrected once
Overplayed car stunts
It gets repetitive after a while
The actors can't act
They keep saying "one last ride" and then release another movie
The story is mediocre

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The idea of racing movies isn't exciting anymore
They're running out of ideas
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