Top Ten Reasons Why Father Christmas Could Only Be a Man


The Top Ten

1 He's obsessed with stockings

Um who is Father Christmas? Or do you mean Santa? - toy

2 He never replies to your letters

Hm... I wonder why you placed this almost at the top... hahaa - keyson

3 The chances of getting what you ask for is nil
4 He has a beer belly

This list reminds me of the Goodness Gracious Me sketch, claiming that Santa was Indian. Think about it. Huge beard, fat belly, terrible suit; INDIAN! And so on. - PositronWildhawk

Definitely a sign that he's male. - Britgirl

5 Will only commit once a year

Oh, yes. A quick flash and then off again! - Britgirl

6 He never stops to ask for directions
7 Too lazy to shave

... But none of them have a Father Christmas beard! - beatles

I know plenty of women who don't shave... - beatles

. ,And I know plenty of women who do... - Britgirl

8 He always wears the same clothes
9 He has a bad dress sense

Seriously. A RED SUIT with FUR?! And kinky black boots. Hmm. ,SEXY! - Britgirl

10 He arrives, eats and then leaves without washing up

This is so typically male behaviour. And you gentlemen know it. Tsk! - Britgirl

I'm a guy, but I like to be Clean, and doing that, is, eww gross. - moonwolf

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