Top Ten Reasons Why Father Christmas Could Only Be a Man


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1 He's obsessed with stockings

Father Christmas is the original name for Santa Claus. He was originally for adult entertainment it was a man who was not fat (So shut up about the PC he was originally a slim man before Victorian England), dressed in green then Americans made Santa Claus then in Victorian England Santa Claus came along but probably still with the name Father Christmas and then later on people used either Father Christmas or Santa Claus. I'd always been told to use Father Christmas but whatever I use both.

Um who is Father Christmas? Or do you mean Santa? - toy

2 He never replies to your letters

Hm... I wonder why you placed this almost at the top... hahaa - keyson

3 The chances of getting what you ask for is nil
4 He has a beer belly

This list reminds me of the Goodness Gracious Me sketch, claiming that Santa was Indian. Think about it. Huge beard, fat belly, terrible suit; INDIAN! And so on. - PositronWildhawk

Definitely a sign that he's male. - Britgirl

5 Will only commit once a year

Oh, yes. A quick flash and then off again! - Britgirl

6 He never stops to ask for directions
7 Too lazy to shave

... But none of them have a Father Christmas beard! - beatles

I know plenty of women who don't shave... - beatles

. ,And I know plenty of women who do... - Britgirl

8 He always wears the same clothes
9 He has a bad dress sense

Seriously. A RED SUIT with FUR?! And kinky black boots. Hmm. ,SEXY! - Britgirl

10 He arrives, eats and then leaves without washing up

This is so typically male behaviour. And you gentlemen know it. Tsk! - Britgirl

I'm a guy, but I like to be Clean, and doing that, is, eww gross. - moonwolf

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11 Father Christmas is based on Saint Nicholas who was a real person
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