Reasons Why Father Christmas Would Make A Great TopTenner

I want him on board! Or have I finally lost the plot?

The Top Ten

1 His Lists

He doesn’t exist, so neither would the lists - sadical

He makes lists and checks them twice you know! - Britgirl

2 He's British

Come on. Every one knows the REAL Santa is a Brit. He's too fat and jolly NOT to be haha! - Britgirl

3 He has a huge following

The most popular TopTenner methinks - Britgirl

4 He's Jolly

Ho ho ho! - Misfire

Who wants haters for the TopTens... ? - Britgirl

5 He won't hog it.

He'll make one great list a year that's guaranteed to have plenty of votes and comments. Come on, don't tell me you wouldn't have a quick lookie-lookie at his list? - Britgirl

6 You can tell him what you and loved ones want for Christmas via message

This could be very helpfull for parents - Ajkloth

7 He's elderly

I wonder what lists an elderly person would make - Ajkloth

It's about time we had some older TopTenners - Britgirl

8 He knows who's naughty and nice

He'll only comment on the nice lists. - Britgirl

9 Just because he's Father Christmas

Great reason and is the best one everybody who didn't chose it is crap

This is number ten?!?! Come on, people! - PositronWildhawk

And that's one bloody good reason! - Britgirl

Well that's a good reason! - LMFAO

10 Never boring

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11 He would put Christmas stuff on his lists
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