Why net neutrality laws are important! Stop the FCC from voting to repeal the NN laws!

I bet at least 90% of you don't know or barely know what net neutrality laws even are. Basically, they are what keep the Internet a free and open place and makes sure all internet data is treated equally, no matter how big it is or its source. Now, thanks to a man named Ajit Pai, (who I believe is the head of the FCC) the fate of the Internet in the US is at stake. A more detailed explanation about what repealing net neutrality laws will do for the internet is below:

"Net Neutrality (NN) makes it illegal for ISPs to "throttle" your internet content. Throttling allows them to choose how fast, and even if, you can have functional access to certain websites. This paves the way for having different plans for different speeds you can visit websites. Currently you can use the internet at full speed for all websites. With Net Neutrality repealed not only would you pay for the internet service but you would pay for one of their plans to allow faster internet.
In 2016, the public and United States Appeals Court disapproved of an effort to repeal NN. We are aware that repealing NN will only benefit the monopolized internet service providers. The public overwhelming has its best interests in NN as it protects the consumer, and thus we stand to keep NN in effect."
This basically means that NN laws don't allow these ISPs to make changes to what you can access on the internet or how you can access it. The source of this comes from below, which is a WHITE HOUSE PETITION to let the White House know we do not want to repeal net neutrality laws.

Still not convinced this is a big issue? Let me give you an example of what could possibly happen if NN laws are repealed. So if you are reading this post, you are on TheTopTens.com for sure. Now imagine that you or your parents had to pay extra money just to be able to run sites like this faster (known as a "fast lane" which is currently illegal). Or imagine having to pay up JUST TO USE THIS SITE! And this applies to all American internet sites! That would be hell to pay for your regular internet usage ON TOP OF paying for better or even any access to websites. How could this not be bad!

There are still more ways to help, like contacting your senate, texting "resist" to 50409 to learn how to write a letter to representatives. Or you can go on websites like Reddit to look for more ways to stop this madness like i have. https://www.reddit.com/r/netneutrality (Or just go on r/all). Or check out https://www.battleforthenet.com/
It's nice to see that people are starting to wake up to this absolutely serious issue, even big Youtubers probably have reached out recently on this issue. Getting your reps to vote against the idea of repealing net neutrality laws is our best bet to save the internet (hey that rhymed!). It's all on you guys! Thanks for reading and I hope everyone here realizes this is a bad issue. If you have a question I will answer it the best I can (not the most knowledgeable on politics like this, just trying to get word out).


F-Bomb all those FCC nutjobs. Thinking they can charge the public for every last pinch of a penny just to start an ISP monopoly reminiscent of the corrupt business structures from the Industrial Revolution. I really hope the net neutrality laws don't get repealed. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

-what is honestly compelling these FCC people to remove net neutrality? - Nonpointed

They get a sh! t load of more money, and so do the large ISPs. It is pure greed. - Phillip873

-it's amazing that Trump made this guy head of FCC. if net neutrality gets removed, he probably wouldn't be able to use Twitter as well as he originally does.

-so overall, there's no real motive for the public, just for the bigwigs in the government. and they are seriously aware of how much damage this will do. not just in America either, elsewhere in the world too. Let's hope the repeal fails. - Nonpointed

I know right, I really want to support Trump, because I feel the United States should be "united" instead of seperated over beliefs in politics, but it's really not helping me support him when he hires people like this to make these money grabbing decisions! - Phillip873

Even if it does end, you do realize we got net neutrality in 2015 and was internet any different in 2014? - Skullkid755

Net Neutrality has been around much longer than 2015. I was born in 1991 and Net Neutrality was around even before my time. - RoseRedFlower

I will die fighting to make sure Ajit Pai never gets his way - TwilightKitsune

Me too. - visitor

What a shame that the representatives sold out for this vote. Our best hope now that that vote is over is to hope congress overturns Ajit Pai's BS. Also that PSA on YouTube by him disgusts me, he is clearly mocking us with his fake smile. - Phillip873

€śGot that bulk deal on fidget spinners” - visitor

"You can still gram your food! " - Phillip873

F*ck every person who voted to repeal net neutrality. - visitor

-there were literally only three people who voted it, out of five. it makes no sense that THREE PEOPLE made the deciding vote and that the other two along with MILLIONS OF AMERICANS couldn't vote to keep NN in. - Nonpointed

I know that, but still. F*ck those three guys. I hope they go to the bathroom and the toilet explodes while they’re sitting on it. - visitor

I hope those 3 stooges rot in hell for eternity - visitor

Greedy dogs! - Neonco31

Let's tie
Ajit Pai
To the stake
And burn him

When he cries
He'll realize
Not to be
Such a vermin - TwilightKitsune

The opinions of some rich old Indian guy matters more then so many American citizens on this... can't they get their money from the billion dollars they take per middle class person - visitor