Angry Outlaw #32 The Freakin FCC

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Ladies and gentleman I have something hear that is not fake news, it is in fact what some of you have got on your phones, or even computers recently, in terms of confusion and I feel you because the one thing that maintain balances in the world of the internet we are at is Net Neutrality laws. We might as well treat this as the apocalypse considering that many people need to know the evil that is the FCC.

Why am I talking about censorship exactly well the head himself Pai wants the world to be more safe on the internet, however the way he puts it is he wants everyone to have slower internet connections depending on what site you choose to go on. Meaning that the connection you have now could go away the next month. This great fast speed click click could go back in reverse, and even worse slow annoying. You might as well resort to your game console now if these ''asinines'' get their way. I mean seriously we live in the world 2017, and we have greatly evolved into freedom, and now that is getting taken away from us. Sure you'll have popular sites that may seem okay, but its still damaged goods if sites like this have funny connections running through as you have a pissed off look like what's going on here? Realizing that you have not kept up on your politics. Okay let's get the bigger picture if you go on places like YouTube, or Facebook you'll think okay that's normal, but go on sites like Deviantart, or of course here you will see the effects happening because you did not participate in this very crucial petition for the sake of america. ''They may just be neurotic or possibly psychotic They're the fellas at the freakin' FCC!''

Just hearing this day after day really makes me want to go to D.C, and join the protesters, and not for our President who I despise enough, but because the law was proposed and given a vote on the 14th of December like what the hell man. To top if all off you know what law this effects not just the speed of your internet being monitored, but you freedom of speech will be literally more watched than before. For most people they feel more safe with what they wanna say on the internet, even if that means there jobs or lost, but hell not every one is a screw up heck we have our very own president himself tweeting a lot of dumb remarks, and yet his the one who is not affected by any of it no, but the rest of us are over here in america. Please for the love of god please read what you can spread the word to know let these ''asinines'' win that is a defeat for the majority of us who are Americans. Do yourself a favor, and write to the best a long letter why not to kill the net Neutrality with the best of your knowledge. This is all for the profit of dirty business, and I sure do not like it for the large corporations get outta here with those delusional prosperity talks. I feel like the FCC is the closest thing to what a Scientologists would say just for you to give a ton of money like the idiot you would be to join the cult. I'm the outlaw, and I sure hope you get the message help us in the fight against these mongoloids put em back in their place they should not be relevant anymore.


Plan on signing it. What's the purpose of ending it? - Skullkid755

I thought the US was supposed to be the "Land of The Free"! Trump is making America terrible again! - PerfectImpulseX

Enough people signed it. If they do it when over twice the required signatures are given, then that is wrong. I though the laws were supposed to be made for the people... - visitor

As if Trump couldn't make things worse... and then HE DOES THIS. - visitor

It's a bad sign when a Family Guy jingle from over a decade ago is even more relevant today.

Aljit Pai is a reckless tyrant who needs to be stopped at ALL COSTS.

And yeah, I'm afraid peacefully telling him no is not gonna cut it. He has called all the votes by the people irrelevant and he insults whoever brings him actual evidence. - PandaDude98

-these people clearly do not see things on the long-term. A lot of lives were comfortable before this happened. Ending something people were comfortable with is only gonna make them considerably more hateful. A lot of people hate America, for many reasons involving the federal government itself. Do these officials really want to have more people against them? - Nonpointed

Ending net neutrality benefits the rich. The whole ordeal in six words.

To be fair, Comcast wasn't a problem until just before the Title II law was established. - PandaDude98

This is going to happen around the world or this is going to happen only in America? - RoseCandyMusic

If this is only going to happen in America I feel sorry for americans - RoseCandyMusic

We here at Nintendo support an open and free internet! Buy our games. - ShigeruMiyamoto

Free internet? Nope. You forced us to pay to play online games! - B1ueNew

Thank god, it's getting hate and protests! - TwilightKitsune