Reasons Why Fidget Spinners are Better Than Sword Art Online

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1 Sword Art Online is an Anime, Fidget Spinners Aren't

Don't like fidget spinners, but this is an valid reason. - Therandom

2 Fidget Spinners Can't Make You a Weeb

What if it's a Japanese spinner? - EliHbk

3 Sword Art Online Has a Horrible Plot
4 Fidget Spinners Spin Unlike Sword Art Online

What the heck does that have to do with anything?!

No just no

5 Fidget Spinners are for Cool People, Sword Art Online Isn't

That doesn't mean anything - BoyGenius234

Why has this got to do why they are better? - micahisthebest

preach! - erw115

6 Fidget Spinners Actually Exist
7 You Can Learn Many Cool Tricks with Fidget Spinners, on Sword Art Online You Just Watch and Do Nothing
8 Fidget Spinners are Funnier Than Sword Art Online
9 If You Get Angered Easily, Fidget Spinners Can Make You Calm Down. Sword Art Online on the Other Hand, Can Get You Angrier
10 Fidget Spinners are Good, SAO is Full of Mary Sues, OP Characters, and Repetitive Plot

The Contenders

11 Fidget Spinners are Cute, Sword Art Online is Disgusting

I don't even watch SAO but even I know this is dumb. You're comparing 2 things that aren't alike with bad reasons.

Cute?! Seriously?! This list makes no sense! - StayAlive

12 Fidget Spinners Are For Everyone While Sword Art Online is Just For Adults
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