Top 10 Reasons Why the Fight Between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao Was Total Garbage

That fight was a total garbage and people pay to see it, morons
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1 Floyd Mayweather is a Chicken

I think his long arm and his strategy are what keeps him undefeated. He has a horrible style of fighting, not at all something worthy of being watched if he was a rookie, but I can give him he has intelligence on how to win a match. Then, the judges, when there is doubt, they go for Mayweather, they are not brave. I think this fight should have, objectively, ended in draw. Like the one with el chino Maidana.

Manny Pacquiao never hugged his opponents during a fight, Floyd Mayweather did just to make the judges think he's smart enough to win.

Hey, it's a boxing technique. He won, so him being a "chicken" is a load of rubbish.

I've seen pictures of this topic...

2 Pacquiao Was Injured

If he wasn't, then he would have won. The fight actually looked like Pacquiao winning even with his right arm shoulder injury.

3 The Fight Was Too Expensive

Not sure whether your other reasons are good but this is the most important that is just ridiculous how much people had to pay to watch it.

My mom decided she wasn't paying $90 for the fight, so we didn't watch it.

4 Floyd Mayweather is Not a Decent Boxer

"Marvelous" Marvin Hagler, Thomas "Hitman" Hearns, or Sugar Ray Leonard would all knock Mayweather out within 4 or 5 rounds. Pacquiao is tougher, and might manage 8 or 9 rounds at the most against any of those three before going down.

Nah, he is just an undefeated world champion because be can't fight.

5 Now They are Old
6 Pacquiao is No Longer a Dominant Boxer

He still is! Remember that he still holds the record of being and eight-division world boxing champion!

7 Floyd Mayweather Cheated

How did he? He wrote the answers on his hand?

What do you mean by "cheating"?

8 Manny Pacquiao is Overrated

Haha, if he had a fight with you, I don't think you would be saying that...

I am a Filipino and I find this offensive.

9 Judges Always Want Mayweather to Win

Pacquiao threw some badass punches, even though a lot of them missed. Still, the judges really were in favor of Mayweather.

The judges just don't want to see a Filipino win against Mayweather and break his undefeated record.

Yeah! That Mother Suckers are so stupid

10 The Fight Was a Fraud
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11 Mayweather and Pacquiao Didn't Fight Toe-To-Toe

Pacquiao had to bring the fight himself to mayweather, while Mayweather ran 60% boxed 40% every single round. Fight wouldve been worth the $100 PPV if mayweather fought more offensively every round, while still using his superb defense

12 Hagler, Hearns, or Leonard Would Knock Mayweather Out Within 5 Rounds
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