Reasons Why Flash Games are Better than HTML5 Games

I saw a list called "Flash Games and Websites We Will Miss After Adobe Flash Dies" and this inspires me to make this list. I did play HTML5 games but they are so tedious for some reasons. But it doesn't mean they are terrible games! There are cons about it.

Because Flash is dying, I'm really complain HTML5 games so much! What's even worse is that most Flash games are unlikely to be convert to HTML5! >:(

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1 HTML5 games are so short

I have played Flash games that have a shorter game play than HTML5 games. So it doesn't really matter.

By the way, some HTML5 games are quite addicting! - SachiyoHasegawa

Flash games are longer thus making it more fun. - Lucy1402

2 No Variety

Their games are THE SAME and it's really repetitive - Lucy1402

3 HTML5 games are usually paused for a while by annoying ads

Well, I h8 ads too. - BorisRule

I hate ads so much! - Lucy1402

4 Some games are slow
5 Some games flicker in mobile devices and can be unplayable

I mean the games are meant to be for kids right? it's not good for the eyes! - Lucy1402

6 Some games wouldn't fit in smaller devices

Same with flash, though.

7 Flash games are more nostalgic

Flash games are more popular than HTML5 games. Even Flash game developers are more popular than those who develop HTML5 games. - Lucy1402

8 Too simple
9 Some games are less informative
10 Some games have bad graphics

I know I shouldn't judge a book by its cover but can they just put effort to it? - Lucy1402

The Contenders

11 Some Html5 Games Have Poor Animation

Just like its graphics but its not always the case. - Lucy1402

12 Html5 Games Ruined the Original Flash Games

HTML5 version of candy crush saga sucks (i never played it but I've heard a lot of people say that) and ruins the original! - Lucy1402

13 Flash Games are Easier to Create Than Html5 Games

I saw one comment of it in a forum and memorizing html format and javascript is a pain. Whereas flash does the programming as you like. Sadly flash will die soon. :( - Lucy1402

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