Top 10 Reasons Why Flo Rida Sucks

He is one of the worst Musicans In History so here are reasons why he sucks

The Top Ten

1 He Uses Lots of Autotune in His Songs

His songs sound like autotuned trash and they ALL SUCK because of that - christangrant

2 All of His Songs Sound the Same

This is true because of his autotuned voice and the generic ass beats he uses - christangrant

3 He Made a Song Called "Whistle" Which Was About Oral Sex and It Hit Number 1 on Billboard 100

The song was calles Whistle and it was about Oral Sex and it hit number 1 and think about this KIDS were listening to and even SINGING this song just what we needed kids singing about BlowJobs this song deserves its damn hate and so does Flo Rida - christangrant

4 His Songs are Annoying

Oh yes espically since they are played everywhere his songs are VERY Fn annoying I can't stand his songs at all - christangrant

It's also generic. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

5 He Sucks at Singing Live

You know why because he has to use AUTOTUNE and without it he can't sing right so he shouldn't even be in the Music Industry - christangrant

6 His Voice is Bad

I hate his voice in fact his voice was so bad that it ruined a Song that would have been descent called Got Me Runnin Around by Nickelback which he ruins that song and that is their worse song because of him - christangrant

Not true

7 He Only Cares About Money

All of his songs are what I call Sellout Garbage only made so he can get millions of Dollars without putting any effort in the music - christangrant

8 He Sucks at Writing Lyrics

All of his songs have terrible lyrics - christangrant

9 His Songs are Played Everywhere

I'll be honest, I haven't heard a Flo Rida song anywhere in my life. - wrests

I heard Low My House and Whistke many times out in Public and they seemed to be played everywhere even though they SUCK - christangrant

10 He's Overrated

Oh yes because his annoying SH! T they call "Music" is rated highly for what reason - christangrant

The Contenders

11 He's Ugly

yes - wrests


12 His Music Videos are Awful
13 He’s the Black Pit Bull
14 He's a Poser
15 He Ruined a Nickelback Song

Got Me Runnin Around would be a descent song if it weren't for Flo Rida - christangrant

16 He's Greedy
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1. He Uses Lots of Autotune in His Songs
2. All of His Songs Sound the Same
3. He Made a Song Called "Whistle" Which Was About Oral Sex and It Hit Number 1 on Billboard 100


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