Ten Reasons Why Fluttershy Is Awesome


The Top Ten

1 The stare

I laughed when I saw this. - sdgeek2003

2 She is friendly

She's totally sweet, why hate on her?

She said I love you in one episode.

Not at all for a few times,ok she refuse to watch the dragon migration with Rainbow Dash when Rainbow Dash had to waste her own free time just to watch the boring butterfly migration with her. -RainbowDash

3 Her hulk up in the power ponies episode
4 She is shy but can totally beat you up

Oh hell yeah! Despite how truly girly Fluttershy is she can totally be a badass. Remember Lesson Zero!

5 She loves animals

I love animalas more the everithing

6 She can sing
7 She can win in a quiet game
8 She's pretty

She is quite gem!

Look her. She's flawless!

Of course she is pretty! I mean WHO couldn't resist her beautiful teal eyes and light pink mane? (I have a thing for characters with pink hair :3) But at last I cannot love her romantically since I do not exist in her world. But I know a few who soon might (looking at you Discord! )

9 She can hold her breath
10 She loves cuddling and hugs

You can hug her and pet her forever.

The Contenders

11 She says "Yay"
12 She's adorable
13 She is basically Yandere to animals
14 She is flawless
15 She is lovely

I love her!

16 She is girly
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