Top 10 Reasons Why Foodfight! is a Terrible Movie

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1 It Looks Unfinished

This movie clearly wasn't even finished when they released it. - egnomac

Fun Fact:
Did you know the movie was bad because the original version was stolen? - ZootopiaFan

2 The Animation is Ugly

Yeah, it is.

Calling the animation in this movie ugly is putting it nicely. - egnomac

I didn't watch the movie but watched its trailer I am damn sure all those who have said that its animation is ugly are totally right.My most hated animatde movie of all time if I watced it.

3 The Characters Move Very Awkwardly

The characters have a tendency to constantly wave their arms around especially while their talking plus they never seem to stop moving when ever they're talking abd don't even get me started on Mr. Clipboard who moves like an drunken octopus. - egnomac

4 Most of the Characters are Annoying
5 No Real Effort Was Put Into It
6 Iconic Characters that Serve No Purpose to Story

Thia movie features a lot of iconic brand characters however they literally do nothing to further the plot they just stand their doing nothing they barely have any dialogue even thought on the dvd cover they take up nearly the entire front cover. - egnomac

7 The Characters are Hideous

Mr Clipboard looks I.M Meen after he took drugs and drank too much whiskey

8 Dex Always Ending with a Bad Pun

"Let's strawberry jam out of here"-Dex
Um...ok then.

Literally ever scene he's in ends with him saying a bad pun. - egnomac

"Frankly my dear, I don't give a spam..."

9 It Had a 65 Million Dollar Budget

65 million dollars were wasted on this garbage and yet animated movies with a lesser budget than this look 100 times better than Foodfight! - egnomac

10 The Plot Makes No Sense

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11 Hideous CG
12 It has toilet jokes

How about the part where an ike gets his whole head stuck into a cow's bottom.

One of the characters says I think I just wet myself it feels rather nice that’s gross eww

13 It has stupid puns

Food puns even worse

14 It was Rushed
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