Top Ten Reasons Why Footlab of Carnage is Better Than Fist of the Borf Star

The Top Ten Reasons Why Footlab of Carnage is Better Than Fist of the Borf Star

1 Footlab has better characters

Charlie is the most relatable character. I find it's almost impossible to relate to Jon. He's unrealistic and too powerful. - Mrpoopybutthole

As if. The characters in Borf Star are complex and interesting, unlike Footlab of Carnage characters. - Prion

2 Footlab has better musical score

Just listen to the introduction of Lucy and schrodinger. It's one of the best anime scores out there. - Mrpoopybutthole

It was just Shordingers pianos - Prion

3 Footlab has better fight scenes

Footlab fight scenes are short and sweet. They get right to the point. Linus rips apart pig pen in seconds and it's just as satisfying as watching garfeilf's fight with Jon. The fights in borf star are also inconsistent as some of them are animated differently. - Mrpoopybutthole

At least we actually had different animations. - Prion

4 Lucy's castle has a better design than Garfeilf and Jon's house

If you look at the interior decorating there's clearly an emotion it conveys. Garfeilf and Jon's house just seems like a normal house - Mrpoopybutthole

5 Linus could beat Jon in a fight

Linus's blanket destroyed pig pen. Why couldn't it do the same to Jon? - Mrpoopybutthole

No he couldn’t. Jon is much more powerful. Linus could not stand a chance against Garfielf, and Jog destroyed Graffles... so how could Linus beat him? - Prion

6 Schrodinger is cooler than Markeymark

Schrodinger really cares about his painos, but Markeymark only loves his family. - Mrpoopybutthole

Are you joking? If Miracleduck did not care about his family he would never of helped Odiee. Schrodinger does nothing expect play his painos. - Prion

7 Dilbo's voice is annoying

Do I even have to explain this one - Mrpoopybutthole

No it isn’t. - Prion

8 Charlie vs Lucy is better than Garfielf vs Jon

Just compare the fights. You'll see what I mean - Mrpoopybutthole

Garfielf is king of the Sunday Funnies. Lucy isn’t. Case closed. - Prion

9 Footlab of Carnage doesn't have a cancerous fan base

I still enjoy borf star but we can all agree the fan base can go overboard at times - Mrpoopybutthole

Smh as if Footlab of Carnage is any better. - Prion

10 Linus' death is sadder than Miracleduck's

This is a stupid reasons. - Prion

They both hold off the main villain so the hero can live on, but Linus' relationship with Charlie was established unlike Marklepuck's with Jon. - Mrpoopybutthole

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