Reasons Why Fortnite is One of the Best Recent Video Games

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1 It is Entertaining

It's great stop being rude its free

You have horrible taste in video games if you think Fortnite is good!

I think it is a really fun game becasue u can play with your friends or just play with random people

FORTNITE IS THE WORST VIDEO GAME. 100%. It's overrated, it's too simple, it's a rip-off of 8 other games, it's stupid, the logic sucks, and the idiots who play it act like it's the only game in the world because nobody can talk about video games anymore because "Fortnite, Fortnite, FARTNITE." ROBLOX, Minecraft, Lego Games, and Battlefield type games are the only good games anymore.

This kid said Battlefield and Minecraft and Roblox and lego games are better but didn't even mention Any nintendo games or Sony games how sad - B1ueNew

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2 It's Free

But everything else costs real money

Yeah. But everything else of it costs money!

So what? just because a game is free it doesn't it doesn't suck.

This is why I play save the world - WorldPuncher47592834

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3 It is on Ps4, PC and Xbox

Other games are like that as well

That's not really a good reason - B1ueNew

You forgot to mention switch, ios, and android. basically every game is on these three.

So is PUBG - WorldPuncher47592834

4 You Don't Have to Wait Long to Play

All the triggered trash kids only play 10 seconds before getting sniped - WorldPuncher47592834

5 What You Do in the Game is Fun

Fortnite makes you somewhat creative in playground mode giving you resources to create something cool like a house or spaceship - B1ueNew

This stupid reason will take me time to figure out what the hell you guys are saying...
Oh! I know! You are saying that this game is fun?! WOW! GO BACK TO YOUR GRAVE! - DominiusDarkKnight5

There are only 4 things in fortnite - WorldPuncher47592834

What you do in Fortnite is boring
What you do in Earthworm Jim is fun - AlexImmortal420

6 You Can Play with Your Friends

You can do that in Roblox too! And Fortnite sucks!

No complain or anything, but tons of games do have the ability to play with your friends. - MrCoolC

But What if you don't have any friends though - B1ueNew

You can do it on a diffrent device from your friend like ps4 and MAC. - NOT_Skycraft360

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7 It is Not as Violent

It's still rated Teen and said to make kids more violent (false news). - NOT_Skycraft360

This is the reason I'm comfused why it's rated Teen and known for violence.

Team Fortress 2 is better - AlexImmortal420

8 It is Challenging

Sometimes I think it's too challenging lol, but that makes the game even better. - Userguy44

Fortnites challenging? try halo 2 legendary

Everyone saying Its luck based, how is it luck based? - B1ueNew

The way bullets hits are RNG, and can be tough to eliminate people. - MrCoolC

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9 You Don't Get Sick of It as Fast

I'm already sick of it - AlexImmortal420

Oh no you don't!

10 It's Always Updating

In some ways, it's a good thing, because it makes things more fresh. In some other ways, it can be bad, because they might add new bugs. - MrCoolC

The other list of why fortnite sucks has like 40 reasons and the list that's about why fortnite is good only has 11 reasons. How?

Yeah what ever, more like updating with more bugs and glitches - DominiusDarkKnight5

Fortnite is constantly coming out with new things,like updates every week.

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11 It Has a Playground Mode

Also a creative mode now. - NOT_Skycraft360

Unlike PUBG and black ops 4 and Battlefield 5 - B1ueNew

12 Very Fun to Play

True. - Userguy44

It's boring

It’s a very fun game to play

13 You Aren't the Only One Who Plays It

I don't play it

14 Cool Cosmetics

It is either you love Fortnite or you hate it but I personally have a life, so...

Skull Trooper, Glow rider, Skull Ranger and the battle pass - B1ueNew

15 Really Colorful and Fun

Poop and pee is yummy! 111!

16 It's Unique

Before you all say "It's A PUBG RIPOFF! " Now let me ask you something, Does PUBG have Launch Pads, Traps, Shockwave grenades, and Snow pads? - B1ueNew

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