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1 It's overrated

True, I get very annoyed when other kids mention the word "Fortnite" - SpectralOwl

Just as annoying as hearing about Marvel movies and Jake Paul - B1ueNew

I tried it 6 months ago with my friends and now 4 months later everyone discovered this abomination and you can't go one class without hearing fortnite

I mean while I can't really get into the game (I'm just not a fan of online multiplayer shooters in general to be honest) I can at least see what makes this game appealing and that it is a well made game. Just say it's just not your cup of tea and move on. - cjWriter1997

My boyfriend plays it and when he does I get mad because its talked about so much they act like it's the best game ever and its not granny is better and if I am ever forced to try to play it I'm going to throw the controller across the room put paint on a wall and watch it dry that just sounds more interesting

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2 Everyone talks about it

I hear the word "Fortnite" everywhere. Literally everywhere, at school, in the shop, in my house, outside, in a bus, and even I hear it from atoms

Just because people talk about it doesn't mean it really is THAT bad. - RyanSmith123014

At school I can't sit at my desk without hearing the word, "FORTNITE" And when the teachers not looking everyone does FORTNITE dances. Everywhere I go I can't sit down without hearing the word FORTNITE.

Even kids in my school play fortnite! And I can't stand it! I hope this game gets banned from schools and the United States! It's like the world's worst game!

Fortnite is not bad enough to be claimed the world's worst game because almost everyone plays it. In fact, not close because there are still a lot of worse games out there. - Jasmine21064

What is there to even talk about with this game? It's just the same damn thing over and over again, you jump out of a plane, you land safely, you kill people, build and collect loot. That's not at all interesting to talk about. Why not talk about meeting famous people? That's more interesting

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3 It is luck based

Just either you spend a 20 minute super boring game and then win or die in 10 seconds.

Definitely, in regards to the broken, obsolete bloom mechanic, a random number generator presumably was implemented irregardless of which body part your projectile impacts. A perfect demonstration of this is the Pump-Action shotgun. Epic implies that the pump will deal significant damage if a headshot is established through a series of consecutive and precise accuracy; this is not the case from a personal perspective. I have played Fortnite for 8 months and it is the same, repetitve issue that I mostly experience during a close encounter conflict, dealing 6 damage (or 1 if you were discussing about the Tac) with a high powered weapon, pump or heavy, in the head is absolutely pathetic. Attributing such an irregular quantity of 'damage dealt to another player' which completely does not approprate in certain circumstances annoys the hell out of other people, and you would likely expect incompetent people on the other hand to deal more than 100 damage with a similar weapon to you. Again, ...more

Yes some people are AMAZING at games like this but...

Every day I hear the word FORTNITE and how kids in my school are always talking about it and doing the fortnite dance and they even run around with paper guns and running about thinking they are shooting each other! Its just the stupidest thing ever! It totally ruined my life!

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4 It's boring

So right. Fortnite is just walking around trying to get gear and staying in a circle. Then someone snipes you.

Yeah. The game is so repetitive. You do the exact same thing every game. Grab a gun and kill, grab a gun and kill, grab a gun and kill.

Gun kill build gun kill build gun kill SHUT UP BORING my friends at school always mention it you also jump off a bus not a great role model game for kids

I haven't gone one day without a stupid kid in my school talking about fortnight

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5 Loot system is super unbalanced

Seriously, this along with bloom is why fortnite is straight garbage based off luck most of the time


It's completely built around degenerates that can at all day!

I understand that. I thought I'm gonna get a Sniper but I get a Single Action Revolver. See that! - TriggerTrashKid

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6 It's repetitive

It may be repetitive, but Grand Theft Auto Online is even more repetitive in my opinion. - codgtamk34

And watching the same Spongebob episode again and again is not - TriggerTrashKid

Honestly, I'd rather play Roblox, because at least there's VARIETY. - Jackinabox

Every game is repetitive

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7 You have to pay real money to get skins

YEAH I know I tried fortnite with my friend he told me he spent like $500 for everything he has on it AND if you get banned that means he WASTED $500

He got banned for exploiting apparently even though that's not possible - SuperMiloX

The company just tries to drain the wallets of the morons who play and don't even put the money into the game with better developments to it. They just pocket the money and just randomly ban people who have wasted their money on the sheer stupidity and disgrace to game developing that is Fortnite.

I have never played Fortnite, but having to pay real money just to change your character's look is ridiculous. Just make the game itself cost money, not the skins! Why would you pay real money JUST to change a video game character's look? I thought the Roblox was terrible with it's paid character customization, but at least they give you some free items to customize your character, unlike Fortnite.

I Hate it I spent over $1,000 and I got banned and wasted it for nothing

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8 You get killed too easily

That means you are probably a triggered trash kid

Agreed! The time when I came to my best friend's house and he made me play Fortnite (he's way too obsessed with it), I died in 5 seconds because I didn't know how to drop off the Battle Bus (which is dumb, by the way) to get to the jail in one of the areas (i don't know what their called) so I dropped off late and I got killed in 5 seconds. - Ottie

It means this game is not for you I dose not mean your bad at it

Yes! that's it! Just killing people and dying within 20 seconds and just going in the game again?! What in the earth that kind of game is that! People compare this fortnite with roblox but fortnite really sucks.

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9 It's overpriced

Oh no! How will I able to spend $0.00 on this game without going into bankruptcy!?

Guys, I think he/she means that the skins and emotes are overpriced.

I am facing a financial crisis because I didn't spend a penny? Wow. - TriggerTrashKid

I cannot afford to get this game because it cost to many dollars

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10 It is not fun

Fortnite is the worst everyday I hear kids saying that fortnite is the best game in the world and acting like fortnite is the only game in the world

It sucks, end of story

Fortnite sucks. People say that it is awesome but that is not true. All you do is get loot and shoot people and you get killed way too easily.

Playing a good game with good graphics and smooth gameplay is not fun while playing the clunky Witcher 3 is fun. - TriggerTrashKid

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The Newcomers

? The fanbase is full of little kids

Its mostly filled with kids because #1 kids ask their parents constantly to buy V-bucks to get a stupid skin that doesn't even benefit you in the long run. I don't hate the game but it's just mostly filled with kids. #2 kids find stupid reasons to say fortnite is bad, and I am one of them, I don't hate it like I said but it's one game that needs to die

Little kids who can't take criticism. Seriously just search up "Fortnite sucks" on YouTube and you will find them whining about haters.

An item like this is already on this list. Please try to be more original with stuff like this. Thank you! - SadEpicBadical

? It's a waste of time

Nothing gets accomplished

Because Fortnite is Satanic for kids.
Fortnite: Battle Royale - 1174
That's why you need to pay attention to what children do. - Shaniqua P. Brown

yes it is

I respect this opinion. But it’s alrea on here.. k bye - SadEpicBadical

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11 You get shot mid air

Look I hate Fortnite too, but my god this list is so laughably bad. It's the same thing 3-4 times - codgtamk34

Part of the game... and rarely happens - SadEpicBadical

Skill. That's skill. - TriggerTrashKid


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12 It rips off PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Fortnite came out before, yes. But they ripped off the Battle Royale part and that is how they started becoming popular. - Firepower

Can I choose neither? Yeah I'm gonna choose neither - codgtamk34

What about battle pass? - TriggerTrashKid

This list is more repetitive than Gucci Gang, Havana and Baby combined. - B1ueNew

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13 It's bland

Yes, Fortnite has no admin, even Minecraft has admin

Bland, not fun, and boring are all the same thing. I would just simply say it's bland and leave it at that - codgtamk34

This game is horrendous. Please ban it by 2020

Fortnite took over minecraft people play it to much

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14 It takes no skill

Yeah. Spam a few buttons and POOF! Victory Royale! - TriggerTrashKid

Yeah! Explains why I have 0 wins and I die a lot in team rumble! - SadEpicBadical

I disagree because some people can barely get a kill... *cough* sadical - sadical

Yes my friend has won 250 games that is enough we need this to stop

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15 The same thing over and over again

Just like reading this list - OGCalzone

I agree! The person who made this list probably NEVER played Fortnite because I had the same opinion before I played - SadEpicBadical

Fortnite sucks ugh why is there a stupid fortnite ad

Best game ever but epic games should add something besides save world which makes it boring after about 3-5 hours

This list is basically the same thing over again, most entries are just saying it's boring and overrated, but with different words that mean the same thing - B1ueNew

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16 People are way too addicted

Definitely like a 9 year old girl had to go to rehab over her fortnite addiction like I think it should be banned kids think fortnite is more important than family time

People can be addicted to any game, not just Fortnite - SadEpicBadical

So true like I hear fortnight EVERYWHERE even first graders like it and I'm a 5th grader and I have always hated it like delete the stupid game it sucks and make it more child friendly.

Because they like it. - Userguy44

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17 It's not the only game in the world but everyone thinks it is who plays it

I mean come on! I can't talk about video games anymore because my friends don't care about any game except Fortnite! by the way, you guys do know there's another ssb coming, right? What? You don't care? Oh! Back to talking about Fortnite I guess.

I played it ONCE but I don't think it's the only game in the world OR that it's good

So, going by your logic we don't know PUBG exists. - TriggerTrashKid

Everyone thinks Fortnite is better than any game. This kid came up to me, and said "Fortnite is better than Donkey Kong".

I got so mad because Donkey Kong is a classic that will never be beaten by any modern game - KingSlayer93316

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18 Only little kids play it

All my sons talk about it. They deserve to be burned at the cross

Your not a dad so don't say sons. Also when you outgrow your 6 year old, anger infested mind, then ill take you a little more seriously. - SpacedAtari

When did little kids suddenly get allowed to play a shooter and play it 24/7.

And I saw a 70 year old granddad get victory royale! - TriggerTrashKid

I agree with this it is so gay every one who plays it should burn on a cross

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19 The V-buck system is ridiculous

Jingle bells, risky reels, tilted towers and rifts
All I want for Christmas is some V-bucks and some skins - sadical

I hate v-bucks!

You have to pay for currency, good games make you earn it, making it fun fortnite requires money to make any progress, and the store doesn't give you anything useful, it just isn't worth it

But the game is free so paying for skins is kinda like paying for the game - SadEpicBadical

There is next to no way to earn v bucks playing but through the free pass which makes the game a grind.

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20 Too many updates

I hate these 500 year long updates!

No, every new update introduces new bugs, and they rarely fix bugs, so its actually not good.

That’s good! New things! - SadEpicBadical

It was made in 2 months, so of course this broken game will have too many updates - KingSlayer93316

It gets updates frequently because they want the hype to live. Also, due to that hype, more people try to break it so they have to fix it - SpacedAtari

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21 Way too overrated

Super Smash Bros Ultimate. - TriggerTrashKid

Its not overrated its worshipped.
Video games are too much of an obsession nowadays.

Yes I agree, kids are obsessed with it its all the ever talk about in school also whats the point of a game when there is no story to it, you just kill people that's not really fun

Fortnite is WAY TOO OVErrated. You hear the word "Fortnite" everywhere, at home, outside, at school and practically everywhere. No wonder why such a horrible game is so popular. It needs to lose some hype. - giorarv1

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22 Overrated and not fun

So overrated it had to be on the list thrice!


I am not a crazy 12 year old. I am just a normal one. - TriggerTrashKid

These 2 reasons are already on the list (Overrated appearing THREE times) - KingSlayer93316

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23 It makes no sense!

It makes sense... - SadEpicBadical

You can carry 6 guns what. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Fortnite is only about killing people and getting loot how is that a thing if you do it repitively

I get the "fort' part of the word "Fortnite", since you build forts, but not the "nite" part.
- Shiny Eevee 101

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24 It rips off Minecraft

This is a reason an emotional lesbian would give

Steve is basically John Wick. Right? - TriggerTrashKid

Neither of these games interest me - codgtamk34

It is such a ripe off

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25 People talk about it to much

Yes, I agree everybody I know talks about it

On here like 4 times - SadEpicBadical

While I agree, that's the same as number 2. No need to add the same thing twice - codgtamk34

People talk about Avengers Infinity War too much. But that doesn't mean it's the worst movie ever and that it's worse than The Emoji Movie, Where the dead go to die, Freddy got Fingered etc. - B1ueNew

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26 The building system is ridiculous

These topics are trash. Yes fortnite is trash, but its not bad. The building system makes it unique, if your bad at a game do you always make a forum to trash talk it? - SpacedAtari

Finally someone I can agree with. You can tell that they're just a bunch of salty children that got killed in their first game and now they want everything to be free, and the skill gap to be nonexistent, even lower than it already is. No matter how much you give kids, they always want more. The Skull Trooper came back out, do you see anyone using the Skull Trooper anymore? Of course not, because their attention span ran out and they realize how ugly the skin actually was. - UmassLOL48

Building anything in the middle of a fight is insanely stupid, I guess shooting behind cover is too hard for people that like that garbage. This game is trash

No - SadEpicBadical

How? - TriggerTrashKid

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27 The animation sucks

Ya this is true footnote only has the shooting animation how the heck did it get popular

One, the animation idea was from team fortress two, and fortnite made horrid rubbery animations instead of the conga and the Kowalski kick.

Opinion - SadEpicBadical

Nintendo. - TriggerTrashKid

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28 V-Bucks are hard to get

K opinion - SadEpicBadical

This is already here - SuperMiloX

If you have the free pass, you can only get up to 300 V-Bucks - WorldPuncher47592834

Its stupid that you can't get v bucks from winning a game

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29 Matches are unfair

Shut up racist not everything is "fair" - TriggerTrashKid

This game is like minecraft hunger games having a baby with PUBG

So is Fallout 76 - codgtamk34

So is life - B1ueNew

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30 Weapons are either overpowered or underpowered

I am a pro with Blue Tactical Shotgun. - TriggerTrashKid

No, it depends on how good u are with it - SadEpicBadical

That’s why Season 3 was the best. - MrCoolC

Some weapons are overpowered, like the Drum Gun, that’s why it was removed. Some players are skilled with different weapons over others and that makes a weapon seem hard. For me, I can get eliminations best with an SMG, but some people say it’s Overpowered because of the bullet rate per second. Some people have a harder time with weapons like that and do better with things like the deagle which I find nearly impossible to use. It’s all based on player skill level. - sadical

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31 The logic makes no sense

I agree it's a bad game, and in some places there are no logic, but how can you say that when we play games with zombie apocalypses, weapons that are 30 years into the future, and Italian plumbers shooting fireballs, killing things by jumping on them, and

While Italian Plumbers throwing fireballs and jumping 27 feet in the air makes sense. - TriggerTrashKid

Yeah it does - SadEpicBadical

Dude it's a video game, not reality - Phillip873

I feel like somebody didn't take a silent chill pill, and let out their anger at the community lol. - htoutlaws2012

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32 It’s luck based

On this list already ALSO ITS NOT BASED OFF LUCK - SadEpicBadical

Yeah, and you're already on this list as well.

Already on this list. - MrCoolC

33 It's mainstream

So anything popular sucks acording to you. - B1ueNew

Although I do think Fortnite is not only overrated, but honestly a really bad game in general "It's mainstream" Isn't a reason to hate anything. Breathing, and living is mainstream, but you don't see any rebels to that, now do you?

How tf did it even get popular - soccerobsessed

Someone's an elitist, I see - styLIShT

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34 It was developed in only two months

Someone really needs to research more. Sure, the battle royale mode was made in two months, but the main campaign mode was being developed for many years. Can I just drink bleach? - MrCoolC

If they said it was 2 days I believed it to... such garbage

U,m...don't ha
The Mc for this but mine craft took 6 days to make - mathguy37

Fortnite took a big rip off of pubg and just changed a few things

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35 It's too simple

Nothing is simple. Not even this crappy game

Everyone should get a Victory Royale then. - TriggerTrashKid

Definitely not a simple game. - Userguy44

No it’s not, this list says it makes no sense so how is it simple? - SadEpicBadical

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36 Building mechanic is stupid

Can I just face palm as hard as I want? Not all video games simulate real life, you know. - MrCoolC

Building Mechanic is not stupid it is what makes fortnite unique. Once again, Just bec your trash at something doesn't make it stupid - GalaxedCreeper

Lets build a wall, but while it takes its five seconds to build there's a forcefield that still prevents shots from going through the unbuilt sections

You just run like a retarded with a blueprint in your hand

37 Every purchase is cosmetic

True. Absolutely true. If you don't pay FOR A FREE GAME, you get called a noob by 99 seven-year-olds on the mic.

Fortnite sucks.

This game is not P2W - TriggerTrashKid

Why is that a bad thing

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38 The PC version keeps crashing

I play on PS4. Just do that if the PC crash is too bothering, it might just be your computer anyways. - sadical

They only like console

Only on pc - SadEpicBadical

Get a better PC. - TriggerTrashKid

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39 It doesn't give you that nail-biting feeling that other BR games deliver

Why would you bite your nails in a game my dude - sadical

Oh wow. Seriousness isn't the best thing. - TriggerTrashKid

At least Fortnite has creativity. - B1ueNew

I don’t wanna bits my nails though. There are germs and dirt and you will die in Fortnite if you just sit there and bite your nails - SadEpicBadical

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40 No vehicles

Yes vehicles - SadEpicBadical

Bluenew he said this in like season 2 or 3 - JayJayPlayzzz

There's shopping Carts, ATKs, Quadcrashers, And planes - B1ueNew

Halo has Warthogs, Mongooses, Banshees, Hornets, Pelicans and Phantoms - HaloFanboy

There is also a golf car. FORTNITE SUCKS, although I play it, but rarely, and my brother, and stepbrother are pretty much addicted on this gamme as well. They are playing it right now.

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41 The skill ceiling is absurd

Not only that but they put new players up against very skilled players, it's just using new players to make experienced players seem better, needs a handicap type system or keep similar skill level players in the same match... it's impossible for not very talented players to ever do well... I gave up after struggling for months... also, no first person mode is sad

Decent reason, but it doesn't make fortnite a terrible game. However, a more leveled out platform would be nice. - GalaxedCreeper

You're either a complete noob or professional level player. There is no in between. - Sop

There is no skill - UWU

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42 It’s addicting

Yeah already on this list like everything else - SadEpicBadical

Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto are addicting and I love those games - codgtamk34

So is pretty much everything else on this earth. Your point is? - B1ueNew

His point is fortnite is terrible and should be deleted from the universe - SuperMiloX

Just like any other video games in existence. - MrCoolC

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43 V-Bucks Are Too Hard to Get Without Spending Money

On here 3 timesq - SadEpicBadical


I have seen this reasoning before. - MrCoolC

it is

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44 It's violent

I think a parent added this dude...

Parents these days - codgtamk34

So much blood! Even Mortal Kombat falls short. - TriggerTrashKid

Did a parent add this?

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45 People make a fuss about it

It is a tiny bit talked about too much but it doesn't make it a bad game and its not a ripoff - GalaxedCreeper

It does not deserve all the attention it gets it is a rip off game not even something orignal or even real

I can't stress this enough..

46 The battle royale part takes away the point of ''fortnite"

They bailed out on the original mode they were doing and made another mode because they don't know how to get popular.

They didn't "bail out" on the original mode and they made a BR gamemode bec it was getting popular. That's why Call of Duty 4 has a BR - GalaxedCreeper

It still has forts and night! But yeah, I don’t think Fortnite was expecting for the Battle Royale mode to be popular - sadical

Needs to be a better mode than battle Royale

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47 Parents are paying tutors to help their kids get better at the game

Are the parents that stupid? Theure just losing money

Such idiots

And how is this the game’s fault? - sadical

Doesn’t make the game bad - SadEpicBadical

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48 It's taken over the world

Yay! Another dumb reason! By this type of logic, life sucks 100%. - MrCoolC

I can't walk anywhere without hearing things about fortnight

This fact is so true. Fortnite sucks 110%.

Yes it has and the game steal stuff from people and doesn't pay them

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49 People make Fortnite references on videos that aren't about the game

People literally ruined SpongeBob and Gumball for me with this retarded game!

It's so annoying

Just building = fortinite

50 It's not on Wii U

No but it's on the switch which is better than the Wii u. - MACDONALDS

I'm so sad its not on wee you

The Wii U is outdated - codgtamk34

Get a switch. - TriggerTrashKid

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1. Everyone talks about it
2. It's taken over the world
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