Top Ten Reasons Why Four Is a Better, More Significant Number Than Five

I like five, but four is a more significant and more cool number. Sorry, keycha1n.

The Top Ten

There are 4 dimensions in relativity equations
There are 4 confirmed fundamental interactions of physics

Recent cosmology may prove the existence of a fifth, which I have been researching recently, but now I've made this list, part of me wants the dark energy to be driven by repulsive gravity and not quintessence. - PositronWildhawk

Would you be saddened if another fundamental interaction was discovered? More to research, more money for a physicist! - keycha1n

Unified theory, Kiteretsunu, treats the interactions as one equation, given that they can act as one on the smallest measurable levels, but macroscopically, their effects and properties are vastly different. Plus, we're not at a stage in which we can assume the standard model to be complete. Further development of it is now more than likely due to the recent Higgs discovery, which could potentially give the standard model the vacancy for new particles, possibly including a new gauge boson. - PositronWildhawk

4 is the smallest composite number


This is why I always wear four on the baseball field. It's the best (and my favourite) number. - PetSounds

If it makes you guys feel better, I don't even know how to play baseball! - keycha1n

Cool. 5 is still better though. - CityGuru

Space in 4 dimensions is the highest-dimensional space featuring more than three convex regular figures

Okay, this is so true and there's no arguing with it. I'm having trouble on who to believe... - RockFashionista

Once you extend into the fifth, you get irregular polytopes. - PositronWildhawk

Can I eat that?

4 is a divisible number

Trying to share four cookies between two people? No problem. Trying to share five between two? You'll have to split a cookie! This is why imperial units matter. - PositronWildhawk

So is 12. A divisible number. 12 has more factors than 4. I added one item to my list which WILL TURN THE ARGUMENT IN MY FAVOUR. - Animefan12

Four cookies between 3 people? You'll have to REALLY split a cookie! - keycha1n

This, and that 4 is possibly my favourite number - EvilAngel

There are 4 base types in DNA

Uracil is in RNA, so does not count. - PositronWildhawk

The number 4 is considered a death warning in Japanese culture

I thought you LIKED Japan? Let alone, living! - keycha1n

That's Chinese culture not Japanese

4 is the most infrequent digit in the known digits of pi

Most of these items have something to do with math, science, or physics. But then again this is one of PositronWildhawk's lists after all. - RiverClanRocks

Oh, and the 4th character of the number Pi. Considering "3", "." and "1" then comes "4" - keyson

Well, the fifth number is 5: 3.1415! Isn't that much more satisfying? - keycha1n

Funny at the same time, it's the 3rd digit. - keyson

The number 4 was used in ancient calendars for predicting lunar cycles

We know approximate it to four weeks, but the measurements then were incredibly accurate without the technology we have today. - PositronWildhawk

4 is the most common number on this list

It can't be true! - Ashes

The Contenders

Atomic number of beryllium

But 12 is the atomic number of Magnesium which is more reactive than Beryllium. So boo yeah - Animefan12

I don't know what boron is for, but I like it now. - keycha1n

Both boron and beryllium are highly underrated elements! But beryllium is better, because it has four protons. - PositronWildhawk

4 is a Lucas Number
You can yell "four" at a golf course and scare everybody
4 dimensions in Schrodinger mechanics
4 is spelled with 4 letters
PositronWildhawk's 4th published list remained 4th most popular for a long time

My fifth list, on the contrary, isn't such a big hit. But it was my third that got me sudden popularity, and that makes me proud of it. - PositronWildhawk

5 is spelled with 4 letters
4 is cosmic
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