Winning An Argument: Why You Shouldn't Get Too Cocky

PositronWildhawk It all started with a random conversation with one of my best friends here.

**facepalm** ha!

Ha ha ha ha!

That was uncomfortably staggered. At least make it five "ha"'s!

What's so special about five?

It's a pretty number. I'm okay with 3 too! But... 4?

4 is a square number, the number of confirmed fundamental interactions, the number of dimensions in special and general relativity, and the smallest composite number. It's a good number, and I rather like it.

But 5 is pretty.

And 4 ISN'T?!?!

Yea, sorry to break it to you. 5 is prettier.

Just look at that handsome curl


This is ten reasons why 4 is a better number, and that's that.

That's how this list was born, fellas. As a quirky, adamant young man with a passion and keen eye for the beauty of mathematics, I began swiftly recalling information for this list, to prove that the wonders of numbers lies not only in how adorable they look. I was certain that nothing that young Joy here could say or do would hurt my approach, but she didn't have to lift a finger.

As you may have seen on the list, I made a link between four and the perfect numbers 6 and 4096. Hang on, 4096? A perfect number? I'm sure the sum of 4096's divisors excluding itself gives 4095. So I was mathematically inaccurate by 1 unit, was I not?

And that's why, in an attempt to make your point clear, you should think twice before you click submit. It can have embarrassing results, as it did here. I'm just thankful this wasn't an exam.

But keycha1n, this is not over; I still had nine valid reasons why four is better than five, and this list can have many more!


Wow - JaysTop10List

Time to drop in sick beats and basses because the biggest mixtape of 2015 is coming. - visitor

Well. It's ON. But in all fairness, I was so lazy and bad at crafting an argument, that I didn't bother to fact check either. In any case, I should've noticed first! That being said, I spent karate class pondering positive aspects of the number 5. The chances that you'll win based on 'asinine' (didn't know Hezario myself, wondering if I have the right to use that word... ) things like 'logic', 'facts' and 'reasoning' is... very likely. - keycha1n

Yours looked pretty valid to me. You packed a good punch. But maybe we should host a poll to see, based on our ideas, which is the better number. - PositronWildhawk

I prefer not actually getting data for this one. I don't want to definitively find out that I lose, because I'm a big ol' wuss. - keycha1n

The results shall not be disclosed. Just message me the answers, readers! - PositronWildhawk

Liar liar, posterior's on fire. - keycha1n

Yeah, well, what ya gonna do? - PositronWildhawk

I like science because you like, make explosions. And like, they're cool sumtimez because their colorful.

Just kidding, this hurts me too. - keycha1n

Alright, I'm backing off. Sorry. - PositronWildhawk

4? 5? They are both pretty. They both show up in the number Pi. They are both factors of 20, 40, 100, can't think of anymore 'cause my brain is dead, but I like them both because they are numbers. - RockFashionista

Well, I like numbers that end in five and zero. So I like five. Its one of those things you can't quite put a finger on. - keycha1n

Rio Ferdinand wore the number 5, Pos's argument is invalid. - Puga

I don't know who that is, but I agree! - keycha1n

So did Joe DiMaggio. But where has he gone?

Lou Gehrig wore 4, however. - PetSounds

Never really given much thought about my favourite number. 5 does look prettier, but 4 does have a lot of interesting stuff revolving around it.

Did I say that right? - IronSabbathPriest

4 is my lucky number, so of course I like it better than 5. - Minecraftcrazy530

I joined the number argument. My list is about how 2 is better than 3,4, or 5. - RiverClanRocks

"One is the loneliest, One is the loneliest, number One is th---" Oh, hi there folks.
All these valid and passionate arguments are making me Comfortably Numb-er! - Billyv

Four, it's easier to divide, and I the earliest part of my life that I remember is age 4. - Therandom

Okay... - RockFashionista

My favorite number is 69 - NuMetalManiak

Those were the best days of my life. - PetSounds

I love the number 5. - cosmo

Zero is the best! Better than any number, especially a lot better than four and 5! - visitor