Top Ten Reasons Why the Foxy Fandom Should Stop (Some of Them Anyway)

Okay. The Foxy Fanbase is really getting to annoy me. I'm not saying that they shouldn't like Foxy. They can like what they like. This list is telling why they need to stop acting like narrow-minded pricks. Oh, this is pertaining to some of them, not all. Plus, if you're a hardcore Foxy Fan who hates hearing anything bad about him, then don't read the list. I know you'll just get offended.

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1 Foxy's Not A Good Guy.

Plus if you disagree with the foxy fans, you will get bashed on by them. And what if they want to tell you guys that fictional characters don’t always need to be good guys to be good characters. And no, saying "It's just their opinions" does not count because everyone (only in toxic communities) treats their opinions like they are 100% true but in a selfish,especially the foxy fandom.

Foxy is clearly a good CHARACTER, but not a super hero or good guy. He is my fave though and I want peace for foxy, so help us have foxy be a normal loved character.# peace for foxy

Everybody has there own opinion, they can think what they think. And also there all good guy's inckluding Foxy. ( I can't spell inckluding right sorry ) - MorlaTurtle8

I actually regret what I just said.

2 Almost All Of Them Need To Learn The Meaning Of Opinion.

Opinion is basickelly everyone can like whatever they like,and not like. Well like they can think if Foxy is a good guy ( And there all good guy's) and you can't change what they think. - MorlaTurtle8


3 Foxy's Not Hot. He's An Animatronic That Wants To Kill You.

What? - MorlaTurtle8

Not to mention he's possessed by a KID'S soul. - Cyri

Why are they doing this? (For fangirls, who are no where better than fanboys) HE'S AN ANIMATRONIC! YOU'RE A HUMAN! PLEASE HAVE MORE SANITY! - Ultron123

4 Almost All Of His Fans Make Disgusting Fanart About Foxy

Hey everybody can do whatever they want, and you can't stop that. And plus it's not self explanatory. (Whatever that word means) If you can't stand the fanart of Foxy, then don't look at it. - MorlaTurtle8

I think this is self explanatory. Man, the Foxy Fandom is growing wild. - Ultron123

5 Almost All Of Them Need To Be Less ButtHurt When Someone Says That They Don't Like Foxy.

And some of you need to be less butthurt when someone says they like Foxy. - MorlaTurtle8

We don't even care that you guys hate foxy

Again. Self explanatory. Not everyone likes your favorite character. Just relax. - Ultron123

6 Foxy Can't Beat Everyone In A Fight.

Almost all Foxy Fans believe that Foxy is some sort of god and could kill everyone, for example: Jeff The Killer and Sonic and Lucario. Look, no character is perfect. It's okay if your favorite character can't beat another character. It's fine. Relax. - Ultron123

7 Almost All Of Them Are Making Up Stories About Him.

It doesn't matter, everybody can do what they like. - MorlaTurtle8

Hm…let's see. I heard that Foxy dismantled Bonnie and Chica to save the night guard. Since when? Where's the evidence? And what else? There's a 1,000 more but by then I'd die from the fake stories. - Ultron123

8 It's Making Everybody Hate Foxy

Example: I used to LOVE Foxy. I really did! That is until the fandom came and ruined him. It's not just me. Lots of people probably went through the same thing. - Ultron123

I agree, I used to love foxy; better yet I used to like FNAF, ever since the fanbase ruined the game I just decided to forget about it completely; it's not Hong Kong 97 bad, but it kind of acts like it. the only difference is that Hong Kong 97 always sucked, FNAF was a disappointment; so at least in disappointing wise, FNAF takes the cake. I don't hate Scott Cawthon himself, but god did he build an awful fanbase?

9 The Animations Aren't Any Better

Just don't search all this stuff up like I did or you get scarred for life. I'm not kidding. - Ultron123

10 They Act Like They Don't Know Why Lots Of People Hate Foxy.

That’s probably not my reason. I hate him because he is too easy to stop.

I made a list why foxy is the best so you should check that list out

If you want to prove that Foxy is not a horrible character give reasons why you like him and say it's your opinion, not throw a huge fit. - Ultron123

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11 Because Foxy is the Worst Character Ever


12 They are Part of the Five Nights at Freddy’s Fandom
13 Foxy and Mangle are a Bad Shipping
14 They keep forcing you to believe the Foxy is a good guy theory
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1. Foxy's Not A Good Guy.
2. Almost All Of Them Need To Learn The Meaning Of Opinion.
3. Foxy's Not Hot. He's An Animatronic That Wants To Kill You.


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