Top 10 Reasons Why Fred Figglehorn Sucks

Fred Figglehorn sucks! And I am here to tell you why!

The Top Ten

1 His Voice

He sometimes sounds like a high pitch squeal from a formula 1 car when it turns. It's so anoying! How did he get 1 million subscribers?!

His voice is so annoying! I mean it makes my ears explode! And gives me a headache!

Fred Figglegorn's Voice Makes Me To Laugh He Is Very Funny!

His voice is so horrible and annoying it makes me want to think about a mountain lion tearing him to shreds and ripping his throat out.

2 His Scream

This should be Number One on this list because screams like his have been driving crazy for years. And they still do to this day.

His scream was as awful as his voice.

I hate his scream like his voice! His Scream makes my ears bleed! And gives me a bigger headache than his voice!

The scream drove me nuts. Now I don't remember Fred that much, but I remember the scream. - Anonymousxcxc

3 Everyone In His Videos Is a Douchbag

The odd thing is we never see them in their full appearance in any video. Even though we do see fred's mom in the very first video (portrayed by lucas himself).

Kevin is a douchbag, Julie is a douchbag, Claudo is a douchbag, Fred is a douchbag, Bertha is a douchbag, Fred's mom is a douchbag, and Fred's Dad is a douchbag!

4 His Mom

His Mom is a terrible mom and sounds like a man. why?

5 His Videos

His Videos are not funny! There just retarded and stupid!

His videos are boring to.

I am Actually Neutral to Fred.

6 He Is Popular and Has Fans But Shouldn't

His videos were nothing new and groundbreaking so why did he become a big hit?!

Well I guess since YouTube first started in 2005 fred was the first person to get a million views.

7 He Has Movies

Yes he has his own movies! AND THEY ALL SUCK!

The only good actor was John Cena.

8 On Icarly, He Quits His Series Just Because Freddie Doesn't Like His Videos

Not to mention he even quit his series for real in 2014, but somehow got it back after Christmas in 2015(on Lucas's channel).

Love ICarly, hate fred.

9 He hates pizza

You must like piza

Not everyone has to

10 His Name

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11 He Has His Own Show

Did he really need a show in the first place?

12 He Looks Like Justin Bieber

Well Justin Bieber's ears were always exposed, whereas Fred's (Lucas's) ears were covered by his hair at that time (though no more now).

Not exactly, Justin Bieber has darker, more plumpy hair (back then, now much shorter), and has closed bangs unlike Fred.


13 His Song "Tater Hater"

What is so bad about people hating potatoes?!

I also hate his other song Christmas cash.

14 Weezer Guest Starred In One of His Videos

He ruined Weezer for me. Right when I was first about to get into Weezer.

No.. shut up. This isn't true.

15 He Became Greedy and Sold His Channel

This should be the first, his decision to sell the channel to whiny kids is worse than his voice, he was too greedy and only wanted money.

16 He's a Nobody
17 He Guest Starred On Icarly

Oh great. Two whack internet celebrities collaborating.

18 His Song "Christmas Cash"

Help my ears are bleeding - Tacocheese

19 He's Unfunny

Jake Paul & Logan Paul are worse.

He was funnier than anyone we have today.

20 He's Boring

How was he boring? it was about him going through tough life situations, his mom was drunk, his dad was on death row, he had a girlfriend named Judy and a best friend named Bertha, and he had so man adventures and threw parties, it was original, and therefore he became a legendary YouTube icon.

21 He's Famous for the Wrong Reasons

What? He was the first YouTuber to get a million views and subscribers, Fred was about this hyperactive kid who had serious anger issues, his parents were in trouble, his mom was drunk, his dad (John Cena) was on death row, he had a girlfriend named Judy and a best friend named Bertha, he was also kidnapped by Claudio.
He was able to deal with those situations.

Yet he was also the first YouTuber to promote a movie (City of Ember), and he was also the first YouTuber to guest star on T.V. shows (iCarly, Hannah Montana, Supah Ninjas, Big Time Rush), he was the first to make movies (Fred: The Movie, Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred and Fred 3: Camp Fred), first to be on game shows (Figure It Out and Cartoon Network Game Night) and he was the first one to make T.V. shows (Fred: The Show and Marvin Marvin).

He did all of those things, and the ideas of Fred were original, so therefore he became famous for the right reasons, not the wrong reasons like you said, so please ...more

22 His Song "Who's Ready to Party"
23 He's a Boy

Okay, this is exactly like "Dora Is a Girl", which is another stupid reason

Why is this a reason?

Oh my god! it's "Dora Is a Girl" all over again!

24 Roddy Bottum (Keyboardist for Faith No More) Did the Music for the Fred Movie and Fred: The Show
25 He Thinks He Is Funny When He Is Not
26 When He Says "Oh My God!", It Takes Too Long

He says God's name in vain, which is so mean.

27 He Sounds Like a Screaming Girl
28 He's Ugly
29 He's Gay

Someone's sexuality, doesn't really make them a bad person...

It's true, he was confirmed that recently.

30 He's Dumb
31 He's a Brat
32 He's Overrated
33 He Made a Sequel on December 27, 2015 on the Actor's Channel Just Because his Fans Want Him Back

Not really a sequel, but a throwback for nostalgia.
Get your facts straight mister.

34 He Came Back with Some Videos Between 2015 and 2016

After Fred was dead, we were giving him the goodbye he deserved, but then recently, he made like 2 videos and the world was in chaos.

35 He's a Cashgrab
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