Top 10 Reasons Why Fred: The Movie is Better Than Big Hero 6

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1 Fred was the most subscribed YouTube channel

Nope, PewDiePie was the most subscribed YouTube channel

Just ignore this troll list people. It really isn't worth your time. Trust me.

Whoever agrees with this list are Dora fans

Obvious troll list.

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2 BH6 is offensive to people in San Fransisco and Japan

The Fred movie is offensive to Chinese people.

Its just a script.san fransokyo name,that was just a line at the did not offend the countries and mixing them would make it funny even my cousin found it funny but it does not mean SF and JP were embarrassed by this

3 Honey Lemon has a stupid name
4 Fred is more likable than Hiro

Um, you forgot to add the word "Not" in this sentence

Hiro is a better protagonist than Fred (the one from Fred: The Show). Tadashi is way more likeable than Fred Figglehorns father.. Baymax is a 10000000 times better than Kevin.. BH6 is better than Fred: The Movie...

5 Fred: The Movie aired on Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon makes bad shows, like Breadwinners and Sanjay And Craig

A Satan worshipper created this list.

6 Tadashi is a terrible brother

I can't agree. Cause he died 20 minutes into the movie

No he isn't

No he is not, he died in the movie. Don’t you brain-dead Fred Figglehorn fans understand what Big Hero 6 is. He was only trying to protect his brother..

7 BH6 didn't live up to Frozen


8 Fred is hot and Hiro is not

I think it's the other way around

9 Fred: The Movie has a funnier plot

Actually, it's an annoying plot

10 Fred: The Movie had two sequels and BH6 still doesn't have one

Who cares? Big Hero 6 is still awesome

Yeah, and both of those sequels SUCK!

Fred the movie is way better than big hero 6

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11 There is No Robot in Fred the Movie

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12 Fred is a loser and Hiro is awesome

Fred is not a loser. - Sausagelover99

13 Baymax is better than Fred's Dad
14 Fred is dumber than Hiro
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