Top Ten Reasons Why Frieza is a Better Dragon Ball Z Villain Than Cell

This list is endless but the most prominent reasons shall be outlined here.

The Top Ten

1 Frieza has loyal and disciplined military personnel

Some of which happen to be the best plot devices in the entire program; The major generals, elites, mercenaries, and commanders are as follows:

1. Zarbon (Commander-General)
2. Dodoria (Commander-General)
3. Cui (Elite Squad Leader)
4. Jeice (Mercenary Squad)
5. Burter (Mercenary Squad)
6. Recoome (Mercenary Squad)
7. Guldo (Mercenary Squad)
8. Captain Ginyu (Mercenary Squad)
9. Nappa (Elite Saiyan Platoon)
10. Raditz (Elite Saiyan Platoon)
11. Appule (Elite Foot Soldier)
12. Orlen (Foot Soldier)
13. Banan (Foot Soldier)
14. Sui (Foot Soldier)
15. Frog-Face (Foot Soldier)
16. Namole (Foot Soldier)
17. Iru (Foot Soldier)
18. Shisami (Elite Soldier)
19. Sorbet (Staff Commander)
20. Tagoma (Elite Soldier)

Plus there's his father King Cold, his brother Cooler; and by extension Cooler's armored squadron of Salza, Neiz, and Dore.

Cell has no one... and that really sucks.

By the way, not the biggest fan of Zarbon, but I do like his personality and his quotes are really interesting. Personally my favorite of Frieza's soldiers.

Well, he is my favorite in the history of all anime due to his loyalty and military service as well as the role he plays, his ferocious and fast transformation, and his brutal death scene being my favorite; he is also the most morally complex of all Frieza's men and the most closest to him with all his affairs and decisions, his Quotes playing into this part of his character. Also, his design is very intricate and the way his colors clash is a bonus coupled with his finesse and elegance for his first persona and the demonic beast for his second.

I agree with this list

I'm glad to hear that! Note that Frieza's forces are my favorite characters in the history of all anime.

2 Frieza conquers entire galaxies

What do you think about Omega Shenron? What do you like about him that makes him one of your favorite DB villains?

He's my favorite shadow dragon because of his voice, design, and his quotes.

He has conquered over 79 known planets and enslaved countless civilizations!

Cell conquered nothing.

3 Frieza has an empire

He rules entire galaxies with an iron fist and does so with discipline and strict behavior. It's called the Galactic Frieza Army and Frieza Force with numerous sub-divisions and platoons.

Cell does not, he's just a bio android with genetics of other fighters.

What are your opinions about GT and Super? What are your favorite and least favorite arcs and why?

Very, truly sorry if I'm annoying you with many questions. I just want to know your opinions about certain DB characters, arcs, questions,etc

You're not annoying at all, I never said you were; I was just making sure you got your answers.

4 Frieza is feared throughout the cosmos

As stated by King Kai, he is the deadliest tyrant in the north quadrant of the universe.

Cell's reign of terror lasts ten days and only on Earth.

What tracks frim GT do you like?

5 Frieza killed numerous important characters

Including but not limited to Dende, Krillin and Vegeta. And he wounded Piccolo and caused Goku to turn Super Saiyan.

Cell's explosion just killed Goku and that wasn't by his hand but by Goku's instant transmission technique.

You're really making the cell games my least favorite arc

That's a start; it has been my least favorite moment in the franchise for about 25 years now.

6 Frieza returns on numerous occasions

First a threat against Bardock and the Saiyan uprising.

Frieza returns against Goku and Vegeta on Namek.

Against Future Trunks as Cyborg Mecha Frieza.

Against Gohan (Great Saiyaman) in Fusion Reborn movie and leading an army of all deceased villains.

Against Goku in DBGT in Hell.

Against Goku and Vegeta again in the Resurrection F movie. And they have to cheat with the help of Beerus and Whis to stop him.

Against Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super. He obtains Golden Frieza form after minimal training.

Cell returns only once in GT and is secondary.

What do you think about Bardock? Do you hate him? Also, what are your opinions about GT and Super?

Do you think the Shadow Dragon Saga is better than the Cell Saga?

Speaking of GT, Omega is better than Cell.

Cell is my least favorite antagonist in the franchise; and I'm not counting android 17 because he's just a useless loser and not a villain but is also my other least favorite character in the entire franchise.

7 Frieza is a very classy and sinister tyrant

As seen in his calm and sarcastic behavior as well as his wine-drinking classy attributes along with father King Cold and brother Cooler.

Cell is just a brick wall character without any devious attributes; he's just a genetic creation and a parallel to the evil seen in Frieza.

8 Frieza's story is directly connected to all the events of the series

By eradicating the Saiyan planet and setting the story in motion; taking Zarbon and Dodoria's advice to annihilate the Saiyans and inherently create his own fear of Super Saiyans in the future. He also goes to search for the Dragon Balls, which are the primary plot of the series; Cell just appears as a stepping stone for Gohan (not even for the primary two protagonists, Goku and Vegeta) and has nothing to do with the actual plot of the series run.

9 Frieza committed genocide of entire civilizations

Including the Saiyans and Namekians amongst thousands of countless others!

Cell didn't.

10 Frieza has numerous transformations, each more deadlier and terrifying and accesses them by will

By the way, I added new items to the list GT did better than Super, do you want to update?

They're awesome and so cool.

The Contenders

11 Frieza has an awesome brother, Cell doesn't
12 Frieza had amazing defeats and death scenes
13 Frieza is hundreds of years old

Cell only lived for maybe ten days...

14 Frieza has massive biological strength
15 Frieza is his own character, not the product of other characters

Frieza doesn't incorporate the essence of others; he's his own entity.
Cell gains his power and his persona as well as his very being from the genes of others.

16 Frieza searches for the Dragon Balls for eternal life
17 Frieza saga portrays Toriyama's vision as he had originally grafted it, without altering anything based on fan preference.
18 Frieza saga is the best, entailing intergalactic warfare with extraterrestrial military criminal organization of gangster style sci-fi guerrilla warfare in outer space
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