Top Ten Reasons Why "the Fright Before Christmas" is the Worst Danny Phantom Episode

I'm just don't get it why this awful christmas episode looks so angsty and not cheerful. Even Miraculous Ladybug christmas special looks so angsty, however, i love Miraculous Ladybug christmas special soundtrack. Here why this crap DP episode is worst!

The Top Ten

1 Danny hates Christmas and holiday with bad reasons

This worst episode. Have you seen Phantom Planet? That was way worse.

2 It's not very cheerful

But Christmas is all about being happy. - AnimeDrawer

3 There is not special thing about it
4 It's boring unlike some cartoon Christmas specials

I've seen worse. - DCfnaf

5 Danny was a jerk in this episode
6 Ghostwriter is a boring villain

Yup. Vlad and Dan were better - DCfnaf

7 No best moments on it
8 No special soundtracks

Nope I hate musicals that's why I was annoyed while watching ladybug special bad songs an too much songs musicals are not my thing so this is a reason to like it in my opinion

9 Danny looks hypersensitive in this episode

Well, he does look like that in this episode. I like Sam. - DynastiSugarPop

10 It tries to hard to be more special, however, it fails
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