Top 10 Reasons Why Frozen 2 Will Suck


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1 The Frozen Fangirls Will Be Back When It's Released

I thought the Frozen Fandom was wearing off along with the FNAF Fandom. Now Disney wants the fandom to be back. It was 3 years since Frozen was released and I was happy that it was wearing off but no it's back! This is why I hate Modern Days so much! Things fade in and out instantly! - bugger

Well what do you expect? It is the highest grossing Disney fulm ever. - 445956

2 It'll Be More Stupid Than the First Movie

But I want Elsa to be so much smarter. Not stupid. I don't want the Let It Go song to happen to this movie - bugger

Yeah, you must be an ORACLE. - 445956

3 It's a Waste of Money

We wasted our money buying The first movie of Frozen. Let's not buy this when this releases - bugger

Do you even know how much money was made from the first one? - 445956

4 The Movie Will Take Over the Internet

Yep we're so doomed. I bet the Fangirls cannot take over the Internet, what about Minecraft? I don't know... Don't do this Disney. - bugger

No, the fanbase will. - 445956

5 Elsa Will Be Overrated Again When It Releases

Elsa is a totally interesting character, but they're overrated and their complexity and flaws aren't seen. Too bad we have the Fangirls that'll like her a lot for all the wrong reasons. Let's all get our Flame Thowers and burn all the ice. - bugger

Fame can make something overrated, okay? - 445956

6 Olaf Will Be a Lot Dumber

Because he has no brain. Can Olaf get schooled and not get creepier and grow a brain - bugger

At least he is FUNNY - 445956

7 You'll Might Meet Non-Interesting Characters in the Movie

They can't all be golden. I hope we get a non interesting characters in this movie so we can hate them more... more... and more - bugger

Yeah, MIGHT. - 445956

8 It'll Suck Without Elsa Dying.

Can Elsa get a heart attack or freeze her own heart in this movie. Oh yeah, Olaf should melt by now - bugger

What if it was real? You would practically be wishing death upon someone. - 445956

9 It'll Be the Worst Movie of All Time

That's why we hate Frozen. Can we all dream that you felt happy when this movie gets cancelled - bugger

Freddy Got Fingered, Foodfight, Where the Dead Go - 445956

10 It'll Suck Without Hans Revenging on Elsa

Hans got jailed but what if he broke out and start revenging on both Elsa and Anna? It'll be a REALLY good thing to me. - bugger

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11 It Will Be a Cash Grab
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