Top 10 Reasons Why Frozen 2 Will Suck

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1 The Frozen Fangirls Will Be Back When It's Released

So what's a factor why a movie "sucks"?
Frozen haters: a movie sucks because it's overrated

You haters need to stop jumping to conclusions and actually justify your reasoning why you hate this movie. Look at these reasons! What kind of a reason is "It'll suck without Elsa dying"? I don't understand how I see such a high-quality movie and the Frozen haters can't just resist doing the "Frozen sucks" at every moment of their life. How would you react when you see Belle's Magical World now huh? I bet you might hate Frozen 2 more like no matter how good it is by just giving it a reason of "it's overrated".

I saw people wearing Elsa costumes all over my local shopping centre because they went to see Frozen 2.

Get used to it! Frozen is awesome!

I thought the Frozen Fandom was wearing off along with the FNAF Fandom. Now Disney wants the fandom to be back. It was 3 years since Frozen was released and I was happy that it was wearing off but no it's back! This is why I hate Modern Days so much! Things fade in and out instantly!

2 It'll Be More Stupid Than the First Movie

Unfortunately for you, the people have spoken and are interested. I myself wasn't interested... Till I saw the dark tone the trailer presented. - PandaMan

I really hope Disney cancels this sequel. If they don't I'm staying away from it because one frozen movie is bad enough for the world

But I want Elsa to be so much smarter. Not stupid. I don't want the Let It Go song to happen to this movie

It actually looks pretty good. And I hated the first one. - RoseWeasley

3 It's a Waste of Money

So what? Wasting your money on Belle's Magical World is also important. What is with these hate on an interesting trailer that do not mention other sequels that suck. Is it because you have an excuse saying "at least it's not overrated"? As always, that's a very common reason to hate on a movie.

Totally respect your opinion but I highly disagree - BreakFastBeast2005

We wasted our money buying The first movie of Frozen. Let's not buy this when this releases

Do you even know how much money was made from the first one? - 445956

4 The Movie Will Take Over the Internet

Yep we're so doomed. I bet the Fangirls cannot take over the Internet, what about Minecraft? I don't know... Don't do this Disney.

No, the fanbase will. - 445956

5 It Will Be a Cash Grab


6 Elsa Will Be Overrated Again When It Releases

Elsa is a totally interesting character, but they're overrated and their complexity and flaws aren't seen. Too bad we have the Fangirls that'll like her a lot for all the wrong reasons. Let's all get our Flame Thowers and burn all the ice.

Fame can make something overrated, okay? - 445956

7 Olaf Will Be a Lot Dumber

Because he has no brain. Can Olaf get schooled and not get creepier and grow a brain

At least he is FUNNY - 445956

8 You'll Might Meet Non-Interesting Characters in the Movie

That was a definite. Not one new character was that interesting, not even invoking so much as hatred.

Frozen haters: just jump to conclusions

They can't all be golden. I hope we get a non interesting characters in this movie so we can hate them more... more... and more

Yeah, MIGHT. - 445956

9 It'll Suck Without Elsa Dying.

Yes, Elsa dies

But comes back to life after that

Can Elsa get a heart attack or freeze her own heart in this movie. Oh yeah, Olaf should melt by now

What if it was real? You would practically be wishing death upon someone. - 445956

10 There will be more SJW pandering from Disney

They retconned Anna and Elsa's mother into a white-passing native so as to make the sisters themselves white-passing biracial. And just like with Vanellope in "Ralph Breaks the Internet", Elsa was given a non-white female (strongly hinted to be) love interest.

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11 There will be yet another "iconic duo forced to split, but with an 'emotional' farewell scene" plot and ending

I am not surprised that this happened.

12 The Ending Sucks
13 It'll Be the Worst Movie of All Time

That's why we hate Frozen. Can we all dream that you felt happy when this movie gets cancelled

Freddy Got Fingered, Foodfight, Where the Dead Go - 445956

14 Frozen is plotless.

It really is

15 It'll Suck Without Hans Revenging on Elsa

Hans got jailed but what if he broke out and start revenging on both Elsa and Anna? It'll be a REALLY good thing to me.

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