Reasons Why Frozen Haters Are Worse Than Frozen Praisers

Are you tired of those annoying frozen haters? Well I am too.

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1 They hate it because it is popular

"I don't want to be HATED on because I dislike this show" Did it not occur to you that there are people out there who don't want to be HATED on because they don't like Lilo & Stitch, Mulan, The Princess and the Frog, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Treasure Planet, Toy Story 3, Rise of the Guardians, or The Lego Movie? But of course to express dislike of any of those movies is to be branded a heretic, even if Frozen is never mentioned in comparison.

They just make random claims about the film that isn't even true just because they are tired of people praising it. Even though no one really does that as much anymore.

They just don't know that bad press is still press and talking about it is just bringing the movie back to light. If they really disliked it so much they wouldn't be giving it the time of day. - Azurin

It got way overmarketed (still is to this day in mid 2017, just go to Disneyland). But that does not mean the movie is bad. I thought this movie was pretty good (but I legit was not very happy about the "true love" cliche ending. But this film is not the second coming of Jesus, nor is it the worst thing since Foodfight. I think every Disney animation movie from 2010 on is at the very least "good". And I'm glad they keep making good movies - Phillip873

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2 They hate Anna and Elsa for stupid, dumb, immature reasons

Mulan was a drama queen and so was Lilo yet we're all supposed to worship them.

They are dramaqueens who don't know how real life works, Elsa is slightly better because she knows that she doesn't marry people who are strangers (whereas Anna does at first, it would have taught her a lesson if she did in fact die from Elsa's curse), although Elsa isn't in any way a better singer. I guess Disney wanted the drama and cheese back when they made this movie!

I don't hate Elsa, but I hate Anna, but I'm not telling the reasons because the frozen fans will just whine like always

Actually, you can't marry a man you just met. Where'd you get the ring? How do you know he's not a psycho killer?
That was completely erratic… lol

3 They hate Frozen but act like every other Disney movie is godsent

Several of the movies they like to bring up in comparison at best were in the "good but not great" category as far as box office returns and sometime also public opinion (Mulan being a prime example), but now are the Best Thing(s) Ever solely because Frozen got popular. To be fair, Lilo & Stitch was popular in its day, but Disney was going through its second Dark Age at the time so that's not saying much, and nobody brought up or seemed to care about the "sisterly love" aspect until Frozen got popular and they felt the need to remind everyone about Disney's "real movie about sisters".

According to the haters Frozen is an unimaginable terrible film that should be hated and trashed as much as possible, but apparently Mulan, Little Mermaid, Lilo And Stitch and every other Disney movie are the finest examples of holy perfection the world has to offer

Like they're doing with Zootopia right now? Not helping: that people keep bring up that in-movie dig at Frozen as one of the greatest things about Zootopia and that everybody always has to make some comparison be it characters, songs, or the movie itself to Frozen.

They treat Treasure Planet and Lilo & Stitch like gods! But act like Frozen is Evil!

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4 They keep bringing up how it's been a few years since the movie came out and therefore should be forgotten by now yet constantly sing the praises of movies that are anywhere from eight to twenty years old

I was going to say "and movies even older than that", but then I realized that the oldest movie I'm seeing all that much love for these days, especially in so far as people screaming about how much better than Frozen it is, is the 20 year old Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Also, remind me to tell everyone to "forget" Zootopia and Moana three years from now

5 They say we can never change their opinion yet think they can change ours

Hello, person "trying to lure people from Frozen" and "WILL STAND MY GROUND" and person who will "go to Let it Go to dislike the video, comment, and then suggest some Sonic the Hedghog songs that are better than Frozen songs". You give haters a bad name. Also, even taking Frozen out of the equation I have zero interest in any Sonic songs or Sonic anything because of fans like you that are actually just as bad if not worse than the Frozen fans.

By the way I really pity you people who think that video game soundtracks that are literally 10 seconds long and just loop over and over are better then actual songs

Hey, over-defensive Sonic fanboy, it's just that *one* person who keeps "spamming in all caps" and that person may have moved one by now anyway. Even if that person hasn't, you and your fellow Frozen haters shouldn't keep associating anyone who isn't a proud Frozen hater with that one person's behavior.

And I don't care how "actually good" any Sonic songs are. I will never love them like you do., and it's rather naive of you to expect otherwise. Just like I don't expect you to like Frozen or any of its songs; I'm just tired of everyone assuming anyone who likes Frozen is anything like that one crazed fan.

"Like you fans do" Good [gravy], is that getting beyond old and repetitive! It's not like saying *that* or some variation of it over and over again is going to change anybody's opinion.

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6 They hate it because it's overrated but don't hate other things that are overrated

Star Wars is a fine example here. The original trilogy (epsidoes 4-6) was good but not worth the huge amount of hype it generated, the prequels and everything else (prequels, animated spinoffs, "The Force Awakens") weren't as good, and the whole franchise still way over-hyped and over-merchandised. But nobody says a word, or if they do they encourage they hype and merchandising while complaining incessantly about Frozen. Case in point: every Frozen related change announced for DisneyWorld and DisneyLand is a sign of the apocalypse, yet every Star Wars related change is celebrated and welcomed with open arms even as it takes over things like Space Mountain and The Magic of Disney Animation and three-quarters of the Disney Studios park.

Like "The Lego Movie"? That's as much if not more to blame for overshadowing "Big Hero 6", but of course "Frozen" is the (no pun intended) "cool" thing to blame for everything so everyone continue to do so.

Observe how Zootopia very quickly crossed the "overrated" threshold, yet nobody's reminding those who made it so overrated what other Disney movies exist/of the mere fact other Disney movies exist at every turn like they do to anyone who doesn't hate Frozen, nor does anyone nitpick Zootopia to death and back like they do with Frozen.

Michael Jackson is overrated, but still a legend. - 445956

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7 They won't stop with the "but you fans do it too" nonsense, even though most fans don't actually do the thing haters do and accuse fans of doing

Agree with this. Example: Many Frozen haters claim that Frozen fans constantly watch the same movie (Frozen) over and over even though most fans (99.9%) don't actually do that. It's only those overly obsessed fans which only makes less than 0.1% only do that.

I agree with this post! I predict that sooner or later some Frozen haters will try to say otherwise and bring up the whole "but you fans do it too" nonsense again.

8 They bring it up out of nowhere

Want to know how you ignore it, you just don't look at it or you don't respond to it. Let someone just say that good thing about. And there is more hate that is randomly brought up than in praise

Your just watching a video that has nothing to do with animation, frozen, or even disney. Doesn't stop someone from randomly saying that he/she hates frozen and how it's the worse movie ever.

(Me talking to a Frozen hater) It's only still getting talked about this much because you're the ones bringing it up all the time


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9 They accuse Frozen fans of liking stuff like Dora the Explorer or Foodfight or Adult Party Cartoon

Or Barney, and I don't mean Fife, Miller, or Rubble.

I don't get why everyone hates Dora. You know you're too old for that show anyway, and by your age, everything like it is horrible. It's a great show for its 4-year demographic, which is why Dora is so iconic and has became a part of pop-culture

I've actually never seen a Frozen fan do that. Never. Seen. A. Frozen. Fan. Do. That.

10 They're so intent on making sure the movie, characters, and song top every possible "worst" list that they don't pay attention to "worst" lists calling out a specific year

Seriously, what are all the members of the frozen hatedom trying to accomplish? Constantly complaining about the movie and making it top a bunch of worst lists isn't gonna wipe it from existence or anything, and plus, it's been going on for 3 years now, just cut it out already

Can almost bet money they'll make sure "Frozen", "Let It Go", or Anna and Elsa are on the worst lists for 2015 or even 2016 even though the movie came out in *2013*.

Seriously, it's gotten to the point where Frozen is literally #5 on the worst movies of all time list, Jesus Christ guys just relax, you don't need to go that far with the hate

A featured list is "Top 10 Worst Theatrical Movies of All Time". I think we all know what will be number 1 before the day is out if isn't there already.

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11 They do everything they accuse Frozen fans of doing, just towards different movies and characters

For example, a bunch of frozen haters once got mad at me for liking frozen and started pointing out all the flaws, problems with the characters and songs and so on, but then when I said I hate The Dark Knight (which I really do), they all got super pissed off and where like "how dare you say that! TDK is the best movie ever and everyone must love it." So to all the frozen haters out there I say this "oh gee does it make you mad when someone constantly bashes a movie you like? WELL NOW YOU KNOW HOW PEOPLE WHO LIKE FROZEN FEEL! "

"I wish people would stop putting down the other Disney Princesses to build up Elsa and Anna" said the people who put down the other Disney Princesses to build up Tiana and Mulan.

People are already doing that with Zootopia.

I can name at least three people (ConnorBanjoper, PinkieMaster, and especially SwampertBABY) who also misuse and overuse the caps lock key.

12 They act smug and elitist for liking a different animated movie

Nobody is racist because of "Frozen". If anything that friend was always racist, and you're just using your own hatred of "Frozen" as an excuse and making what has to be the worst attempt on getting people to hate a movie just because you yourself hate it that I've ever seen. Not helping you case is the fact that "racist" and "racism" have become go-to buzzwords that people resort to throwing around when previous arguments don't work. And I'm sorry, but not everyone thinks "My Neighbor Totoro" is the holy bastion of animation you're trying to make it out to be regardless of what country it came from.

They stand in front of you and whine about Frozen being so popular while cradling their precious copy of Lilo and Stitch or Treasure Planet, you tell them "well the movie you have isn't that great either" and they say "Don't talk about my movie that way, you and all the other brainwashed critics just don't know how to appreciate the true high art that this movie is"

Like that "Lilo and Stitch" fan who thought the person who called out that movie's flaws couldn't understand them unless they did a bad Barbara Walters impression. Or those people now proclaiming "the evil has been defeated", "ding dong the witch is dead", "the tyranny is over", etc. in regards to Zootopia making so much on its opening weekend.

That's how it is now that Zootopia has entered the realms of overrated, all the Frozen haters are now gathering around to defend and continually praise Zootopia the same ways they say people who like Frozen do

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13 They're boring
14 They say the animation sucks

I don't like the movie but I think it's animated really well. The visuals aren't what I have an issue with, anyway

They're hung up on that one animation error- Elsa's braid towards the end of "Let It Go"- that's really not all that noticeable if you're dwelling on finding it.

They clearly don't know anything about animation if they say the animation for this movie is bad.

Anyone who says that obviously doesn't know good animation from bad animation.

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15 Bringing up Frozen and how a certain song is better than Let it Go in situations which have nothing to do with Frozen

LMAO Frozen haters are so full of themselves that it's hilarious. I cannot watch a single music video, regardless of genre, band, etc. without some contrarian spouting off "This song is WAY better than let it go". I was listening to a song by Amon Amarth (My favorite Metal band) on YT and that was one of the top rated comments. How is Let It Go even relevant in this situation? Hell, and I'm not even a fan of the film.

Frozen haters also try to throw in complex words that they don't really know the meaning of in an effort to sound intelligent when all it does is make them come across as asinine pseudo-intellectuals. Sometimes it appears the cheese fell off their cracker.

I've never seen that as a comment before

But I can compare Hatsune Miku and the other Vocaloids to it because it's on this list even though it's TOTALLY IRRELEVANT!


We never did that

16 They bring up the same points over and over again
17 They are ironic

The haters keep saying how its been a year and people are still praising it and its getting annoying, but I haven't see praise from frozen in a long time. It's just the haters that keep bringing it up like I said in the first reason.

Shouldn't they stop praising "Treasure Planet", "Mulan", "The Princess and the Frog", "Lilo & Stitch", and "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"? Those have been out for WAY more than two years!

Whoever asked us if we should stop liking The Princess & the Frog, Lilo & Stitch, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Mulan, have you ever heard of what timeless means? Frozen does not need all the hate it gets, but these films you told us to stop praising are timeless. Timeless means it hasn't changed for the worse throughout time/is still valuable disregarding how old they are. - The Ultimate Daredevil


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18 They mock people who do like it

These people are dumb. They would feel the same way if they're favorite movie is being mocked

Why are this people so stupid and rude? So what if people like and praise frozen. You don't need to bash them for it.

Nobody used the word "ungrateful" except the person accusing fans of doing so. And the fact that they can't even be bothered to type a measly two additional letters and write out the word "you" just kills anything resembling credibility.

I'm not the biggest Frozen fan, but if you like it- keep on liking it and I'm glad you had fun with the film, it's called opinions - idontknow

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19 They can't talk about any other movie without saying "at least it's better than Frozen" or "it's x times better than Frozen"

There are plenty of movies that I can name that are worse than Frozen! I can't see how Jurassic Park 3 is better than frozen! And speaking of Jurassic Park, A fellow Jurassic park fan made a Poorly made video about Rexy eating Elsa and Anna! And if that wasn't enough! The comment section is filled to the brim with the same old annoying hate comments! Don't get me wrong i,m a hardcore Jurassic park fan. But Comparing frozen to a movie that also has a large amount praise but from another genre is just taking it far. And I can't believe that my fellow Jurassic Park fans are talking trash about it and saying they rather watch a movie that I find worse (Jurassic park III) over frozen! But saying Jurassic park is better than frozen, even though Jurassic park is the better made movie, Is just ridiculous!

I don't care how many times better a horror movie is better than Frozen, horror's not my thing. And girls aren't dumb.

They even call frozen (and I ain't kidding) worse than foodfight, ratoingand, little panda fighter,and the nut job


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20 They blame Frozen fans for things they don't like

Even better: they vote for the list item they don't like (Zootopia, Big Hero 6, or Wreck-It Ralph on an "overrated" list for example) *just* to make a comment blaming Frozen fans. Since you have to vote for something to comment on it, I can tell that they did vote for it even if they didn't want it to move up the list.

Zootopia appears on a "worst" or "overrated" list: "what butthurt Frozen fanboy put this here" "whoever put this here must like Frozen", etc. Never mind that people should be just as free to not worship Zootopia as they are to not worship Frozen, and the apparently few who actually hate both movies have had to defend themselves on those lists.

Actual Comment On Zootopia on the Most Overrated Movies List

'The person who added this must be a Frozen fan'

What does that even mean? Are you under the impression that people who like Frozen are now compelled to hate every new Disney movie? Cause we don't, I liked Zootopia a lot and I still like Frozen, (I do think Frozen is the superior movie, mainly because while Zootopia was better in the joke department, I do also think that's where the film falters, Frozen has more of a flowing narrative while Zootopia was more concerned with its social commentary and jokes) but I guess that doesn't matter as many of you haters have already labeled me as a brain dead idiot or a 2 year old for liking Frozen

Frozen Hater's Logic

Any negativity towards Zootopia and Moana is from Frozen fans

Did it ever occur to you haters that maybe the people who disliked Zootopia and Moana had good reasons for disliking it or at the very least not seeing it as the perfect holy bastion that you apparently think it is? And the idea of people who like Frozen being obligated to hate every Disney movie except for Frozen is just ludicrous, people who liked Frozen are Disney fans so they more than likely want to like as many Disney movies as they can, and you haters are more than likely defending these newer Disney movies only because they've now become the center of attention instead of Frozen

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1. They accuse Frozen fans of liking stuff like Dora the Explorer or Foodfight or Adult Party Cartoon
2. They hate it because it's overrated but don't hate other things that are overrated
3. They do everything they accuse Frozen fans of doing, just towards different movies and characters
1. They hate Anna and Elsa for stupid, dumb, immature reasons
2. They hate Frozen but act like every other Disney movie is godsent
3. They hate it because it is popular
1. They do everything they accuse Frozen fans of doing, just towards different movies and characters
2. They hate it because it's overrated but don't hate other things that are overrated
3. They bring up the same points over and over again

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