Pretty Little Rant S02E02: Frozen Fans/Haters

Hi, and this is the second episode of the second seasons of ''Pretty Little Rants''. This rant is about Frozen fans and Frozen haters.

Both of them are annoying, but REALLY annoying equally. I just can't belive that there is so much lists about this movie due to both of them. I know that Frozen was my least favorite movie and that everyone has their opinions, but this is going too far.

Frozen Haters can hate the movie however they want, but they are going too far by making offensive lists like ''things you would like to throw at elsa from frozen'' of ''things that should happen to elsa and anna from frozen'' (this one sounds like an innocent list, but isn't.) The list of ''things that should happen to elsa and anna from frozen'' seems innofensive, but isn't because of the items here. One of them is that they should catch ebola. That is rude. People died due to ebola and saying that someone deserves ebola is one of the meanest insults ever. Ebola jokes aren't even funny.

Frozen Fans anwser to that list by writing all in capital letters rude things whenever someone says something bad about the movie, like ''NO! YOU JUST CAN'T BE RUDE TO SWEET AND INNOCENT ELSA AND ANNA. IF YOU SAY THAT, THEY WILL CRY''. Or they pretend to be one character of the movie by saying to stop. THEY ARE JUST FICTIONNAL CHARACTERS! Fictionnal characters doesn't live here.

So, what I was saying is that both bases are going too far and exagerate.

For the Frozen fans, stop saying that frozen is the absolute best movie ever and stop bashing the haters for nothing.
For the Frozen haters, stop saying that frozen is the absolute worst movie ever and stop bashing the fans for nothing.

Next episode: A rant about Puga Abuse ideas



I'm excited for the next one! And I agree with you. - Turkeyasylum