Reasons Why Frozen Haters Are Worse Than Frozen Praisers

Are you tired of those annoying frozen haters? Well I am too.

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21 They are ironic

The haters keep saying how its been a year and people are still praising it and its getting annoying, but I haven't see praise from frozen in a long time. It's just the haters that keep bringing it up like I said in the first reason.

Shouldn't they stop praising "Treasure Planet", "Mulan", "The Princess and the Frog", "Lilo & Stitch", and "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"? Those have been out for WAY more than two years!

Whoever asked us if we should stop liking The Princess & the Frog, Lilo & Stitch, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Mulan, have you ever heard of what timeless means? Frozen does not need all the hate it gets, but these films you told us to stop praising are timeless. Timeless means it hasn't changed for the worse throughout time/is still valuable disregarding how old they are. - The Ultimate Daredevil


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22 They bring up the same points over and over again

You mean a massive plot hole? Hans wouldn't be able to get the throne because that's not how a monarchy works. I don't hate Frozen, but there are certainly better Disney movies. Besides, I do nothing on this list. - LordDovahkiin

23 They mock people who do like it

These people are dumb. They would feel the same way if they're favorite movie is being mocked

Why are this people so stupid and rude? So what if people like and praise frozen. You don't need to bash them for it.

Nobody used the word "ungrateful" except the person accusing fans of doing so. And the fact that they can't even be bothered to type a measly two additional letters and write out the word "you" just kills anything resembling credibility.

I'm not the biggest Frozen fan, but if you like it- keep on liking it and I'm glad you had fun with the film, it's called opinions - idontknow

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24 They have no life

Other people are allowed to have opinions, too. Mulan isn't God. Lilo & Stitch isn't God. Treasure Planet isn't God. Rio isn't God. SpongeBob isn't God. The Lego Movie isn't God. The Hunchback of Notre Dame isn't God. Star Wars isn't God. The Princess and the Frog isn't God. Whatever other movies and cartoons everyone on this site can't even get away with saying the mildly dislike isn't God.

You don't know whether or not Frozen fans or Frozen haters have a life. Frozen fans don't spend every second of every day obsessing over the movie. It's just an extremely incredible movie. Frozen haters don't obsess over hating Frozen all day. I'm sure we all have better things to do. - JHLover321

Frozen isn't God, but it isn't Satan either.

Let's face it: one's mere presence on this site, regardless of how they feel about Frozen, indicates lack of a life.

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25 They constantly complain about Anna and Elsa

Complain about Anna and Elsa yet act like Mulan and Tiana are above all criticism.

Yet act as if the Hamada brothers and/or the sisters in "Lilo & Stitch" are these absolutely perfect holy beings that can do no wrong.

Not just the Pelekai sisters and the Hamada brothers- they also constantly bash Anna and Elsa but act like Tiana and Mulan can do no wrong.

I only like Anna, but I hate everyone else.

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26 They are annoying

No, the Lego movie fans are the most dramatic people on the top tens! They won't let anyone say ANYTHING about that movie besides "it's a masterpiece, why didn't it even get nominated for an oscar, it's better than any animated movie ever, etc." and go and write "so is the Lego movie" on every item on every list saying any given movie is better than their precious two hour Lego commercial. Like seriously,shut up!

You know, you seem extremely gloomy and pessimistic @IHateDoveCameron and your username doesn't make it any better. What's your deal? Usually, the Frozen haters are really gloomy and are haters of a couple other things as well. For example, you. You're kind of annoying yourself. You say you hate Dove Cameron, yet you made a list about reasons to hate her, it's your username, and it's in you're biography thingy. Why don't you just make a movie about how much you hate Dove Cameron?! You just hate Dove Cameron based on her public image that she displayed as Liv. And you're also kind of rude. 'enough said. - JHLover321

Two wrongs don't make a right, so it doesn't matter who's annoying to whom.

Well, I'm sure most people hates and loves something, but they have every right to do so. Sometimes being an obsessive fan is annoying as well. Anyone can be annoying really, not just Frozen haters.

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27 They really don't have a good reason for hating it.

Just saying it's "overrated" or it's too "girly" is no real reason to hate on a film. - AnnaOfArendelle332

Exactly. I'm a teenage guy and I can honestly say that I liked the movie. - phillysports

Some people just hate musicals or is tired of the songs. It's 2015 and I'm still singing Let It Go. You know why? Because it's a beautiful song and I will never get tired of Frozen, nor will I rest until Frozen 2 comes out. They better make a Frozen 2! - JHLover321

Look haters, you wanna know why Frozen is so popular? Because it was the first good Disney film in like 5 or 6 years, every Disney film that came out before then was either crap or just totally forgettable, even if you don't like frozen at least it finally brought Disney back to its glory

Well, plot holes for one. That's not how a monarchy works, so Hans can't ascend the throne. - LordDovahkiin

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28 They can't talk about any other movie without saying "at least it's better than Frozen" or "it's x times better than Frozen"

There are plenty of movies that I can name that are worse than Frozen! I can't see how Jurassic Park 3 is better than frozen! And speaking of Jurassic Park, A fellow Jurassic park fan made a Poorly made video about Rexy eating Elsa and Anna! And if that wasn't enough! The comment section is filled to the brim with the same old annoying hate comments! Don't get me wrong i,m a hardcore Jurassic park fan. But Comparing frozen to a movie that also has a large amount praise but from another genre is just taking it far. And I can't believe that my fellow Jurassic Park fans are talking trash about it and saying they rather watch a movie that I find worse (Jurassic park III) over frozen! But saying Jurassic park is better than frozen, even though Jurassic park is the better made movie, Is just ridiculous!

I don't care how many times better a horror movie is better than Frozen, horror's not my thing. And girls aren't dumb.

They even call frozen (and I ain't kidding) worse than foodfight, ratoingand, little panda fighter,and the nut job


29 They blame Frozen fans for things they don't like

Even better: they vote for the list item they don't like (Zootopia, Big Hero 6, or Wreck-It Ralph on an "overrated" list for example) *just* to make a comment blaming Frozen fans. Since you have to vote for something to comment on it, I can tell that they did vote for it even if they didn't want it to move up the list.

Zootopia appears on a "worst" or "overrated" list: "what butthurt Frozen fanboy put this here" "whoever put this here must like Frozen", etc. Never mind that people should be just as free to not worship Zootopia as they are to not worship Frozen, and the apparently few who actually hate both movies have had to defend themselves on those lists.

Actual Comment On Zootopia on the Most Overrated Movies List

'The person who added this must be a Frozen fan'

What does that even mean? Are you under the impression that people who like Frozen are now compelled to hate every new Disney movie? Cause we don't, I liked Zootopia a lot and I still like Frozen, (I do think Frozen is the superior movie, mainly because while Zootopia was better in the joke department, I do also think that's where the film falters, Frozen has more of a flowing narrative while Zootopia was more concerned with its social commentary and jokes) but I guess that doesn't matter as many of you haters have already labeled me as a brain dead idiot or a 2 year old for liking Frozen

Frozen Hater's Logic

Any negativity towards Zootopia and Moana is from Frozen fans

Did it ever occur to you haters that maybe the people who disliked Zootopia and Moana had good reasons for disliking it or at the very least not seeing it as the perfect holy bastion that you apparently think it is? And the idea of people who like Frozen being obligated to hate every Disney movie except for Frozen is just ludicrous, people who liked Frozen are Disney fans so they more than likely want to like as many Disney movies as they can, and you haters are more than likely defending these newer Disney movies only because they've now become the center of attention instead of Frozen

30 They Consider It The Only Bad Disney Movie Even Though There Are Worse

Like Homo on the Range (I mispelled on purpose, go see E-Rod's review of Home On the Range to see why I give Home on the Range a D+), some straight-to-video Disney sequels (especially The Hunchback of Notre II, Pocahontas II: Journey to the New World, Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas and Cinderella II: Dreams Come True), Disney Junior movies and Disney Channel Original Movies (especially Penis Beach Movie).

31 They never shut up about Frozen

But you fans don't shut up about it either!

Sorry, just beating the inevitable to the punch. In any case, it does seem to me the haters won't shut up about "terrible" this movie is, how whatever other movie is so much better, or how "awful" the fans are (often using CapsGirl's behavior as justification) even after many if not nearly all the fans have stopped talking about it. Oh yeah, and it's the haters who keep bringing up the movie when it's not necessary or makes no sense to do so.

32 They will probably find this list and bash frozen some more

As they've so very clearly demonstrated, unfortunately. Just look at, oh, every other comment on everything else on this list.

You know its true.

We all have our own opinions I hate frozen so deal with it. I respect your opinion about liking it. There is nothing wrong with being a hater.

There's nothing wrong with simply not liking something. Not liking something and being a hater are two different things. - Just3llaAn1mat10n421

Too true

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33 Call Disney overrated as a whole because of this movie

People act like ZOOTOPIA is Jesus Christ, yet nobody's allowed to say it's overrated.

Yes frozen is overrated but just because a movie is a disney movie doesn't make it overrated.

No, Disney does deserve to have such a high reputation. Frozen's overrated, but Disney isn't

To the user who said "How the heck is Frozen not overrated? People act like it's Jesus Christ! "

Do you not realise that other Disney movies like The Lion King, Mulan, The Little Mermaid are also treated like Jesus Christ and yet no of you guys are pointing that out? Bias attitude at its finest is what I would say about you.

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34 They are obnoxious

I'm not giving that list more hits; it's petty to list things to throw at a computer graphic that can't be hurt by them. Most "Frozen" fans are nothing like that *one* fan you keep bringing up. And who's calling the fans of something they hate "brainless fools"? Who's throwing "HAHAAHA", "in yo face", and other unnecessary obnoxious phrases into their comments? Who thinks anybody who finds another Disney movie overrated can only understand you if you talk like Elmer Fudd? Who posted something about stabbing "Frozen" fans and feeding them to zombies from a video game (who, like Elsa, are nothing but computer graphics?

More haters call people "dumb" and "big fat meanies" than praisers. And the haters not only do that to "Frozen" praisers but to anyone who dares think whatever movie they like is anything short of a perfect masterpiece.

They never shut up about how "awful" this film is

Frozen. Fans. Are. Not. All. Caps. Girl. So please stop associating anyone and everyone who doesn't hate Frozen with her behavior.

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35 They made the movie even more overrated

Saying how much you hate it and pointing out every little flaw is still talking about it. Oh, and if you bought some of the merchandise just to destroy it, you still paid for it in the first place thus continued to convince Disney to make more.

True. Frozen haters constantly reply to every comment that praises Frozen for the heck of it. Whereas Frozen fans don't always do that. Users @IHateDoveCameron and @Nateawesomeness are prime examples of who I'm talking about.

SWAMPERTBABY, did you not see the other random who actually answered the one you're agreeing with and asking the same question all over again? I quote: "Saying how much you hate it and pointing out every little flaw is still talking about it."

Frozen was never overrated to begin with! Just because it has merchandise that automatically means it overrated?!? Woopity--Doo every Disney movie has merchandise, so why is this any different?

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36 They hate the idea of Anna and Elsa being portrayed as related to each other as sisters

Canon haters: Anna should've been a Weasley

Canon haters: Elsa should've been a Malfoy.

It's fine if their sisters, if this was true what would I do,criticize everyone for having a sister,that'd like being racist,and I'm not racism,so no,I don't

37 They'll swarm you in a comment section if you say you like it

All you have to do is type I like frozen in any comment section for anything and hundreds of these guys will start attacking you, seriously Frozen Haters are like a cult

They make it seem like liking Frozen is illegal or something

They float around YouTube or any place with comment sections 24/7 ready to jump on anyone who says they like it

Like Locusts!

38 If you like frozen, they won't stop bugging you about it

The worst part is the fact that every time you see a movie and say you liked it or you didn't like it, they will always say that your opinion doesn't matter because you like Frozen which means "you have bad taste in movies."

Or when you see a preview for a crappy looking movie and they'll be like "well you liked frozen so that looks right up your ally"

Or whenever you're with them in a store and you see the merchandise they'll turn to you and be like "hey look, it's merchandise from that crappy movie you like"

And will you stop spouting off "he thinks it's the greatest movie ever!?! " I really like it but it's not

I GET IT! You don't like the fact that I like frozen, but will you stop bugging me about it!?!

It's only that *one* fan, the so-called "caps girl", that does what the haters keep accusing everyone who doesn't think Frozen is the worst thing ever of doing. There are mature and rational people who like Frozen, and don't care if anyone else like it or not therefore do not and have no interest in "spamming in caps and calling people big head meanie".

39 They keeping pointing out every little flaw in "Frozen" or complaining about how people don't see the flaws, yet act as if every single other animated movie has no flaws

While I understand that some people may not like Frozen but I see no reason to constantly point out every flaw in Frozen and act every good movie. While sometimes (5% chance) a person gives a reasonable/valid reason to dislike Frozen, almost everyone one of them I know don't ever listen to other's opinions and proceeds to label them as "fanboys/girls". Even worse is when they points every single flaw but say that The Lion King is the most perfect movie only because of nostalgia.

I'm pretty sure 99% of the "plot holes" they claim to have found are just their stupid theories, things in the background or some other crap they made up

Honestly, this is my biggest pet peeve with the whole Frozen hatedom. Its one thing to criticise it when it actually matters but people find every small, insignificant flaw to dislike Frozen. In case you don't know, just because something is popular doesn't mean its flawless. I seen many people point out every single flaw in Frozen but looks past the flaws in TLK and still calls it the best movie ever. While I know my fanboyism for Frozen isn't any better, there comes a point where I can agree and accept Frozen isn't perffect. But TLK are in denial that their favorite movie isn't perfect.

^True. And by the way everyone, TLK isn't perfect. There I said it.

40 They try to change the opinion of frozen fans

Not everyone thought "Frozen was a bad movie already" and actually most fans just happen to like it and would like to do so in peace. Many if not most Frozen fans are even okay with other people not liking it. But the "trying to lure people from Frozen" (emphasis on "lure"), saying it's what child molesters watch, saying how much you hate it/how bad it is over and over again, calling anybody who doesn't declare it the worst thing ever "idiots", "imbeciles", "psychopaths", and "babies"- that's what even the most rational fans don't like, and I don't blame them one bit.

I don't care how many times people feel the need to post "all the bad things" about Elsa, any other character, or the movie; I'm not going to suddenly start hating it.

And usually offer very weak arguments to that end, too.

Opinions should be respected not beat up on and called stupid I loved frozen it's a great movie and yet somehow it keeps on ending up on worst movies ever type of lists like what the friking check is wrong with people also why do people hate on shows like Dora I mean it's for little kids and they love it witch is great really shows you how immature people can be also please like this posted by anyahbear

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