Reasons Why Frozen Haters Are Worse Than Frozen Praisers

Are you tired of those annoying frozen haters? Well I am too.

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61 They feel the need to add "in yo face" and "HAHAHAHAHA" to their comments

Or other immature drivel, thinking it somehow makes them better.

62 They bash on the frozen fans
63 They are selfish

Actually, I don't own very much of the merchandise at all, thank you very much.

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64 They think their opinions are facts

Hate to break this to you, but "Frozen is the worst thing ever" is not a fact. It is, indeed, an opinion. Even saying it is annoying is not a fact because annoyance is an opinion.

Like most fans do.

65 They think they're cool for hating it
66 They hate Disney

The Walt Disney Company has been doing so much more that just over-popularize the Frozen franchise. Let's all praise Disney Channel (back in the late 20th Century), Walt Disney Animation Studios and etc.

67 Most Of Them Don't Even Hate Frozen As Much As They Say They Do

At the very least, they have to know there are worse movies than Frozen for all the time they spend declaring Frozen the absolute worst movie ever.

It just really annoys me how many people who don't even hate Frozen, just dislike or thought it was just ok constantly try to pretend that they hate frozen just to blend in with the crowd, so whenever I see someone who says "I think Frozen is the worst movie ever" I just laugh and go "yeah, sure you do"

I do.

68 If you say you like Frozen they laugh
69 They have no sense of humor

Given how unfortunately 95% of the population enjoys stupid, juvenile jokes and anything that references something else automatically equals funny, I don't want to know what your definition of "amazing comedian" is.

Okay, this list is taking things way too far, starting with the "They have no life" reason. What if that guy was an amazing comedian?

70 They attack this list
71 They Say Any Critics Who Liked It Were Brainwashed

Seriously haters? SERIOUSLY!?! The critics who liked it were BRAINWASHED!?! Can you just not accept the fact that a normal, sane person likes Frozen? You have to make up these convoluted, nonsensical excuses?

72 They act like the movie has the worst flaws ever even when most if not all movies ever made have at least some of the same kinds of flaws
73 They bandwagon
74 They go off topic
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1. They accuse Frozen fans of liking stuff like Dora the Explorer or Foodfight or Adult Party Cartoon
2. They hate it because it's overrated but don't hate other things that are overrated
3. They do everything they accuse Frozen fans of doing, just towards different movies and characters
1. They hate Anna and Elsa for stupid, dumb, immature reasons
2. They hate Frozen but act like every other Disney movie is godsent
3. They hate it because it is popular
1. They hate it because it is popular
2. Bringing up Frozen and how a certain song is better than Let it Go in situations which have nothing to do with Frozen
3. Just hearing the phrase "let it go" or the word "frozen" in situations having nothing whatsoever to do with the movie gets them going

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