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1 It's Overrated

Possibly the most overrated movie of all time - Ajkloth

Frozen is probably one of the most over rated movies of all time. Like I've said before, it's an okay little movie. It's cute. That's it. But the problem is that everyone keeps acting like this movie is a godsend or something. It really isn't. It's just a simple movie with simple animation and simple characters. It's not Lion King or Tangled. It's just a forgettable movie that has been over hyped to death.

Most overrated movie EVER!

It is actually the most overrated animated film of all time. - SpinelliFan

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2 People Keep Singing the Songs

Whenever my teacher would play Do you want to build a snowman over pandora, all the girls would sing along and I'd just be like what? Why does everyone have this crap memorized? And I swear to god if I hear Let it Go one more time...

I hear you its like that at school then when I come home my sister starts singin let it go - bravenwolfzx

This movie is a horrible release. In Vietnam (My country), 85% of Vietnamese people were brainwashed by it. They keep singing Let It Go to drive me mad. I don't want to build a damn snowman, I just want to shut its mouth. But then again, I shouldn't be too angry about it. - TheRegular1227

I live there too and I completely agree! My classmates are all obsessed with that song. - Goku02

So if Pocahontas is more overrated than Frozen you would hate it? And if anyone sings "Can you paint with all the colors of the wind" in your room but they were actually meaning that they're painting the air around your room. Would you hate that? Well, most likely yes if Pocahontas was released at this time after Frozen.

I really hate the movie and the characters need to shut up except for Olaf.

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3 The Fans

I'm just gonna come out and say this, hate me or call me a sociopath if you will, but the film disappointed me. I liked it, but they could of done much more with it. But my main problem with the movie is THE FANBASE. Holy crap those fans are insane! Rabid! It's like they'll do anything to make Frozen the only good Disney movie (even though Tangled, Lion King, Mulan, Bambi (favorite), Sleeping Beauty, Dumbo, Fantasia, Lady and the Tramp, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Tarzan, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, The Great Mouse Detective, Oliver and Company, Robin Hood, Aladdin, The Rescuers, ext, were better. ) The fans practically only like that movie and hate every single other movie ever created! - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

I thought that sleeping beauty was a little bland though the live action remake called Maleficent is really good, and I'm not even a huge Angelina Jolie fan and I like it. - Anonymousxcxc

The fans are a bunch of lesbians who are obsessed with yuri between the sisters. Then they take it two far with Jack Frost. Elsa is a rip-off of Princess Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy and Anna is the rip-off of Rapunzel. The villain is the guy who Anna liked and is a copy of Gaston. Really Disney? The background looks like from Ice Age and winter set video games. Fans only care more about the Queen than the princess. The Queen supposed to the villain as told in the original story. The Frozen Freaks want this movie to the ONLY MOVIE to have two female protagonists, an evil handsome guy, an annoying sidekick, the "best soundtrack", the greatest moral, the most feminist movie, etc. This is a sexist movie. They always get offended if you criticize it and then make a big deal of it. They will kill you if you say that you hate it. Most of the ans are girls who really need to get off online and get themselves a boyfriend.

I find it funny how ignorant you are. "this is a sexist movie" Do you know what sexist means? The characters are barely rip-offs of others, and using lesbian as an insult? Talk about being a homophobe. Telling female fans to get offline and get themselves a boyfriend... That's saying that all girls are meant to do is have a boyfriend, which IS sexist.

Most of the fans on Deviantart AND Tumblr are lesbians (no offense), On Deviantart most of the artwork is just porn, either elsa is undressed with only underwear or completely on or Elsa is kissing Anna, the retards on Tumblr agree with pairing Anna and Elsa up together, it's just gross and it's incest. - MeaganSaysHI

I agree with you. One of former friends who moved away turned into a lesbian when she watched this movie. She used to talk about boys, then this came. Before she moved, she talked how big are Elsa's boobs and how she doesn't need a man.

"cough" "cough" Frozen caps girl who spams on Elsa hate lists. The fans of this movie are literally insane! - UltraLunalaX

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4 The Plot Is a Mess and It Has No Focus

I just watched it for the first time an I'm utterly bewildered. It was an complete train wreck. It feels like they either filmed a first draft or had an entirely different movie already made, stripped out more than half of it, and replaced it with Anna being quirky. So little of the scenes, dialog or songs actually advanced the plot.

All of the emotional climaxes (Elsa revealed and running away to build a castle, Elsa's castle under attack, Elsa banishing the eternal winter) were completely unearned and felt like they belonged in an entirely different movie we didn't get to see. And there were no stakes because as far as we know the entire story after the prologue took place over about 2 or 3 days.

Speaking of the prologue, it contained what should have been at least a half hour of movie crammed into a confusing 5 minute rush so we could get to two songs sung by Anna that accomplished exactly nothing and weren't even that good.

The focus was on all the wrong ...more

I honestly agree in that case. Everything is just so dramatic except for the fact that Anna's and Elsa's parents are dead like what.
There is no real conflict or focus to the story. Like for example, Mulan had this big adventure with training for army, we see how it's not just instantly she becomes a great warrior or smth, we know that she's far away from home and for a rather long period of time.
In Frozen, what? Elsa runs away and Anna finds her almost immediately. After big "let it go" thing Elsa is also captured by Hans. What was the point of those songs then?
Why not make her run away someplace different and actually much farther than the mountain nearby, so Anna could have an adventure, actually change through it and understand some things, have some actual bond with Kristoff if they wanted to insert a romantic plot after all. I mean come on, it's not that hard!
The main villain thing was like the last-minute desicion. They felt that the movie won't be big without ...more

It looked amazing at first (Having a snow powered sister looked like this film is going to be one of the most adventurous films ever made), but then when Elsa hit Anna with her snow powers, the whole plot escalated down from there.

Too many plot holes. You might get through it if you are a 4 year old girl because they won't understand, but if you are a cool 16 year old dude; This film will look like a big flop and mock of all decent Disney movies with amazing and adventurous plot lines.

Got to go. Got much better Disney movies to watch (Like Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. )

First its Hans, he is great handsome, then Anna's sister, Elsa says

You can't marry a guy you just met, yeah then Hans turns evil and attempts to kill them. Then it was about "sisterly love" although they barely spent time together, it was rushed, the whole movie was like 45 minutes long, boring,

I like Brave and Star Wars better, Merida had an awesome accent, and a controlling mom but she loves her so. That was a real PLOT but oh snow, a snowman shooting icicles from his ass is engrossing too? And icicles falling around a little princess almost killing her, Elsa is so cutthroat, she tried to kill the two men

And her appearance, her way of "letting go" is wearing a damn non era dress and a classy French braid, with makeup of all sorts. She is tall, big breast, blonde hair, and a perfect body type. What about the girls who have flaws instead of having a pretty face waiting for romance. Elsa freezes her heart but she already knows that positive ...more

Well obviously Star Wars is better. If you think frozen is better than Star Wars, then you're insane. - Therandom

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5 "Let It Go" Is Overrated

This song infected us, like Ebola, like chicken pox. This world must be purified. Once and for all away from this obnoxious song. - TheRegular1227

This song is terrible. Its not even good. At my school we made an assembly about this stupid movie and I was like UGH! Whats so great about Frozen. I would rather watch the original fairy tale The Snow Queen. - cosmo

I HATE THIS SONG SO MUCH! Besides, every time someone sees it, I get a huge impulse to either hate on Frozen in front of them, sing it as badly as possible, or even crush one of the discs of this movie.

I am literally teased with this song every damn day. - ArpstaAmy333

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6 It's Predictable

There was ONE twist that I didn't expect and that was the prince turning against them. That was it, very predictable. - BlazikenBro

I could totally tell the prince was a bad guy because as soon as he heard Anna was a princess he became really interested in her, plus you could tell from the look on this face, don't be fooled by his "Romantic face" believe me I never trust the boys

Honestly I just went on this list because I was curious about the Caps Girl everyone keeps mentioning... But, nevertheless the movie is incredibly predictable... Although I must say that it goes the same with every Disney movie... - Flowersocks2137

I mean come on, couldn't you tell Prince Hans was going to be the bad guy? I could see it comin' a mile away.

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7 It's Cliche

It's like Disney was creating frozen cliche pizzas

Fall in love at first sight cliche.

The movie ruined my favorite fairy tale by stuffing it full of unneeded hilariousness, cliches, silly songs, and ripping to shreds one of the best and most original premises known in the history of fairytales (aside from The Twelve Dancing Princesses, I don't think there's a fairy tale in the West that can even come close to comparing to the premise and imagination in the fairy tale Frozen bastardized, The Snow Queen). Perhaps I'm just sour, but still. Disney has previously made beautiful movies of fairy tales such as Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid, so I was and still am very sad to see they took this route and ruined my childhood favorite story.

The film should be called "The Disney Cliche."

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8 The Singing

Whenever Elsa and Anna sing, gives me Severe Diarrhoea.
I always wonder why I (seriously and extremely quickly or I will have an accident) have to run to the toilet whenever I hear them sing.

Why do people love there songs so much. To me it sounds as if Anna and Elsa swallowed Nails before singing. There singing is so awful and high pitched. What do you think of there singing?

Lady Gaga is better than their singing

In preschool kids hated frozen so much that whenever we got stuff like frozen dolls, toys, books, etc. We would break it. This trend caught on with a bunch of kids and when we went to kindergarten we had a teacher who loved frozen and the classroom was full of frozen things. Our first day of kindergarten was a complete madhouse because kids were breaking everything since the whole entire classroom was based on frozen.

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9 Let It Go (Song)

The fact that this song won the award for best original song and not Happy by Pharrell Williams sickens me - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

My mama sings this to much this should be number 1 reason

Def Leppard Had A Way Better Song Of The Same Name Released Back In '81. - Bndspitw

If this got an award for best soundtrack, there is no justice in this world.

I'm glad that this song is almost forgotten

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10 Elsa Is a B****

Elsa is pretty much my least favorite Frozen character.
1. She couldn't trust her sister to keep her powers secret.
2. She freaks out WAY too much.
3. She froze the entire world just because her sister married someone she just met that day (another way of out).
4. Instead of trying to fix the problem, she rips off her last glove, clips off her cape, throws her Tiara on the ground, and sings some ridiculously overrated song everyone now knows about how she loves her powers and how dangerous they are and that she will keep freezing the world until it falls apart.
5. When her sister was trying to help her, she tries to run away and ignore her.
6. Does she have to create a giant monster to get Anna and her friends out of her castle?!?! (And so she freaks out again)!
7. Whenever someone is by her, all she says is, "Just, stay away,".
8. While she did mourn for her sister, she could've done that a LONG time ago.
9. Her fans are so retarded and gush over ...more

She's just plain stupid. If I were her, I would tlak to Anna through the door, like "Sorry Anna, but I kinda have a secret so I can't open the door, but I can chat when you want..." and so on, instead of "Go AWAY ANNA! ". Anna is SO good at keeping calm. To be honest, if I were her, I would have went into the sword room, sliced her door open, and threaten to kill her if she wasn't nice to me. And why is she so evil and says she's only being protective? If you yell at your sister and freak out all the time, you would NOT be protecting her! She is also SO stupid. Can you believe she didn't know that she froze Arendelle? She thought it would be sunny there!

She really needs to die

It's funny how the Caps Locks Girl says "female dog" is a bad word but says it multiple times. - ObviouslyNotATroll

Anna is worse

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11 Olaf Olaf Olaf the Snowman is a character from the 2013 animated film Frozen, produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

This little waste of imagination is almost as bad as the Minions. Why does the baseless, uninspired, thoughtless comedy relief overshadow the rest of the product nowadays? It's pathetic and rather sad, to be honest, because it shows that any franchise or stand-alone product can make something like Gir or the Rabbids, or even those creepy McDonald's things, and it will be a hit with the majority of people. Olaf is a prime example of that. You can tell he's only in there for marketing. His only purpose in the movie itself is to be "cute" and "hilarious". Granted, he does actually talk, so he does require a bit more effort than the Minions, but if you take him out of the movie, there's virtually no difference. Sure he gave that melting speech, but come on. NOBODY else could do that? I'm pretty sure Anna would be able to come up with it on her own. Or would it not work because it has to be " cute"?

Possibly the most obnoxiously stupid character ever. The audience is supposed to love him, and that only makes him more annoying.

Olaf endorses suicide.

I hate this movie, but I did sort of like Olaf. He seems developed as sort of an idiot.

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12 It's Boring

I rather watch the Emoji Movie or Alpha and Omega than this

That's why I like cartoons like PAW Patrol

I watched the movie for the first time at the movie theater, and months later I begged my parent to buy me the DVD. But after I got it I only watched it 2-3 times since. WHY? Well, it's just unenjoyable and predictable afterwards.

Nothing happened in the first 30 min!

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13 Romance

Romance is everywhere.
Every movie (except Coco) I watch, has romance.
To make it worse?
Romance with the protagonists.
Please send help. - starryrcad

Romances are the worst thing ever in a,movie.

Excuse me person who said "God bless the movies that don't have romance" and listed "Wreck-It Ralph" as an example, but "Wreck-It Ralph" did have romance. Mr. Fix-It fell in love with that space marine chick, remember?

Grow up

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14 It Doesn't Make Sense

Here's a complete review of the movie.

So first Anna plays with Elsa and Anna gets struck by snow. Then her parents take her to TROOLS! Come on I MEAN SEE A DOCTOR! Anyway, then they wipe Anna's mind and in the rest of the movie Elsa tries to hide her powers from Anna. But at a fair or whatever it was, Elsa uncovers her powers and everyone is SCARED! OF ICE! ITS JUST ICE! So anyway then Elsa runs away and builds an ice fort. Elsa finds a guy and his deer and they look for Elsa. Then on the way, they meet Olaf. (The only good character. It's like Swiper in Dora but funnier.) They finally find Elsa and Anna begs her to come back. But she dosen't. Then the guards come and capture Elsa. Then there's this dopey saddy moment where the Prince (sorry that I forgot to mention about him earlier but you've seen the movie you know who he is) tries to capture Anna but Olaf rescues her. Then Elsa gets released and tries to go against the guards but she turns good again.

And that's the ...more

There are SO many plot holes in Frozen.

1. How the heck was Elsa born with powers? Neither her parents nor her sister seem to have it, and those were her only family members mentioned in the movie. So, is she adopted? Did a relative have ice powers? This question has been bugging me ever since I watched Frozen.
2. Why didn't Elsa go to her parents' funeral? Was she seriously that obsessed in keeping herself away from Anna that she wouldn't attend?
3. Why didn't anyone visit Anna's room after Hans told the nobles that she had died? I mean, she was part of the royal family and could've possibly been the next heir after Elsa ran away.
4. How were the kingdom's people totally okay with the King and Queen's decision of isolating the princesses from them? Did they just blindly believe that yes, their future rulers were perfectly fine, but no, you can't see them?
5. Why didn't Elsa just tell Anna what happened when her powers were revealed?
6. Where were Kristoff's ...more - yuki-blue

We don't know how Elsa got her powers from and how they even work.

Stupid Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck not letting us find out the actual truth about how was Elsa born with ice powers.

Of course. Disney has hidden agenda. - Radiumus

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15 It's Been Out for Over a Year and Is Still Popular

Why watch Frozen while you can watch spirited away? - SamuiNeko

Or Ted, The Hangover, Deadpool, The Hangover Part 2, The Wolf of Wall Street, A Million Ways to Die in the West, Ted 2, The Hangover Part 3, The Simpsons Movie or South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. - AlphaQ

I only see a few Bug Hero 6 merchandise in stores and a LOT of frozen. But even though I saw a lot of people running for BH6 more than frozen (i'm one of those fans, believe me)


BRAVE IS BETTER, Merida vs Elsa who will win?

Well I Don't Even Like Frozen, But Why Does This Matter? , Star Wars Is Almost 40 Years And It's Still Popular And Is Still A Good Movie, - VideoGamefan5

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16 The Animation Is Nothing to Write Home About

Well, I mean, unless you want to write about how it looses half of it's already not too great quality at the part that's supposed to be the "epic fight scene" - MoldySock

The backgrounds look like they stole it from ice age

If you are a frozen praiser you're the blind one because frozen is the #1 movie that really sucks but I think the fans are much worse

Frozen fans have no life

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17 Prince Hans Being Evil

Hans have a great performance at first, but that's just weird. Imagine a movie director tells a main actor to become evil, but the actor decided to stay on script, which the script of the main character's alignment/role was being a "good guy". But instead, the director forced that poor actor to be a villain and he got humiliated for not following the script. So what am I thinking in my perspective. The director in THIS movie is like forcing Hans to be evil and that's it. I mean, at least Gaston from Beauty And The Beast have revealed his motivation of why he became evil and wanted to kill The Beast. But for Hans? Well, we don't know how he become a villain and how his alignment suddenly changed. I mean, one scene is where in the battle against Elsa in the castle and he yelled, "Elsa! " and one of the guards that almost impaled by ice started to shoot Elsa with an arrow and Hans just saved her by instead shooting the icy chandalier and almost killed her but saved (and unconscious). But ...more

Prince Hans's past entirely deserved to be revealed in canon so I will be able to see what his childhood past entirely look like and then it'll explain why Prince Hans was instead portrayed to be evil all along instead of including another snow queen who's entirely just as entirely evil, wicked and bad as the original titular snow queen herself if Elsa entirely deserves to be portrayed another heroine of Frozen.

Princes Hans was overshadowed by his twelve big brothers because his parents favored his big brothers over Hans.

His "evil" act only made me snore on the couch.

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18 People Praise It for a Long Time

I praise this movie for the amazing plot holes, the retarded snowman and reindeer, crazy parents, cliches.

Bravo Disney. (Complete and utter Sarcasm. )

This movie includes the tale of two royal orphaned sisters.

The movie is about 2 stupid and ugly sisters who are sexist.

The only characters I like are Anna and Olaf. Elsa sucks.

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19 Everyone Is White

Everyone is white because its Norway in 1740 - everyone was white. Idiots. - Jon1971

Yes but its true I am white but 70% of disney movies has only white people

Okay, this is racist. Frozen takes place in Norway around the 1000-1800s so of course everyone's gonna be white. Stop going SJW on Disney just for being historically accurate. - TwilightKitsune

Is it just me, or is this racism confirmed? - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

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20 It's Almost Number One On the List of Best Disney Movies On TheTopTens

I actually like this movie but I'm tired of people saying it's the best it's not and why is this #11 on best animated movies of all time and beat better movies like ice age monsters inc and wreck it ralph. This is not the best and I don't want to see this in the top ten ever especially as #1. -

Exactly! It's number 2! 2! It's not even that good! - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

Wreck-It-Ralph is awesome, yet does anyone notice that the guy who voiced Felix always voices really positive animated characters. Examples: that carnival employee guy at the stand with the Fluffy Unicorns in Despicable Me, Wander in Wander Over Yonder, etc. - Anonymousxcxc

Lion King is Number 1. Good thing too.

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21 'How Frozen Should of Ended' On YouTube Is Better

Yeah! How It Should Have Ended did good! - bendyfazjazz234

It explains that the main problem with the movie is this: the trolls told Elsa that fear is her enemy. Well than why the hell did her parents LOCK HER IN HER ROOM MAKING HER SCARED?!

At least this 3 minute video makes 100000% more sense then watching a scrambled 3 hour movie that so isn't even worth the time.

Even though it's only 3 minutes long... - Harri666

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22 It's Hypocritical

When Elsa was singing her pointless song she said no one will see her cry but at the end of the movie yoiu can clearly see tears coming out her eyes! - TotalDramaSucks


+TotalDramaSucks that's what I said

23 The Characters Are Forgettable

Each characters are undeveloped. Why is Hans an evil guy? We may see Kristoff as a child, but still, where did he come from? Where did Elsa get her powers from and why is she sad for years? Sure, Elsa knocked Anna out, but I wouldn't be sad for years.

Hans is 'evil' as his motive was to get the throne, and with so many brothers he states in the movie that the only way to do that would be to marry one of the sisters, kill them, and then he would be the next in line for the throne. In the movie, again, her father states that she was born with the powers when they went to visit the trolls. Elsa wasn't sad for years, mostly afraid. If you nearly killed your sibling, wouldn't you be afraid of harming someone again? Elsa was also very young when it happened, which is why the fear might have been as bad as it was.

Where did Elsa get powers? The most nagging question through the whole movie that NEVER GETS ANSWERED. - SammySpore

Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee should've give us answers where and how did Elsa get her own powers. Elsa was born with ice powers.

I KNOW that Elsa was born with them. But if her parents didn't have any powers, how is Elsa randomized? It makes no sense. - Poptropica

Not all of them.

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24 Do You Wanna Build A Snowman (Song)

It's a name now lol

Take it up with that stupid Jennifer Lee and blame her for tearing Anna and Elsa the best royal sister friends forever apart in their childhood past just because stupid accidents and stupid incidents happened.

Especially as a teenager, listening to this song in the theater made me feel embarrassed, and that this movie was suited for little girls (which it is).

I kind of feel like this song and the song about the snowman in the summer were just included to fill the movie and they ran out of ideas. And that let it go song should go because it is annoying hearing it all the time

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25 Hans and Anna Get Engaged On the First Day They Met

Too bad Princess Anna has to wait and get to know Prince Hans first unlike other Disney princesses who didn't have to wait and marry princes or men they never met before back then. No wonder Anna and Elsa were raised in seclusion in their whole life without any close friends, they don't have any friends their ages and little to no contact with each other which may be the reason why she's so naive and willing to marry Prince Hans, a prince she just met unfortunately for whiny, ungrateful Frozen haters.

Me: You're either stupid or fairytale obessed

Anna: I am not, it's called True Love!

Me: No, it's not

Anna: Yes it is

Me: I can't believe you chose marrying a stranger over listening to someone wise like your sister

Anna: Hey! I thought she was a dirtophobe that didn't love me who chose to be an anti soc

Me: You truly are a blind idiot that's so reckless

Anna: What did you call me?

Me: You didn't even know she loved you and was unhappy with staying away from you, In fact you don't know much of anything probably

Anna: Okay, that's it!

Then we fight until Anna goes to search for Elsa.

This is so stupid even for a movie like this.

I think Prince Hans does the same thing with his sister!

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26 Anna and Elsa Suck

I totally agree with that - Peppapigsucks

They both suck. Anna is very annoying, while Elsa is very weak with her ice powers.

The portrayal idea of them as sisters was the worst idea after all.

They do.

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27 It's Sexist

You know what I find sexist and hypocritical? Anna punches Hans in the face. Why? Two words. Double standards. Boys shouldn't hit girls, but it's okay for girls to sock boys in the face? Girls shouldn't hit boys and vice versa. - ObviouslyNotATroll

Do you even hear yourself speak? Yes, I believe that men and women should neither hit each other, but Hans almost left her for dead, tried to take over her kingdom and tried to murder her sister. Anna was more than justified in punching him. Yet your comment reduces all that to "she punched him because he's a guy and she's a girl". Jesus Christ. - TwilightKitsune

Elsa did not put up a fight when prince hans tried to kill her. Disney makes her Damsel in distress (with powers added for showing off. )


Really sexist. Disney makes too many movies with more female characters than boys. Even Channel One News said so! - Powerfulgirl10

Them creators are stupid fir not making it like Sausage Party which is much better. They should add cursing in Disney films. - AlphaQ

Uh hello! It is sexist because when Anna met Kristoff, and he didn't want to bring her up the mountain because he doesn't do that (But what I really think is that he doesn't want to work with a girl)

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28 It Brainwashes People

That's exactly what I'm saying! Let's go save them people now!


29 Elsa Is a Rip-Off of Princess Rosalina

Elsa is a 2000000000000% ripoff of Princess Rosalina. - cosmo

Rosalina has for to be the greatest female character in kids' franchises. I mean, come on! She lacks an annoying voice and is reasonably better than Princess Peach, Mario's stalker!

No, she's a rip-off of Berthier from Sailor Moon. P.S Remember to search on google for Asa Akira and Keiran Lee makeagif and check out the playlist Hot by Arepo

At least Rosalina has a life. - EpicJake

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30 It is Over-Advertised

Probably the most over-advertised film ever! - Peppapigsucks

Because it is in every single shop. Frozen dolls, Frozen toys, Frozen story books, Frozen colouring books, Frozen action figures, and lets not forget the crusty ass Frozen DVD's and Blu Rays.

Two years after the crappy film was made and they still sell merchandise

Yeah, so is The Lion King. - 445956

Not as much as Frozen. I like both films but they get to much attention. - Drawbox

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31 The Script Writing Is Horrible

Obviously cheap and boring.

It's boring, cheap, an full of holes. - Powerfulgirl10

How? - 445956

32 The Music has Nothing to Do with the Plot

The songs have no purpose. None whatsoever

I am a Frozen hater but I don't think so. It matches with that
stupid plot. The songs are just repetitive and stupid.

How does that make it awful? Not every Disney movie is Fantasia, and actually it does. - 445956

33 The Songs Are Awful

I like Frozen. There, I said it. But the songs, in my opinion, don't get enough hate.

While I like Let It Go (although I do think the hype needs to stop) and Love Is an Open Door (despite its repetitive lyrics), every other song is bad. Frozen Heart is ridiculous and forgettable (I had to check Wikipedia to even remember it existed); Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? Could've been good if it didn't switch what it wants to be (it goes from a funny song to a depressing song); For The First Time in Forever has some of the worst lyrics ever; In Summer and Reindeer are Better than People are stupid and do nothing but keep the plot from moving forward and Fixer Upper is so bad, it's currently at the top of our worst Disney songs list.

The songs are lame and stupid so is thw sumb movie. Elsa and Anna are lame because they're princesses and Olaf is lame because he is a talking snowman
I don't knowmwhy I ever liked it. It is stupid. Horror movies are better. But MLP is also lame.

Actually no, the songs have no purpose. No joke. I watched and studied every song and I saw that ALL of them have no purpose other than to waste time and to make your ears melt off your head like candle wax.

The songs are so bad that they give you severe constipation or diarrhoea. (No joke. )

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34 It's Nothing Like the Snow Queen

The creators of Frozen really should've create and include another snow queen who is bad just like the titular original snow queen if Elsa really deserves to be another heroine of Frozen.

You've been saying that repeatedly, okay yes I agree with you now stop repeating it. - Anonymousxcxc

They only have magic ice powers in common.

Did you people even read The Snow Queen? - 445956

"Stop hating Frozen! "

Aww...poor baby can't stand us. Get off this website then BABY.

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35 The Songs Are Annoying

That’s the thing I hate I want to die when I hear the songs I wish that also would stay in her room forever


More then ever what's the point they come like every 5 min you can't even stick to the story.

Oh yes! I can't stand them! Big hero 6 is way better

This was told 4 tines agen! Its gust the same

36 Disney Tried to Bring Back Its Old Style

And why exactly is that awful?!

You ruined Frozen with that (terrible) CGI. You have the cool Pixar Bros so use there CGI. Use your Super Fully Awesome Hand Drawn Animation.

Why did Winnie The Pooh had to be your last hand drawn animation Bros?

Disney's next movie isn't old style, don't worry! It's BETTER THAN FROZEN, I PROMISE.

If your making a new movie that is terrible, just don't try to bring back your old style

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37 It's for Very Young Girls

It should be g-rated - DrayTopTens

After growing up without her sister for ages, I think Anna is one of the best Disney princesses ever! She loves her sister and after being made to forget the magic by a troll she really wants to play with her sister again and be close like they once were. Elsa, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of Anna. Anna is friendly, quirky and dreamy. Whereas Elsa is more frightened, calm and caring. I'm not saying anything bad about them though because they're EPIC! Anna and Elsa are the best sisters ever. Both sisters Anna and Elsa are much stronger than cowardly.

I don't see why even TEENAGERS treat it like a religion. Its for babies, get over it and go watch Big Hero 6 or Naruto.

Why Would We Watch Frozen When We Could Watch All 6 Seasons Of MLP Or Play Minecraft?! To The Person Who Said ANNA AND ELSA ARE THE BEST SISTERS EVER! Well, All Of The Characters Are Dumb And So Is The Movie. Anna And Elsa Are The WORST Sisters Ever. Frozen Stinks. No Questions Asked.

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38 Anna Is a Ripoff of Rapunzel

Anna is an Idiot, Rapunzel is smart

They're not rip-offs even if Anna can get annoying at well all of the movie once you've seen it 3 or 4 times. Also yeah Rapunzel is better than Anna. - Anonymousxcxc

No! Maybe she is a bit similar to the Tangled Rapunzel but the fairy tale Rapunzel is completely different. - 445956

This needs to be higher on the list!

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39 The Trolls

Sure Grand-poppy saved Anna but the rest of them sang the worst song in the film (Fixer Upper, ) there annoying and they STILL want Anna to marry Kristoff, even though they know she's has a finance! So they support adultery!

Just... NO! - ThatkidwiththeContacts

They are a copy of the Minions from Despicable Me.

What makes you think the trolls are a copy of the Minions from Despicable Me?

Why Are They Trolls When They Don't Even Troll?!

Why the heck are there even trolls in the movie anyway? Rather pointless if you ask me. - Powerfulgirl10

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40 Everyone Cares About Elsa, Not Anna

The (rather horrible) plot of the story says that Anna is the main character, but everybody cares about Elsa because she has 7 tons of makeup on her face (which is supposed to make her look modern and pretty #fail), because she sings let it go which shouldn't have been one of Taylor Swift's guest songs on her tour, and THE STUPID ICE POWERS. I agree that if Anna had the elemental powers, people would care about her more than Elsa. And now every 5 year old girl in the next generation is naming their American girl doll Elsa, which is probably the worst name in history. But to just summarize that, Elsa is a selfish spoiled queen who has the guts to lock her sister out for over a decade when she was trying to help her. Just saying.

Everyone should care about Anna as much as they care about Elsa. It means everyone should care about both Anna and Elsa. We all have their own different opinions about Anna and Elsa. If only Anna was born with magical powers too like Elsa whether it's different from Elsa's powers or similar to Elsa's powers, then everyone would care about Anna too.

Jennifer Lee was the one who chose Anna to be born without any elemental magical powers. No wonder people think everyone care about Elsa and not Anna.

Elsa's the jerk who ignores her sister for years and nearly kills her with her ice powers, while Anna is the sweet girl who wants to fix the situation (caused by her sister of course). People care about Elsa though because she has ice powers and she sings let it go and is the dominant character, although Anna is a much better role model than Elsa.

I mate hate this movie but its true that Elsa gets more attention than Anna. - cosmo

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41 Anna and Elsa Are Stupid

If you stop bringing up the same points again and again, the list of "Reasons why frozen haters are worse than frozen praisers" will increase. Seriously, just add a supporting detail of "Anna are stupid, losers, and dumb" just in one. Adding the same points over and over just to make this list higher will not make this reliable.

Yeah, you people like Timon and Pumbaa, clearly they aren't stupid, because Pumbaa means stupid in Swahili. Anna or Elsa doesn't mean stupid in Norwegian. - 445956

For a movie that is supposed to make girls look good. Makes them look terrible.
Disney, stop making us Females look bad!

Every Character In Frozen Is Stupid And So Is The Movie.

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42 Anna and Elsa are a rip-off of Rapunzel, Rosalina and Elyon

Hands down, Rosalina is the best out of the four.

Anna and Elsa haters: What about Anna too? Huh? Don't forget Anna too, okay?

Don't forget that Anna is a rip off of Irma Lair as well.

This is just showing how idiotic you guys are - 445956

Actually, the ship that crashed was on the way to rapunzels wedding and it apparently was the ship that killed Ariels mom

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43 Elsa's Fanbase

jack frost - Maddox121

I never ever hate Elsa or anything. I love Elsa a lot too. It's just not fair that Elsa is the only one who can have ice elemental superpowers. How come anybody else can't have elemental superpowers too? That ideas for the movie Frozen can't be that big of a deal. What is the Frozen creators' problem? I think it's way cooler and better if anybody can have different kinds of elemental powers too besides Elsa for a change whether it can be similar to Elsa's powers or different from Elsa's powers. I don't even care what kind of powers was anybody else born with besides Elsa.

What's Jennifer Lee's problem with anybody else born with elemental magical powers besides Elsa?

Elsa herself is awful. - EpicJake

The fanbase of a character makes a movie awful. If this list were a theme park, it would be called "Immaturity Land." - 445956

You seriously don't seem to understand the meaning of the word "Immature" - Jordan01

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44 Anna is a Prick

lol - SilverstreamSucks

Who is the annoying idiot who is constantly pretending to be Anna and Elsa - TwilightKitsune

Girl from San Fransokyo (its just a name, but whatever): Not So Dear Fake Anna and Elsa,

Hey, you! Uh, yeah, you! You guys are just so damn overrated and you should just get out of the list because you guys are just too cowardly and dumb to know wuz going on. By the way, I'm way more awesome than you two, right? YOU SUCK!

But she is. all she cares about is herself.

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45 Agdar and Idun hiding the actual truth from Anna about why Anna and Elsa grow up without each other for ages and years.

No wonder Anna had to be stuck living with the isolation, confusion and loneliness without being told the truth by her own parents and even Elsa about why Anna had to live away from her only big sister best friend forever Elsa because of that stupid accident happened.

- Elsa and Anna's parents (If they were alive) :... Great... Wonderful plan... You know the worst ennemy of your daughter is fear... and you do everything to scare her to death, emprisoning her, not encouraging her to accept her powers, etc... Surely the worst parents of all. Yeah! That's true! Anna and Elsa have the worst parents ever.

I know because I found out the real names of Anna and Elsa's parents on the Internet.

How did you know their real names?

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46 Sven Is Terrible

How is Sven terrible? Sven is not even a stupid reindeer.

About the only good character

Sven Is Cute, And I Don't Even Like Frozen Anymore - VideoGamefan5

He's just a reindeer. I have no problem with him at all. - Powerfulgirl10

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47 Elsa's Lame Ice Powers

My bratty neighbor is a retarded girl obsessed with Frozen. She thinks she has ice powers, but she doesn't.

I rather have air powers or fire powers. I used to love ice powers, but since Frozen exists, It ruined the idea of ice powers for me - MLPFan

She only uses her powers for keeping people away from her, and not when fighting Hans. Disappointing. - Powerfulgirl10

A fire power would be better. Ice can melt. Wait, lava is even better!
Darth Vader will kill her without any weapon.
The Force. It stops everything and can choke her and throw her
off a cliff.

I call it Ice Powers. My stupid friends call it Elsa Powers.

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48 It Ends "Happily Ever After"

The ending should have been, "a dragon raids the castle and kills everything inside it" wait... Isn't Elsa and Anna dying still happily ever after? YES

We need a Disney movie that doesn't actually end well... I mean, you can tell a plot ends well when Disney makes a mlvie - Clayttles

Most overused cliche thing that Disney uses for one its shouldn't end happy

Shouldn't this be at least top 5?

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49 It didn't indicate it was a movie and a musical

Your so right

It never even gave much hints that this movie would be musical. It's the same idea with SB Atlantis. - Gamecubesarecool193

How is it a musical? There are like, only around 7 songs! - 445956

50 The Characters Are Melodramatic Weaklings

That's stupid girls to you.

Do you know what sexist means?

That's dumb idiot girls to you, mate.

Dudes Rul.

At least girls went into space and flew at the speed of sound

Plus you dumb idiot boys are being sexist

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