To all Jelsa fans: STOP IT

(Note: If you are a Frozen fan and you are reading this, I am very sorry if this offends you. I intend no fights to be created and I am just voicing my opinion)

Usually when people talk about crappy fanbases,the first thing that comes to one’s mind is probably weebs, furries, beleibers and bronies. I understand why these fanbases suck, and I think they deserve all the hate they can get. But there’s one fanbase that deserves the spotlight for crappyness: Jelsa fans.

Ever since Frozen’s release in 2014, it has dominated the globe. Little girls all day sing Let it go with their Anna and Elsa plush dolls. The local toy shop is filled with Olafs. At school, whenever you ask anyone what their favorite movie is, there is a 9273632746374665%chance they will say Frozen.
The fan favourite character of this movie is Elsa, a queen with ice powers. For those who haven’t seen the movie, Elsa was born with ice powers, and it is never explained why. As a child, these powers were uncontrollable and instead of dropping her off to the X-Men or something,her parents go to these damn trolls (not the internet trolls, the mythical creatures) who somehow make them believe Elsa should be locked up forever. That only makes it worse and causes Elsa to flee her kingdom during the coronation.She attacks her sister Anna during a rescue attempt and ends up killing Anna,but saves her by doing an act of true love.

For some reason, Elsa has been popular shipping bait for characters from other universes. I’ve seen her been shipped with Mr.Freeze (Batman), Shadow (Sonic the Hedgehog), Ralph (Wreck-it Ralph) and even ANNA (I am not a homophobe or anything, BUT WHO WOULD DO THIS? WHY? WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN? THIS IS INCEST! IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU PEOPLE AND CRAPPY DEVIANTART FANFICTIONS PEOPLE LOSE FAITH IN HUMANITY).

But, out of all of these, the biggest shipping partner for Elsa is this: Jack Frost.
Most fans ship them together because of this reason: Ice powers. Okay wut. That’s like shipping Prince Zuko (Avatar) with Blaze the cat (Sonic the Hedgehog) just because they both have fire powers. Or saying Mangle (FNaF series) and Swiper (Dora) should be a couple because they’re both foxes (people shipping foxes scare me).

Google ‘elsa frozen’ or ‘queen elsa of arendelle’, and I guarantee you that there will be 186,3 Jelsa fan images made by rabid Jelsa shippers. They treat Elsa like she’s god and if you say ONE bad thing about her, they will send you death threats and even threaten to hack your account. Here’s a true story. There’s this Facebook page called We Hate Elsa, and the posts section was FILLED with death threats to the admins by fans(You could literally swim in them). One person even wanted to kill the admin of the page herself. See it for yourself (I’ll give the link in the comments).
But do you know the WORST thing about these Jelsa shippers? IT’S THEIR F*DGING ANNOYING OCs!

If you spend a lot of time on Facebook (as I used to do, before I came here) you can find a lot o fpages that say “Princess *insert name here*: Child of Jelsa”. OKAY WHAT THE FUDGE? There are something like 120,000 pages like that. They take pictures of Elsa/Anna when they were babies, photoshop them, change the eye/hair/skin/hairstyle colour, re-shape the faces and bodies (but kind of still make it obvious it’s a photoshop), slap a new name on them and call it a page. Simple as that.
This is a trend nowadays, because it has infested the Frozen fanbase. This has proven that Frozen fans are a fanbase full of homosexual incest supporters, Cross-shippers,death threat senders (I’m looking at you, caps girl) and cancerous, just absolutely cancerous. And it’s not only because of what fanfictions they write,it’s because of how low these fans are. I’d go as far as to say I prefer Liv and Maddie fans, Sonic fans, Beleibers and Directioners to this awful fanbase.And you should too, to protect your own health and sanity.

And can I point out that Jack and Elsa CAN’T be a couple? It makes no sense at all. Why would you ship those, I bet Elsa has a better chance with Hans than Jack (hey, at least Hans actually KNOWS her).

Here are my reasons why this couple will never happen:

Of course, this is the first reason that comes to mind when someone asks you why you hate this shipping. Jack belongs to DreamWorks and Elsa belongs to Disney. There is noway their worlds can meet.

Rise of the Guardians takes place in modern times. Let’s assume it takes place in 2012,because that’s when the movie was released. Jack was 15 when he died(presumably) and his current age is something like 300+. Elsa lives in the past times, so if their timelines were ever to meet, Elsa would be dead by then (having ice powers doesn’t make you immortal, sorry). And in Frozen Elsa is like 30, so still, no go.

Okay, let’s imagine for a second. So what if they did meet, somehow, in which logic cannot explain?If they got married, then Jack would be forced with the responsibility of ruling Arendelle, which he can’t as he has a job protecting children. He’d stay away from Arendelle as he already is tasked with taking care of a planet with 7billion people. And if he stays away from Arendelle, he couldn’t actually ever be close with Elsa. Elsa could have as might as well married a haystack.


I agree that this ship makes no sense. People just ship because they have similar powers. By that logic we'll get a Charizard x Zuko soon. - Goku02

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Elsa's actually 21.
Nice rant though. The only reason they ship her with Jack is because they both have ice powers. - visitor

Crossover shippings are always pointless and stupid! RD x Sonic, Jack Frost x Elsa, Riley x Hiro, etc - MLPFan

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That's true. I hate crossover shipping. Do you know there is a shipping like Danny Phantom x Rainbow Dash and Danny Phantom x Elsa? God awful! - visitor

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Jelsa fanbase is crazy on youtube too. One time I got bored so I searched "frozen fanmade trailer" I watched it and the trailer was photoshoped! And it was Jelsa all over again. - PurpleFox

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