It's Overrated


There is little list of movies than are better than frozen, just a little I don't go to exagerate

- Toy Story
- How To Train Your Dragon
- Inside Out
- Big Hero 6
- Shrek
- Shrek 2
- Brave
- Spirited Away
- Monsters Inc
- The Incredibles
- Finding Nemo
- Toy Story 2
- Toy Story 3
- Tangled
- Wreck It-Ralph
- Despicable Me
- Monsters University
- Grave Of The Fireflies
- Cars
- Wall-e
- Ratatouille
- Akira
- My Neighboor Totoro
- Despicable Me 2
- Snowhite
- Cinderella
- Pinocchio
- The Lion King
- Aladdin
- How To Train Your Dragon 2
- The Little Mermaid
- The Beauty And The Beast
- The Lego Movie
- The Avengers
- Mad Max: Fury Road
- Star Wars: The Force Awakens
- X-men: Days Of The Future Past
- Edge Of Tomorrow
- Nightcrawler
- The Great Budapest Hotel
- Interstellar
- The Revenant
- The Martian
- Gravity
- 12 Years Of Slave
- Django ...more

Go see the IGN review of Frozen. It earned a 9.3/10 ("Amazing") rating. It received 725 likes and 60 dislikes right now. What?! I am so surprised this movie actually got more likes than dislikes. This movie is so overrated!

Most things I find overrated aren't necessarily bad. Ex:Charizard (A Pokemon for all the people who don't like the best RPG ever) Except for Frozen. Frozen is so overrated that "Let it go" became the next Darude-Sandstorm. And the fans are the worst thing about this. Most fans complain about them being critized. I've been ATTACKED for not liking Frozen
So don't complain about the haters. If your a male like me and like Frozen (unlike me), I recommend getting a gender change

There's a boy in my grade who is obsessed with Frozen has been since I've met him. Ugh! - Anonymousxcxc

Can I be honest? This movie is boring. It's typical. A love movie, with a bunch of cheesy songs that are mostly more overrated than Justin Beiber's autotune. Mulan teaches anything is possible, and the Lion King is an inspirational movie. However, this whiny crap of a movie gets more attention! Elsa is a fake Disney princess, a rip-off of the Ice Queen. Anna couldn't take no for an awnser, which is a bad lesson to little girls, because sometimes you need to say no. It would always be remembered as a very overrated movie, that is very bland. Frozen fans, I also don't want you crying over this list about how Elsa and Anna are as holy as Jesus. It is just our thoughts.

How do people like this movie? Girls only like Elsa because she has ice powers; THAT'S IT. And also how do they remember the God damn lyrics of the songs? I'd rather stab my chest with a machete then watch this awful trash.

How overrated it is puts overrated anime like Naruto or Sword Art Online to shame. I haven't watched the movie yet, but the whole movie is hyped up like Angel Beats! Also, I can't believe I used to like Let It Go. I was babysitting some little boys and put on Let It Go on YouTube. And guess what? They hated the song. Man, were they right to hate the song. Now I despise Let It Go. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It's literally overrated. The plot is horrible, and so are the songs. People keep sing the songs like 5 year olds. I hate even calling it a Disney movie because it doesn't feel like Disney. Disney has so many awesome classic movies, and Frozen gets as much attention as the classics, which is not deserved. Like literally, whoever watches this movie are douchebags. And don't get me started on "let it go"...

Brave, Lion King, The little Mermaid, etc classic are all better. They have a better plot than this. They don't have icicles falling around a little princess and she winds up getting a head trauma, come on-reality.

My siblings and I grew up during the mid 90's early 00's, we grew up with the Disney Renaissance so we have wonderful childhood memories of these amazing Disney films. Disney's greatest film since I think Tarzan was Tangled! Tangled was so amazing and it seemed like the movies would only climb higher... they did not! My siblings and I, we are all young adults now and we always flock to the cinema to see the latest Disney flick. We left the cinema after watching Frozen very confused. We didn't hate it or like it. The story seemed so scattered and the characters were so boring and crazy as it sounds... unoriginal. It didn't give us the feeling Tangled did. The movie confuses me still to this day, I just don't connect with it. Tangled really was magical and moving, frozen was bland and boring. The only lesson I learnt from Frozen was that overbearing and paranoid parents can really screw up their kids. I hope Disney can came back, Big Hero 6 was quite bad too in my opinion and Zootopia ...more

Probably the most overrated movie ever

There is no movie more overrated than Frozen! You see merchandise for it like everywhere. I've never gone to one place without seeing Frozen merchandise!

I used to (and still watch these movies and television shows on the internet. )

Here is a list of T.V. that has been wiped out of the face of the Earth (Remember if you can but I don't think you will)...
1. American Dragon Jake Long.
2. Pucca
4. Super Mario Brothers Super Show
5. Basically the list would go on and on...

Watching such good T.V. shows (and Pixar movies) like this make Frozen look like Cheap Junk/Garbage.

Seriously, Frozen does not deserve all that extra credit.

Sure, it would be OK to watch it once a year, but due to it being so incredibly boring I will give this movie a pass.

(Yeah how interesting, a snow princess grows up without her sister, freezes kingdom, runs away, her sister goes looking for her, meets some dude, his reindeer and snowman that can talk, they go to ice castle, snow queen freezes sister's heart, sister needs true love kiss, Prince turns out evil, snowman saves her, sister ...more

A movie's popularity has no effect on the quality of a movie. If Frozen were underrated, would Frozen be a good movie...? - Ari00

It looks like everyone forgot about Frozen. What a relief! - cosmo

Finally, a website that hates on Frozen instead of Sword Art Online. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Hell, They're still selling merchandise and it's been 3 years since the movie's release - Myebi

Its not that good of a movie folks. There are much better movies out there. Try something new, please. I am now going to say this to each fan that won't stop praising this flick. Like seriously go watch some Big Hero Six or Wreck-It Ralph.

Haven't watched it yet, but as these comments show, I think I would rather marathon through Naruto or One Piece instead of Frozen. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yep. Fans and some critics worship it for all that snow flurry and Elsa transforming herself. Messy plot. Anna is foolish ugly girl who wants to marry a man she just met and Olaf is idiotic with his gross buck teeth and sick jokes. Kristoff is ugly and looks like a milksoap teddy bear with his useless Sven and Elsa needs to take depression pills for she is so whiny, moody and ' ugly. The plot has a mess and wobbly disturbing songs which add nothing to that crap film. Hans is lame and stupid, turning bad suddenly and his plan is stupid. Anna and Kristoff are an insult to a romantic couple for their love is fakely annoying and the animation is nothing special for the sparkles and all boring snow. Public forgot Tangled the best movie with a charming lead female, king male protagonist, lovable sidekicks and an evil villain. Huh!

It would be odd if you don't see a 4 year old girls room with nothing related to frozen or her singing let it go.

They made a breakfast cereal out of it and now they've added it to Disney infinity which is a good game

Frozen is by far the most overrated movie of all time. I don't see how it is good. Plus, the obnoxious fanbase is one the move. Worst of all, the let it go song. Let it G.. Shut up Elsa. And Anna is annoying. - EpicJake

I used to like it. But then it went downhill.

After 3 or 4 times I realized that Frozen sucks. I regret owning the soundtrack (in disc form and iTunes form) and the DVD. - Anonymousxcxc

I hate the fans and people who say it's the best movie ever. The Godfather is not the best movie but it's close. Oh and to the annoying fans of frozen that need the middle finger and pinkie finger: Toy Story 3 is the best Disney movie ever while Frozen is the worst Disney movie ever. Danial out.

This Is The Reason It Pisses Me Off