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81 All of them are idiots except Kristoff

When I first saw the trailer for this film a while back. I only wanted to see this movie because of Kristoff. I thought the movie was going to be about him and his reindeer and exploring the woods, but then he stumbles upon Anna (At least from what I remember in the early trailers) But I got really disappointed when I saw how the characters acted and how the story focused on Anna and Elsa instead of Kristoff. I really wish Disney would break out of their "princess" cycle.

Kristoff is SUCH an idiot! He's SO idiotic! He is the classic uneducated, dumb guy. Who else would spit on their own sled and share carrots with a donkey-like reindeer? And Sven doesn't REALLY talk. Kristoff just pretends with a weird voice! Who's STILL pretending they understand animals when they're already 21 years old? Long story short, Kristoff is an idiot.

Yeah, Kristoff is born with wisdom, Elsa on the other hand, isn't it is true love that depends on the marriage

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82 It is Inappropriate

It is sexist and portrays guys as bad people

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83 How It's Like Other Princess Movies

Lets see:
1. Damsel in Distress:

Despite that Elsa should have been like Superman she barely puts up a fight when Prince Hans tried to kill her.

2. Romantic Couples:

Elsa is a queen, Anna is a princess, marries Kristoff.

3. Cliche

4. Princesses
Princess Anna.

5. Tragic Backstories

Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel... (You get the idea. )

6. True Love

7. Magic (Form of every Disney Movie)

8. Dresses (Aaarrgh! )

Every... Single... Disney... Princess... Has...A... DRESS!

(Despite being a Male. I think that Disney Princesses having dresses is so Overrated and Centuries ago. I think that Disney should move on like they did with the 2D Animation. )

9. Films aimed (just) for little 8 year old girls have the weakest villains.


10. Happily Ever After.

Girls. Wake Up. This is the real world where happily ever afters are extremely rare.

Anything Else?

The ...more

Frozen is garbage. ARRRGGG! I hated frozen when it was first introduced!

What's your problem with Frozen being similar to other princess movies? Huh?

You read how is Frozen similar to other princess movies, right? If so, please list them.

Too girly and garbage.

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84 Disney Tried to Bring Back Its Old Style

You ruined Frozen with that (terrible) CGI. You have the cool Pixar Bros so use there CGI. Use your Super Fully Awesome Hand Drawn Animation.

Why did Winnie The Pooh had to be your last hand drawn animation Bros?

Disney's next movie isn't old style, don't worry! It's BETTER THAN FROZEN, I PROMISE.

If your making a new movie that is terrible, just don't try to bring back your old style

I'm actually okay with CGI as long as it's good. - Powerfulgirl10

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85 They Abused Josh Gad's Sexy Voice
86 It Ripped Off Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs With Its Opening Sequence

The first song is copied off of the dwarfs son

87 The Songs Are Predictable
88 Elsa's Dress

All dresses suck anyways.

I hate dresses. Totally. And I HATE ROYAL LIFE.

All they teach princesses is on how to act inferior to men. Well, you know what? I don't NEED MEN.

Her dress is so bad it's terrible

I hate dresses.
So does Merida from Brave! That's why I love Merida

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89 Josh Gad's Voice

What's wrong with Josh Gad's voice? Huh?

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90 They Ripped Off Isabella Tanikumi's Autobiography

Tell me what makes you think Frozen ripped off Isabelle Tanikumi's Autobiograhpy?

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91 Anna Is Pronounced In a Different Way

Did you notice that Annabelle (Her full name) is named after a baby doll?

That is the problemo. Annabelle sounds 20% cooler and better then Anna. Anna sounds... rather simple.

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92 When Elsa Leaves Arendale, Does She Become Some Queen or the Villain?

That question is tough for me to answer. Why would you ask that question. That's the stupidest question I've ever heard. Elsa is neither some queen nor the villain. Elsa didn't become some queen. Elsa is not a villain either.

Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck really should've included another snow queen who is bad as the titular original snow queen if Elsa really deserves to be another heroine of Frozen.

93 The Music has Nothing to Do with the Plot

The songs have no purpose. None whatsoever

I am a Frozen hater but I don't think so. It matches with that
stupid plot. The songs are just repetitive and stupid.

94 Hans is a Rip-Off of Gaston

You do know how is Hans a rip-off Gaston, right? If so, tell me how is Hans a Rip-of Gaston. Did you read to find out the similarities and differences between Hans and Gaston? Hans and Gaston are both handsome but are revealed to be quite cruel and manipulative, both aren't initially shown to be evil, and both tried to kill a person important to the Disney Princess whom they are considered a monster (the Beast and Elsa). They both make themselves appear as heroes to others and use this to manipulate people into following them. They are both the youngest Disney Villains to date, presumably being in their early to mid-twenties at the oldest.

Big differences between Hans and Gaston: Hans is a bratty vain prince who doesn't even love Anna, Gaston isn't a prince he's just a bratty vain muscle man village dream guy who is actually in genuine love with the bookish girl who hates his guts. Other than that Hans is a rip-off of an already terrible character. - Anonymousxcxc

Just because Hans and Gaston are similar doesn't mean Hans is a Rip-Off of Gaston, right?

95 It's the Disney Version of Wicked

Time traveling should've included and existed in Wicked the same way time traveling should've included and existed in Frozen as well back then before the same way a whole entire magical world should've included and existed in Frozen back then before as well. I'll never ever even understand why the creators of Frozen and Wicked never ever even bothered to include time traveling in neither Wicked nor Frozen back then before. If I were those creators of Wicked and Frozen, I'd include time traveling in Frozen and Wicked so both Elsa's and Elphaba's pasts deserve to be fix and changed for the better.

Frozen and Wicked crossovers entirely deserve to exist and happen in canon too so far all because not only they may be different but all because of how similar they are as well also so far. We entirely love to see the female friendship between Elsa and Elphaba.

Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West) from Wicked and Elsa (the Snow Queen) from Frozen are very similar: born in noble families, with strange and dangerous powers that they cannot control. Both have a lonely childhood, a love-hate relationship respectively with the vitriolic friend Glinda and the sister Anna, and they are wrongly feared by the population. And both have the voice of Idina Menzel. I think that, if they had met, they could become good friends.

Idina Menzel is the original voice actress for both Elsa and Elphaba and they both care about their siblings: only similarities. Differences: Wicked is 10000000000000000000000000 times better than Frozen, they're completely different plot lines, Wicked has better characters, Elsa gets a happy ending and Elphaba gets a kinda, but not quite happy ending, and one is in a fictional country made up by Disney while the other is just a very very different adaption of Elphaba's story and set in a fictional world created by a different writer named L. Frank Baum. - Anonymousxcxc

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96 Disney Made It

NO you FOOL! I meant Disney STUDIOS Not Disney himself.


Disney studios has become terrible since Chicken Little was created. That's what I am trying to say.

Walt Disney himself is already dead you know.

If he was alive it would have changed

Disney is good, but the movie. No

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97 Anna and Elsa lack an adult brother

So what? Some people are brother less. How is that even a bad thing? Huh?

Why do you think it's a bad thing that Anna and Elsa may lack an adult brother? Huh? I need reasons why please.

Here's why I put that on the list Top 10 Reasons why Princess Rapunzel Sucks, because Anna and Elsa are her sisters.

You know I don't even blame Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa for not having any adult brothers on their own.

Why are you blaming Anna and Elsa for not having brothers on their own? Huh?

Neither Rapunzel, Anna nor Elsa has no brothers on their own. Merida does have identical triplet little brothers Hamish, Hubert and Harris. Do you really like Merida better than Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa just because Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa don't have any adult brothers on their own unlike Merida who does have little identical triplet brothers?

Anna and Elsa were fantastic sisters.

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98 It's for Very Young Girls

After growing up without her sister for ages, I think Anna is one of the best Disney princesses ever! She loves her sister and after being made to forget the magic by a troll she really wants to play with her sister again and be close like they once were. Elsa, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of Anna. Anna is friendly, quirky and dreamy. Whereas Elsa is more frightened, calm and caring. I'm not saying anything bad about them though because they're EPIC! Anna and Elsa are the best sisters ever. Both sisters Anna and Elsa are much stronger than cowardly.

I don't see why even TEENAGERS treat it like a religion. Its for babies, get over it and go watch Big Hero 6 or Naruto.

Why Would We Watch Frozen When We Could Watch All 6 Seasons Of MLP Or Play Minecraft?! To The Person Who Said ANNA AND ELSA ARE THE BEST SISTERS EVER! Well, All Of The Characters Are Dumb And So Is The Movie. Anna And Elsa Are The WORST Sisters Ever. Frozen Stinks. No Questions Asked.

We shouldn't teach little kids romance. Think about what will happen when they're teenagers!

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99 Only the climax is decent
100 Worst orphaned royal sisters ever
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