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101 Stubborn Sisters Of Arendelle
102 Anna and Elsa are both irresponsible in their own different ways

Yes Anna should be there for her sister, not flirting with rip off Hans

103 Anna and Elsa are selfish in their own ways

Anna didn't listen to Elsa about marrying Hans when they just met Elsa froze the dang kingdom like some spoiled brat because Anna found out about her powers

NO ELSA IS SELFISH! Just 'cause SHE wants to be alone, she froze the who kingdom FOR HERSELF!

It's really pointless defending frozen in a frozen hate website I bet most of you fans typed in.''frozen sucks'' and got to here it's really pathetic. Fans lack knowing that Anna and Elsa are selfish and annoying.

They are selfish

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104 Anna and Elsa are stubborn in their own ways

Anna didn't listen to Elsa about marrying Hans when they just met Elsa froze the dang kingdom like some spoiled brat because Anna found out about her powers.

105 Anna and Elsa Are Such Whiny Brats

Anna's such a brat. Elsa would've been better off being raised in the royal Norwegian ice palace in Norway anyway. Man, I can't stand the idea of Anna and Elsa being raised in the same isolation together when they were separated from each other at all.

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106 Cowardly Males

They always make males look week it's sexist.

Why do only the girls have these awesome powers (and us guys are made to look so lame on the big screens. )
Why Disney?
Even the males Kristoff and Hans are shown to be completely ridiculous.

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107 No Good Looking Guys V 1 Comment
108 All the Girls Look the Same

They all have the same ugly squashed up faces. Disney makes Females look retarded and awful.

Anna and Elsa weren't even born identical twins. Those two royal sisters were born three years apart.

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109 It Takes Place in an Old-Fashioned Realm

Well, I like the old fashioned realm.

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110 Stupid fans who ship Anna with Elsa

They also keep shipping Jelsa too!

Eww, that's disgusting! That's like putting Starfire and Blackfire together!

111 No Love Or Romance

What all Disney Movies have in common: Love and Romance. This film has none of it (Yes, not even Family Love. ) Unless you consider locking yourself from and ignoring your poor sister who doesn't understand why you are blocking her out.

Well, take it up with the plot writers of Frozen, will you?

112 The Ugly Dresses

It's not an insult. It's just as plain as a truth can get. Anna's dress is the colour of SNOT.

If point disagreed. Then tell me what colour dress is it? (I know that it's green so utterly dumb attempts to back up my question to tell moi that it's simply Green is INVALID. )

Anna and Elsa haters: Both Anna dresses and Elsa's dresses are equally ugly.

Did you notice that Anna's dress is the colour of Snot.

U fans need to get off tis website. Elsa and Anna don't like u.

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113 Anna's Red and White Hair

Did you notice how ugly Anna's hair was when she got that white streak. Seriously, Red and White does not go well together. (Colour Clashes. )

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114 It Has Ugly People


Elsa and Anna would win in a flash.

Anna and Elsa haters: Especially those two orphaned sisters who are just plain ugly. The ugliest sisters of Arendelle. You know how are Anna and Elsa are really ugly, right? If so, tell us please.

Anna and Elsa are not ugly. Those two royal orphaned sisters Anna and Elsa are both pretty and beautiful in their own different ways.

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115 Had a Lion King Sort of Plot

Watch Honest Trailer on the opening of The Lion King & also watch the Honest trailer of Frozen

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116 It didn't indicate it was a movie and a musical

It never even gave much hints that this movie would be musical. It's the same idea with SB Atlantis. - Gamecubesarecool193

117 Elsa Did Not Even Put Up a Fight

I think all characters with elemental powers is ashamed of her. I mean the Ice wizards from Fairy tail would have finished her in a few seconds.

I mean. Why have Ice Powers if you are not even going to use them Elsa?
This weak villain Hans could have been an Ice Sculpture in a flash if you would have used your mysterious ice powers.

Time to call in Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat X. He would have finished Prince Hans in 5 seconds flat.

Finish Him.

Stupid creators and stupid writers of Frozen!

Man, Shredder has no super powers, just an ordinary kung fu warrior would finish Elsa in a second.

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118 Oaken Doesn't Get Much Time In The Movie
119 Hans's Evil Plan

Seriously? Only that? Crush a princess only to had the throne of a kingdom? I junt no imagine a comparatiom between he and the joker

No creative disney studios! I hate so much! Do I need put in BOLD disney?

I'm just gonna say one thing: Monarchy doesn't work that way!

120 Stupid characters

Anna is a stupid, ditzy freak who suffered over her sister ignoring her, even though she could leave the palace (and then the movie wouldn't have to exist) also she got married with a guy she just met in less than 24 hours, gawd they don't even trust each other. I also find her really annoying and seeing the character makes me cringe. Also in my opinion She's ugly as freak.

Wasn't this already on the list, but much higher up? "

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