Top Ten Reasons Why Frozen Is Better Than Inside Out


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1 Anna and Elsa are better main characters than Joy and Sadness.

No no no no NO! I love both Inside Out and Frozen but Inside Out beats Frozen by a long shot! - RiverClanRocks

Joy is just okay and Sadness is annoying. Elsa is good and Anna is awesome! - Weasltown

2 Inside Out doesn't have Alan Tudyk

"Alan Tudyk is a important part of every good modern Disney show and film"- well, that may be, but how often is he going to play the character that gets played up as the bad guy only for the actual antagonist to be someone else who all the while was way beneath suspicion? The only time that didn't happen was in "Wreck-It Ralph", wherein his character really was the villain.

Alan Tudyk is a important part of every good modern Disney show and film! - Weasltown

This list is a joke.

3 Inside Out doesn't have a villain

So? Not everything need a villain in a movie. The whole plot itself is about Riley's Family and the Emotions - bugger

Inside Out didn't have enough conflict! - Weasltown

4 Frozen has better animation

Should've been classic 2D animation style.

Well... having Elsa's Ponytail goes through her neck doesn't make it a good animation. I'll go with Inside Out, it does has a better animation - bugger

5 All the characters in Inside Out except Riley are forgettable

The "Inside Out" characters are harder to find stuff for without adding filter after filter in Google searches, I'll grant you that.

Frozen has several memorable characters! - Weasltown

6 Frozen is funnier
7 Frozen has songs

So does Inside Out, that Bing Bong song is stuck on my head - bugger

8 Inside Out isn't as fun to watch as Frozen

You Troll... Inside Out has many things while Frozen has nothing, its plain nothing having eveything frozen. Inside Out has things how your brain works. It helps you get rid of songs that are stuck in your head (Thanks Pixar! ) glad that Let It Go and Because I'm Happy song got out of my head. As long if you like Frozen, the more chance to move on to other things and get board with Frozen. - bugger

9 Frozen is more exciting
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