Reasons Why Frozen is Better Than Liv and Maddie

The Top Ten

1 Anna and Elsa are much more likeable protagonists than Liv and Maddie.
2 Frozen has a greater plot despite its accusations of being overrated.
3 Frozen is appropriate for all ages, including young children, teens, adults, and parents. Liv and Maddie is not, because it's way too stereotypical, sexist, and unrealistic.
4 Liv and Maddie has disturbing/disgusting scenes in episodes like Bro-Cave-A-Rooney and gross humor like Parker wanting to poop with the door open, Frozen does not.
5 Liv and Maddie has bad messages like saying that plagiarism can be beautiful while Frozen shows the power of true love.
6 Anna and Elsa aren't spoiled brats like Liv and Maddie are.
7 Liv and Maddie has dumb jokes and cheesy moments while Frozen takes its audience seriously.
8 Elsa nor Anna are not identical twins
9 More people like Frozen than Liv and Maddie.
10 Frozen has much more epic action and adventure.

The Contenders

11 Kristoff is a better love interest than Diggie.
12 Elsa and Anna are a sibling yin yang
13 Elsa and Anna are orphaned sisters
14 Elsa and Anna were isolated for thirteen years
15 Elsa's ice magical powers
16 Liv and Maddie's less classical
17 Liv and Maddie are disgraces to Disney
18 Liv and Maddie are another sibling yin yang
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