Top 10 Reasons Why Frozen Is Better Than Maleficent


The Top Ten

1 Frozen Has Iconic Songs

They are annoying but iconic - LoboMaloso

2 Frozen Has More Funny Characters

Maleficent wasn't supposed to have funny characters - it was supposed to be an ambiguously light and dark story, from the villain's perspective. Also, I kind of found the funny elements of Frozen somewhat rage-inducing and too...uplifting (Kind of) for the film.

I like Olaf and Sven. However, I also liked The Three Fairies.

3 Frozen Is Watchable

I'm not a Maleficent fan, but it is watchable. - Minecraftcrazy530

4 Maleficent was too Boring

Strongly disagree!

5 Maleficent Trailer Was Better Than The Movie
6 Frozen Has a better Princess

Princess Aurora all the way! Take that, Princess Anna from Frozen!

7 Frozen Has a Better Ending

Both endings are stupid but Frozen Ending is 10% better - LoboMaloso

8 Elsa's ice magic powers

Man, it was never ever even fair that poor Elsa didn't always get to use her birth ice magical powers all the time at all, was it?

9 Frozen Will Stand the Test of Time
10 King Stefan's evil

The Contenders

11 Princess Aurora's sister-less
12 Anna and Elsa are sisters
13 Frozen Didn't Ripoff an Animated Masterpiece
14 Frozen has two main sisterly princesses/ heroines
15 Neither of the parents from Frozen are evil at all like King Stefan and King Henry
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