Top 10 Reasons Why Frozen Is Better Than Maleficent


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1 Frozen Has Iconic Songs

They are annoying but iconic - LoboMaloso

2 Frozen Has More Funny Characters

Maleficent wasn't supposed to have funny characters - it was supposed to be an ambiguously light and dark story, from the villain's perspective. Also, I kind of found the funny elements of Frozen somewhat rage-inducing and too...uplifting (Kind of) for the film.

I like Olaf and Sven. However, I also liked The Three Fairies.

3 Frozen Is Watchable

I'm not a Maleficent fan, but it is watchable. - Minecraftcrazy530

4 Maleficent was too Boring

Strongly disagree!

5 Maleficent Trailer Was Better Than The Movie
6 Frozen Has a better Princess

No Maleficent/Sleeping Beauty has a better princess than Frozen.

Princess Aurora all the way! Take that, Princess Anna from Frozen!

7 Frozen Has a Better Ending

Both endings are stupid but Frozen Ending is 10% better - LoboMaloso

8 Frozen Will Stand the Test of Time
9 Elsa's ice magic powers

Man, it was never ever even fair that poor Elsa didn't always get to use her birth ice magical powers all the time at all, was it?

10 King Stefan's evil

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11 Princess Aurora's sister-less
12 Anna and Elsa are sisters
13 Frozen Didn't Ripoff an Animated Masterpiece
14 Frozen has two main sisterly princesses/ heroines
15 Neither of the parents from Frozen are evil at all like King Stefan and King Henry
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