Top 10 Reasons Why 'Frozen' is Better Than 'Minions'

Two movies that have both become the highest grossing animated movies of all time are 'Frozen' from 2013 and 'Minions' from 2015. Both movies have gained a notorious reputation for being overrated and taking away the spotlight from more deserving animated movies, however; in my humble opinion, I believe 'Frozen' to be the far superior movie on an objective level. Here are the reasons why I think that.

Note: If you hate 'Frozen' and like 'Minions' then I will respect your opinion, just as long as you can respect mine. And hey, if anyone wants to make a list of the flipside (Why 'Minions' Is Better Than 'Frozen') feel free to.

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1 'Frozen' has a better story

It's nice to see someone besides myself defending Frozen for a change. Yeah, it's over merchandised, but I still think it amounts to a great film with relatable characters, great humor, stunning animation, well-crafted songs, and great messages. I can see why its overexposure can turn some people away from it, but I think it's an overall great movie through and through.

Let's be honest here, is anyone really going to say 'Minions' has the better story? All that happens is Minions serve evil overlord, cause havoc in the process, spout their usual babble, etc. It's pretty much just a bare basic story that leaves a lot to be desired (especially considering the 'Despicable Me' movies had more plot and character to them). At least in 'Frozen' there's better character development, more of a plot, and it just has more to keep you interested. It'a also less predictable in terms of where the storyline goes.

Possibly one of the only good comparison lists?

2 'Frozen' has better and more relatable characters

It's much easier to remember the different characters from 'Frozen' and their personalities. You got Anna, the live wire, Elsa, the more subdued one who's afraid of hurting others, Hans, the seemingly perfect guy with something to hide etc. In terms of relatability this mostly rings true with Elsa and her social isolation. For example my girlfriend who has autism sees Elsa's ice powers as a metaphor for her autism.
In 'Minions' you'll be hard pressed to remember any of the characters outside of the three main Minions and Scarlet Overkill. - SuperSonic17

3 'Frozen' dares to buck trends

What made 'Frozen' feel so fresh upon it's release was how it took the usual conventions you'd expect from a Disney Princess movie and updated them for modern times.
So like, she meets Mr Perfect, and they're going to get married, but "You can't marry someone you've just met". Or the big cliche of "True love's kiss" that we've seen in EVERY Disney movie, actually no, not necessarily a kiss. I mean these old conventions were fine for the early 20th century, but nowadays we want something different, which was what 'Frozen' gave us.
The updates of the typical Disney cliches made the movie feel more realistic than a lot of the earlier Disney Princess movies. - SuperSonic17

4 The music in 'Frozen' is better

This is no contest here. When you have songs such as 'For the First Time in Forever' and 'Let it Go' which will certainly go down amongst the classic Disney songs for years to come. 'Let it Go' won the Oscar for Best Original Song and deservedly so. Just that whole scene was awesome, the way it builds up and just the overall theatrics of the song.
Oh and if you're one of those who's like "Oh, 'Let it Go' sucks because it's so overplayed", that's not an excuse, that's just you hating on what's popular. - SuperSonic17

5 'Frozen' has better messages to it

OK, let's do a rundown. In previous Disney movies it's pretty much copy and paste that "True Love" refers to a kiss from "The One", whereas in 'Frozen' it shows that "True Love" can be more than just that, it's also putting others before yourself. The song 'Let it Go' also conveys an optimistic message of be proud of who you are and embrace your differences (but of course the haters interpret it as just running away from your problems not a care in the world. I suppose by that definition you also hate 'Hakuna Matata' as well).
It also teaches kids that some people/things can seem too good to be true, a lesson seldom taught in a lot of family movies.

6 'Frozen' can be enjoyed by adults as well as kids

'Minions' feels like it's just an excuse for parents to shut their kids up for 90 minutes. It is cute enough with more than it's fair share of slapstick to keep the kids laughing, though adults may struggle to sit through it for their kids sake. 'Frozen' however feels less pandering and has much better and more contemporary sounding dialogue to it, so adults can find themselves getting more invested in the story and characters. - SuperSonic17

7 The Minions' babble gets annoying fast

I would rather listen to the minions blabbing than Let it Go.

Right from the Universal logo where the Minions chant along to the tune perfectly sets the tone of the movie to come. If the opening annoyed you then you are not going to enjoy the rest of the movie. If there's any characters I can easily compare the Minions to it's the Rabbids from the Rayman Raving Rabbids games. Loud, obnoxious, occasionally funny, but annoying over long periods of time. - SuperSonic17

They are not babbling. The minions speak a variety of languages. So it just sounds like babbling to you.

8 Olaf is akin to a minion, but at least there's only one in 'Frozen'

This is why comedic sidekicks should stay as sidekicks. Olaf is a character you may love or hate (depending on how you find his humour. I personally like him because he's lovably naive), but at least he's the only character of that type in 'Frozen'. 'Minions' however has an entire cast of annoying, one-note characters who, yeah work better off as just being sidekicks. It's like making Mater the main character in 'Cars 2', dragging out the humerous character to a point where it just gets grating. - SuperSonic17

There was also more to Olaf than just slapstick humor. For example, the scene where he explains what love is to Anna, and then finishes it off with "Some people are worth melting for." That was one of the most memorable lines in Frozen. - Suzerain

9 'Frozen' has better visuals

One thing 'Frozen' haters can't deny is that the visuals are gorgeous. That's not to say 'Minions' has bad visuals, I mean the colourful, cartoonish look compliments it well, and the character animations have more energy to them. But 'Frozen' just looks so much more striking and detailed with it's environments, and the characters seem to convey emotions much better. The glorious scene where Elsa sings 'Let it Go' whilst conjuring up the crystal castle is again a visual highlight.

10 'Frozen' has more longevity than 'Minions'

Yeah after a long love-hate relationship with Frozen I have now deemed it to be okay. However it does have more memorability than Minions. Minions was okay but not as good as Despicable Me and DM2. I mean Minions was cute and kind of funny (of course after I saw Minions my Minions-obsessed stepsister was kind of acting like a brat because when I said that it was a cute movie she demanded that I'd say something else other than that it was cute) but Frozen had better visuals and less annoying characters. Plus I've always found most of the Minions annoying, some of them are fine, but most of them are aggravating to see on screen. - Anonymousxcxc

For better or for worse 'Frozen' has shown that it's a lot more memorable. People are still talking about it (albiet in both a positive and negative light), there's still 'Frozen' merchendice everywhere. Yeah I can understand if you get sick of seeing it all the time, but at least it didn't become popular for nothing. It was popular because it was a genuinely good movie that a lot of people enjoyed. Though this entry is low down because it is getting a bit tiring and there are more animated movies deserving of the praise that 'Frozen' gets. - SuperSonic17

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11 'Frozen' has less obnoxious humour
12 The comic relief isn't the focus of the movie
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