Top Ten Reasons Why Frozen Is Not Bad

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1 It's at least watchable

Affirmative. It's really a good movie, it's just so overrated. My TopTens friend Disney1994 says that's a dumb reason not to like something, but he has NO idea what this movie has done to my life due to overratedness.

I mean, I don't like it as much as I used to but I don't hate it. If I need something to watch I'll watch it, I won't enjoy it as much as I did once but it is still decent.

I mean, it really doesn't suck that badly. Overrated-but the content would not be so hated if it wasn't popular in the first place.

2 The characters aren't annoying

Disney's "real movie about sisters", the movie featuring "the only princess that matters" (and she's only a "princess" because Disney caved to the SJWs and added her to the group), and Disney's "'first' movie about an outcast" (which actually wasn't their first but trying telling the SJWs that) all had main characters I wanted to punch in the teeth. Sorry haters, but that didn't happen with "Frozen".

Remember that stupid blue alien thing Disney somehow thinks is just as iconic as Mickey himself, or Mushu? They're more annoying than anyone in "Frozen" ever was.

The most annoying characters in "Frozen" put together are nothing compared to Mushu or the entire cast of "Cars".

At least Elsa's voice is neither too high pitched nor too squeaky, unlike that Anna's.

3 People are praising it for a reason

And "People Should Be Free To Play With Legos However They Want: The Movie" isn't "arbitrary biased corporate propaganda"? How about every single one of those Marvel superhero movies, the live-action ones and "Big Hero 6"?

And that reason is not some social justice tripe or how badly the Disney movie that came out before it supposedly sucks.

You wanna talk about "biased corporate propaganda", how about Zootopia, the Disney Movie For Today's Everybody's Got To Be An Activist Mentality?

Frozen has qualities that many movies miss, so there's a reason why it's got such a loyal fan base.

4 It will make you restore faith in Disney

Well, "Wreck-It Ralph" was actually the movie to restore my faith in Disney; "Frozen" merely cemented it. In any case, it turned out to be a bait-and-switch, as Disney only gave us three Marvel movies (yes, "Big Hero 6" counts) and a live-action remake the following year, is only giving two Marvel movies, two Pixar movies, a "Star Wars" movie, and another live-action remake this year, and next year two Marvel movies yet again, two live-action remakes, a "Star Wars" anthology film, and an animated movie that does not involve Marvel or pixar this time but looks like it's going to suck.

"Tangled" restored my faith in Disney.

"Brave" took away some of my restored faith in Disney.

"Wreck-It Ralph" repaired the damage to my faith in Disney.

"Monsters University" re-inflicted the damage to my faith in Disney; did more damage than "Brave".

"Frozen" repaired that damage to my faith in Disney.

"Big Hero 6" made me completely lose my faith in Disney.

"Inside Out" may or may not restore my faith in Disney.

It did restore my faith in Disney... And then Disney relied solely on their ownership of Marvel for all of 2014 and is relying on Marvel, Pixar, and "Star Wars" for 2015. To top it off, the trailer for the only forthcoming Disney movie that doesn't rely on one of their acquisitions looks very, very lame. So the restored faith ended up being for nothing.

"After watching frozen I no longer expected Disney to make any more good movies"

Let me guess, then "How to Train Your Balloon-Bot Featuring the Poor Man's Teen Titans" came out and you were proven wrong. It was that movie which made me no longer expect Disney to make any more good movies, at least not without Pixar's involvement.

5 The songs are unforgettable

And none of them are someone barking orders and berating those beneath him or someone whining about how society hates her yet ONLY whining rather than doing anything about it. Nor are the songs incredibly sexist.

Whereas the alleged "real Disney movie about sisters" only had one forgetable original song. No, the Elvis songs including the cover of "Burning Love" don't count because you can't really call them "Lilo and Stitch" songs.

Unfortunately, no one shuts up about the songs in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" or "Mulan" and it's 2015. Those ' movies came out in the late 90s for crissakes, and really weren't all that wonderful and the songs actually kind of sucked!

The ONLY one that bugs me is "Let It Go" because EVERYONE uses it and Demi did an awful cover of it. All the others are fine.

6 Elsa is a sympathetic character for good reasons

To those people who say that she sucks because she ran away, you probably don't understand why. Some other Disney princesses ran away too.

She is a terrible role model and it's you Elsa fans that are too stubborn to understand that not everybody likes her.

Those Elsa haters are too stubborn to understand Elsa, aren't they?

Can you AT LEAST say 'the' Elsa haters, not 'those'. It makes us seem like animals. Or just start with 'Elsa haters'

7 It overshadows crappy movies

You whining about how this overshadowed so many groundbreaking films: and just what was so "groundbreaking" about "The Lego Movie", "Big Hero 6", "How to Train Your Dragon 2", or "Tangled", the movies everyone claims are so much better?

As someone who was not and still is not a Lego enthuiast and is tired of superhero movies, I'm glad "Frozen" continued to overshadow the allegedly superior animated films of 2014.

Too bad for any other overshadowing it did, it didn't overshadow "Minions". And don't tell me "Minions" was anything resembling "groundbreaking".

Too bad it got overshadowed by "Minions", and "Minions" overshadowed every movie this year that doesn' have "Avengers" or "Star Wars" in the name.

8 Olaf is a good comic relief

I think a lot of people over look Olaf. Sure it's easy to see him as the dumb comic-relief, but he is what connected Anna and Elsa, saved Anna from being ice before she got to Elsa, gave Anna hope when Hanz ditched her to die, stood by her side through and through, and he's Olaf that likes warm hugs!

I'd say Olaf has the most unique character out of all the main characters (dis-including Hanz) with the added effect of also being the one that makes us laugh and smile the most even during sad and serious times throughout this movie. Olaf for the win!

Olaf is a terrible comic relief like I said in another post his comedy would only make little kids laugh with his cheesy jokes and stupidity but I respect your opinion.

Ha Ha! I remember all his funny jokes. Like, how the heck does a snowman like "warm hugs" and summer! Uhhh, but still more Ha Ha

Yeah! They should ask Disney to use him as a mascot!

9 It's a good film for little girls

I liked that movie. I act 2 years younger than my age. I become mature only when I argue with friends and while studying (the previous sentence isn't needed) So, maybe the movie is for kids less than 10 years

Well at least it's good for baby girls. Not for older people, though. It's for three-year olds girls.

It's good for little kids but older audiences will find it boring like me.

I act childish for my age. So, maybe Frozen really is for Kids.

10 It's not trying to ride the coattails of another successful Disney property or franchise

Sorry people insisting on "Big Hero 6" being so dang superior, but if Disney hadn't already had a string of box officie hits featuring the more timeless characters in the Marvel stable, your precious, precious movie would have never even been made. Or if somehow it did still get made, it wouldn't have been even as successful as it was.

Also, "Toy Story 3" and the unfortunately confirmed to be upcoming "Toy Story 4". Both are just Disney milking the "Toy Story" franchise.

"Frozen" stands on its own; it was not co-dependent on any franchises.

Frozen is getting it's own franchise with the release of Frozen 2. I'm not kidding.

I actually like "Big Hero 6", but fair point.

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11 It's pure Disney, not one of their acquisitions

Certainly not some obscure and horribly dated Marvel comic that really deserved to be forgotten but got made into a movie, that's for sure.

Or a rehash of one of the most popular sci-fi movies ever now with a Tumble SJW friendly cast.

12 It has a following
13 It wasn't merely a vehicle to get a new character to iconic status

Face it, "Lilo and Stitch" was all about Stitch and the sisters, plot were just a means to get him out there. Yes, Olaf did and still does get a lot of promotion, but at least "Frozen" came off more as a story about sisters that just happened to have a funny non-human character along for the ride instead of the other way around.

14 People love it

The people who cry racism at any criticism towards "The Princess and the Frog" or "Mulan", cry sexism at any criticism towards those same movies, cry ableism at any criticism towards "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", and equate disliking those movies for any reason with being against "representation" or "diversity" are the ones who are lifeless saps. By definition.

Not really a good reason. Just because people love it means I have to? I used to love Frozen, but the more I watch it the more boring it gets. I'm not saying it's bad, but it's not good either. It's...decent. The more I watch it the more it seems...average.

Somebody's a lifeless sap. By definition.

But it's not the "Frozen" fans.

Because they're lifeless saps. By definition.

15 Let It Go has a positive message

This song tells us why people need to be free to do what they what in life, and by the way you hear it (kinda) every possible day on the NHL Network, he shoots and scores.
Its Joeysworld

And what songs do you like, person who took the visuals that had nothing to do with the lyrics literally? "Oh, life is perfect even though it isn't oh I stepped in something but that just means I have brown shoes now we're not really allowed to think anything at all is less than perfect 'cause we're slaves to both an imagined overlord and a real one"? "Y'all pathetic, let me whip you sissies into shape don't worry everyone will still think this is a perfect feminist movie and will make sure to sing this song at any and every opportunity"? "Let's go surfing to this song that's not 'surf rock' but tries too hard to be a little bit 'traditional' Hawaiian and a little bit 'typical kiddie Disney' and did we mention the only original song in the whole ' movie and what does this surfing sequence really add anyway except as a stereotype-based reminder that yes this movie takes place in Hawaii"? "I'm saying what the very title of this song says I won't say because I'm saying it by way of this ...more

That "this song is about farts" joke was never funny. Go back to the mid-90s or whenever it was that Beavis and Butthead and those kind of jokes were cool. Not saying anyone who doesn't like Frozen like Beavis and Butthead but there wasn't anything in Frozen about farts.

I've got to admit, the only part I hate of Let it Go is 'The snow glows white on the mountain tonight' to 'Well now they know'. The rest is brilliant. (Maybe apart from the bit where she's making her ice palace)

16 It's not an obnoxious sociopolitical commentary disguised as a kids' movie

How does this imply to Zootopia? Seriously?


17 It's different from the standard "princess" movie
18 It's not entirely to blame for "Big Hero 6" or "Wreck-It Ralph" not getting as much hype

Unfortunately, neither of those movies focused on "important issues" and God forbid anyone, even kids, not spend every waking moment thinking about important issues! And by important issues everyone means socio-political, always starting a fight and 99.9% guaranteed to end friendships over issues, not, say, dealing with grief, dealing with bullying, or coping with job dissatisfaction. Thus, the super-politically charged Zootopia is getting maybe not near as much merchandise but even more hype than Frozen and WiR and BH6 are forgotten in its wake as well as Frozen's.

Disney announced their acquisition of Lucasfilm just days before WiR was released, therefore "Star Wars" was on everybody's mind instead of Disney's then-new movie. "The Lego Movie" came out the same year as BH6 and a lot of families who could only afford one movie per year chose "Lego", not to mention by the time BH6 everyone was already too wrapped up in "Lego" to give any other animated movie that year a second thought.

"Big Hero 6" won the Oscar for its year and everybody just continued to whine about "Two Hours of the Most Overrated Toy Line Ever With Stupid Jokes and Gratuitous Pop Culture References" not getting nominated. But never mind, tell me more about how it's "Frozen's" fault BH6 isn't as popular as it could've been.

And now Zootopia is overshadowing them both, but since it's not Frozen it's okay.

19 Its success wasn't dependent on nostalgia
20 They didn't turn what was once a very dark and depressing social commentary into a fun happy family film

Which is more than I can say for "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"

*cough*The Hunchback of Notre Dame*cough*

21 It's not a watered-down version of a an actual historical figure's life and achievements with way too much social commentary and teenage angst thrown in

"Mulan" and especially "Pocahontas", anyone?

22 One can't argue over whether it's popularity had anything to do with race

Whereas now having any opinion on "Big Hero 6", "The Princess and the Frog", "Pocohantas", or "Mulan" is now a race issue.

23 It's not heavy on social commentary and gratuitous pop culture references

Looking at you, Zootopia.

24 It wasn't riddled with ice/snow/cold puns
25 The moral is that you should't run away from your problems
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