Top Ten Reasons Why Frozen Is Overrated

Ignore my username. I still like Frozen, but I'm not sure how much more of it I can take!

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1 The fandom sucked it dry

Now everyone is talking about it, which makes it really annoying.

I used to like it... Until everyone else at my school watched it and wouldn't stop singing Let it Go!

I liked it in late 2014( when I first watched it ) and early 2015, but now I am starting to hate it.

Yeah, if you say that you don't like Frozen or a certain character they (meaning the radical vicious fand who can't respect or tolerate user dislikers/haters's opinions) just bitch on about how we shouldn't insult *insert character* and they treat the characters like they're real people. Come on, get over it or as your favorite queen will say, "Let it go, Let it Go…" (Excuse my language on the b word). - Anonymousxcxc

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2 Elsa and Olaf are everywhere

Those creators, directors, filmmakers and writers of Frozen could've at least had Olaf being created in Aren-delle/Elsa's ice palace and become one of her other long time childhood friends during the past thirteenth year/her isolation; maybe he could've at least been fairly portrayed to be the one to make her realize that she can actually control her powers if she really puts her mind to it but no, instead they just had to keep poor Olaf as this 1D not-so-funny character who doesn't really contribute anything to the film at all, other than poor visual gags and a crappy song that doesn't need to be in the film to move the plot along any. It would've made Frozen better and more believable than ever but no, instead, they just had to be rather too lazy to ever do that themselves anyway so we're expected to believe that Elsa who originally feared her powers inexplicably enjoyed using them when the Frozen movie was over anyway. They were just rather too lazy anyway.

Olaf annoys me so much. - 05yusuf09

I saw Elsa and Olaf hanging outside the Forum Shops at Caesars in Vegas.

3 Fans scream at you if you say one bad thing about it

I have so many problems with this...
I cannot say one thing even slightly critical of frozen or people act like I'm the roots of all evil.

4 It's getting old really fast.

It is because one moment it was this huge thing and everyone was talking about and now people get annoyed if you start singing Let It Go.

I got annoyed about 5 or 6 months after I first watched

I Used To Like Listening To " Let It Go " But Now I Don't.

5 Characters get annoying the more you watch it

Especially that obnoxious, insufferable huge pain in the butt, Anna!

6 It is one of the worst movies in the revival movie era

It's one of the worst movies, period. - PositronWildhawk

I agree with positron - Therandom


7 People compare it to too many things
8 It is okay, but not great

Yeah I agree with this one - 2storm

Meh... For Me The Movie Was Decent. But It Wasn't Nearly As Good As These People Made It Out To Be.

9 Elsa is the most popular, but the worst Disney Princess

No Aurora is the worst. No question. - Anonymousxcxc

Moana and Belle are the best.


You know what Disney princesses are good? 'll give you a hint, it's begins with an n, and ends with an E. - Therandom

10 Anna and Elsa are the worst Disney Princess sisters

I've decided to indulge in my Disney side, and where better than Disney Princesses? After all, I've drawn most of them already, so let's actually give you my honest opinion on them. The system used here is how much I like both them and their role in the movie. And their movie as a whole, so...

I love 4 Princesses. (Cinderella, Ariel, Belle and Tiana)

I like 3 Princesses. (Snow White, Aurora and Merida)

I am OK with 2 Princesses. (Mulan and Rapunzel)

I am neutral with 2 Princesses. (Jasmine and Pocahontas)

I hate 2 Princesses. (Elsa and Anna - I wonder why(! ))

Anyone can fall in love with a cartoon character, but for me I'm interested in the Disney Princesses. This list is dedicated to that exact reason. Because I feel that they're sometimes neglected (and I hate Anna and Elsa), I've included unofficial Disney Princesses.

Here's the list, plus where they came from:
42. Katherine (Gargoyles)
41. Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)
40. Calla ...more

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11 The song "Let It Go"

This should have been added earlier, so I just had to add this. - EpicJake

This song! Stop singing it around Christmas time! You're making people hate December!

This should be no. 1! !

12 The song "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman"

It's not as overrated as Let it Go, but it's still overrated. - Anonymousxcxc

13 It doesn't make sense

The idea of Anna and Elsa being portrayed as orphaned sisters make no sense.

That Is Complete Bull Of Course It Made Sense. You Guys We're Probably Too Stupid To Understand It.

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1. The fandom sucked it dry
2. Fans scream at you if you say one bad thing about it
3. It's getting old really fast.
1. Elsa and Olaf are everywhere
2. Characters get annoying the more you watch it
3. The fandom sucked it dry
1. The fandom sucked it dry
2. Fans scream at you if you say one bad thing about it
3. It's getting old really fast.


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