Top Ten Reasons Why Funky Kong is Better Than Toad


The Top Ten

1 Funky Kong is useful

This List is Dumb - ToadF1

2 Funky Kong is cool

This List is Rubbish - ToadF1

Nope - ToadF1

3 He was beloved in Mario Kart Wii and also in the DKC series

Funky Kong Sucks though - ToadF1

No one picks mushroom man lol - WendyIsQueen

4 Funky Kong wears glasses

Pointless Reason - ToadF1

5 He isn't annoying

His voice isn't grating like some midget we know cough cough. - WendyIsQueen

He is Actually - ToadF1

Yes, he is SO ANNOYING! - ToadF1

6 Funky Kong Is really funny

WendyIsQueen needs to Refine her Taste and Get Better Standards - ToadF1

Tasteless People like WendyIsQueen Likes Him - ToadF1

Nope, Toad is... - ToadF1

7 He doesn't appeal to babies

Wendy and Candy appeal to morons while Daisy and Rosalina appeal to people who have life

Unlike a certain mushroom - WendyIsQueen

WendyIsQueen is sexist CONFIRMED

8 Funky Kong doesn't betray DK

Unlike toad who is greedy - WendyIsQueen

WendyIsQueen is ugly asf

9 Funky Kong wears a better outfit

Toad looks like he's wearing a diaper - WendyIsQueen

WendyIsQueen looks like she's wearing a swimsuit. - AStumpedHuman

Funky Looks like a Gym Trainer, Ew! - ToadF1

10 Funky Kong is tall

This is insulting to short people like me. - AStumpedHuman

The Contenders

11 He’s a monkey

He's a stupid monkey. DK is way better

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