Top a Ten Reasons Why Futurama Is Better Than Peppa Pig


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1 Futurama Is Actually Funny

Lol. I'm surprised no one blew a fuse over this comparison list. - IronSabbathPriest

Futurama is the best show ever made. - RalphBob

Futurama s good

2 Peppa Pig Is An Insult To People's Intelligence
3 Peppa Pig Is Boring

I agree. The episodes have no actual story.

This show is boring as heck. - RiverClanRocks

4 Pigs Have Four Legs
5 Peppa Teaches Kids To Be Bossy

That's true, CerealGuy but kids deserve much better shows than Peppa Pig in my opinion.

Peppa Pigs is for CHILDREN...ain't rocket science and future - CerealGuy

It's Nickelodeon (Jr.), what's to expect?! Anything superior?! God, I hate Nick Jr., but I hate Peppa Pig even more!

6 Futurama Tells A Story
7 Futurama Is Entertaining
8 George Teaches Kids To Cry Over The Stupidest Things

Like the same cry as George, it is the most true thing on this list.

9 Futurama Has Robots, Lobsters And Other Cool Animals
10 Futurama Can Get People Hooked

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11 Peppa Pig Is Everywhere In Sight

You know I think this is the most annoying thing about Peppa Pig you see her everywhere when you go out somewhere because she is that popular which really gets on my nerves a lot the show needs to be cancelled right now. I honestly think that Futurama deserves to be more popular then this dumb show that all it needs to be said here.

12 Peppa Pig Is Annoying
13 Futurama Has More Likable Characters
14 Futurama Has Better Animation
15 Peppa Has Terrible Characters
16 Philip J. Fry Isn't as Big of a Crybaby as George, and When Fry Cries, He Actually Has a Reason To

George cries about stupid things like losing his dinosaur while fry cries about his dog

17 Futurama Doesn't Have a Pointless Narrator

Peppa pig has a stupid narrator all he says is peppa loves jumping in muddy puddles everybody loves jumping in muddy puddles NO NOT EVERYONE

18 Futurama Is For Teens And Grown Ups, Peppa Pig Is For Babies And Toddlers
19 Futurama is made by the creator of the Simpson
20 Bender Is A Billion Times Better Than Peppa
21 Peppa is nothing but rude Futurama is awesome
22 It is much, much more complex
23 It is for mature audiences while the other show we are comparing to here is for toddlers, but makes an excuse out of it
24 Fry doesn't call anyone fat
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